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Think about it: except for Rastas, there are no African-American equivalents to the beatniks and goths, mods and rockers, skins and Teds, punks and new romantics, hippies and hipsters or (God help us) Juggalos.

Not only that, but very few blacks dare (or care) to venture into these mostly white subcultures. When they do—as punk pioneer of Jamaican descent Don Letts will frankly tell you—they are generally embraced by their new white friends and shunned by their old black ones. To cite the subculture I’m most familiar with, the total number of well-known black punks fits comfortably into, well, one 66-minute film. (Directed by a half-white guy.)

Imagine that the vast majority of white Americans of all ages and classes dressed as Teddy boys, that virtually the only music on the radio was rockabilly—and that this had been the case since 1958. Yet such an absurd scenario lines up perfectly with the creepily clone-like African-American culture of today.


‘The raid followed a multiyear investigation into illicit activities by the secretive Kennedy group…’

Searching the three clapboard houses that compose the compound, investigators said they found numerous symbols consistent with intense fanaticism, including framed photographs of their late leader, John F. Kennedy, upon whom family members appear to have accorded a sort of godlike status.

Sources confirmed that the messianic figure spoke of a mystical “New Frontier” and believed the future of his people hinged upon making a journey to the moon, a mission he ordered his followers to carry out as quickly as possible.


Affirmative action in action: Harvard law prof calls Emmett Till ‘a great man’



Cheney, Schwerner and Goodman: Not dead enough

I love it when Rush Limbaugh agrees with me:

The glamorization of the Civil Rights era has caused untold damage to the United States.


NYC: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly — My NEW PJMedia post

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There were too many “good” things to squeeze into this post, while the “bad” and the “ugly” run together:

Way more homeless people than we saw in 2011, perhaps because they’d been cleared out during the 9/11 anniversary.

Speaking of which: the tourist behavior at the WTC memorial is every bit as depressing and infuriating as you’ve heard. We couldn’t wait to get out of there.

(Hint: When Vice Magazine thinks you’re out of line…)

LaGuardia still looks like a 1970s bus terminal.

Times Square is my idea of hell.

But back to the “good” stuff…

‘James Hetfield made an only slightly racist comment about my assistant…’

Rick McGinnis remembers photographing Metallica:

 It was a pretty stock show of rock star bad attitude, especially for a band who were about to have a huge hit with a song about being afraid to go beddy-bye.


Jim Goad: Murder by Cherry-Picking

Jim Goad writes:

But in South Salt Lake, UT on August 11—a mere two days after Brown was shot to death—a police officer described as “not white” shot and killed 20-year-old Dillon Taylor, whose pictures (…) reveal him to be at least predominantly Caucasian, if perchance not a purebred Nordic snow bunny. Taylor appears to be mostly white phenotypically (if not stylistically) and is far whiter-looking than George Zimmerman, whom the liberal press initially described as “white” for reasons that appear to have suited an agenda. And unlike the Brown shooting, there is currently video evidence of the Taylor killing available for public consumption, which should inflame white passions to the point where they’d riot—that is, if modern American whites were like blacks in the sense that they were prone to torching cities when one of their own gets killed.


Life imitates Mamie Van Doren movie

Mark Ciavarella Jr, a 61-year old former judge in Pennsylvania, has been sentenced to nearly 30 years in prison for literally selling young juveniles for cash. He was convicted of accepting money in exchange for incarcerating thousands of adults and children into a prison facility owned by a developer who was paying him under the table. The kickbacks amounted to more than $1 million.


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© BOB GRUEN, 1977

© BOB GRUEN, 1977

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‘There was a serious point to it: To just cause trouble’

Yeah, this will end well

That’s why researchers at the U.S. Department of Agriculture have shifted their focus. Instead of treating people who suffer from nut allergies, they’re trying to treat the nut. That means “disrupting [the] structure” of nut proteins, says Christopher Mattison, a molecular biologist at the USDA’s Agricultural Research Service.


Gavin McInnes: How To Be Fired

Gavin McInnes writes:

I once woke up and read a Tweet that said, “I’m glad ‘Snakes on a Plane’ didn’t go with their working title ‘Niggers are Scared of Snakes.’” The comment was shocking but I was even more shocked to discover I had written it. Booze and phones don’t mix. You will text your friends boring articles vindicating your position. You will post and Tweet and Instagram and Facebook ridiculous rants about justice and bigotry. Getting drunk is a very healthy way to deal with all this. Just stay away from machines while you do it.

One from my hometown…

National Post:

An infamous 1940s Hamilton killer is getting celebrity treatment in a new line of products, leading a men’s group to call the project “disgusting.”

Hamilton artist Chris Farias is designing a line of postcards, tote bags, T-shirts and shot glasses as part of a capsule collection dedicated to Evelyn Dick, who was linked to the dismemberment of her husband and convicted in the death of her infant son.

Sayings on pieces in the not-yet-finalized collection will include, “Love you to pieces,” and “The fastest way to a man’s heart is through his torso.”

“As an artist, you find your muses in the strangest places,” Mr. Farais said. (…)

A sensational trial followed, in which she admitted to sleeping with 150 men, including the judge’s son. The story garnered international media attention.

Children playing on Hamilton Mountain stumbled across a human torso belonging to John Dick in 1946.

Ms. Houghton describes Ms. Dick as a notorious party girl with the air of a femme fatale, “for Hamilton anyways.” She had dark hair, dressed impeccably and wore furs to court. (…)

Evelyn Dick’s story has been the focus of two books, a play, a documentary, a movie and an opera, she said.

“It’s become almost mythological… because it’s the story that doesn’t go away,” she said.

I wrote a long poem about Evelyn Dick a long time ago. It really is a “Hamilton” thing.

People have been joking about this case since it broke. Not sure how you can put that Dick back in the bottle…

They don’t mention widespread rumors that Evelyn had been raped by her father, and that that event had triggered her promiscuity.