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OK, I’m not supposed to be on the computer but…

I’d agreed to help guest host for Kate before eye surgery and still feel I have to put something up. So I did.

America: I don’t know how you produce folks like this. What’s your secret? (If you can share it, do so in Kate’s comment section. But be prepared for lots of pissed off comments from jealous, petty, smug, lazy Canadians.)


I have Lasik eye surgery today, so

blogging may be light for the next day or two. (And I may be slow in responding to emails.)

Please visit SmallDeadAnimals, RightWingNews and Conservative Grapevine instead.

PS: I love YouTube. I’ve been trying to describe this performance to other people for over twenty years. Now I can just send them here:


Islam is really a kind of paganism

Christian “[r]evelation requires two parties, God and the people to whom He opens Himself. In a relationship of love, not only do we understand more fully Who God is, but we understand more fully who we are. For those who love must necessarily be both persons and free agents. Yes, they are mysteriously sustained in existence by God, but out of love, in a way that liberates from fatalism. We are real separate beings with our own freedom and our own purposes, not beings who are continually recreated as pawns in some theistic game of dice. It is precisely this stability and independence, in persons created in the image and likeness of God, which makes it possible for us to enter into relationships with each other and with God Himself.

“Again, for the Muslim, the idea of a personal relationship with Allah which can be nurtured to grow in a consistent way is extremely foreign. Whatever will be will be, as Allah wills it. Rosenzweig argues that this has enormous implications not only for personal spirituality (which, theoretically, should be reduced to desperate obedience) but for society and culture. He suggests that the pagan’s personality cannot be formed by personal growth with God and is therefore left to be merely an extension of race and state, locked in a struggle for racial or national survival, a struggle which in the end must always be doomed.

Hence while the distinctive mark of Christian or Jewish culture is its concern for the weak and vulnerable, the distinctive mark of pagan culture is war, the extension of submission. Hence too the common emphasis on personal suicide in the service of the larger cause.

“What we saw in Japanese warfare in World War II, we now see in Islam, in spades.”


John McCain: “The Constitution established the United States of America as a Christian nation”

Plus: It sounds like he’s turning Baptist, but won’t “take the plunge” until after the campaign.


Pro-family group quits gay marriage fight

Dave Quist, executive director of the Institute of Marriage and Family Canada, said Thursday he has become less concerned about same-sex marriage since census figures released earlier this month demonstrated how rare gay marriage is.

“The census, which counted same-sex marriages for the first time, reported 7,465 such unions, accounting for about 0.1 per cent of the 6.1 million married couples in Canada.”

Maybe he could focus his attention now on plans for a more “penetrating” school cirriculum:

“In the absence of queer content in BC’s compulsory high school curriculum, a queer arts organization wants to incorporate its established film-and-discussion program into mandatory Planning 10 coursework to fill what it sees as a significant gap.”


What do they keep in their safe deposit boxes? Scraped off labias?

Get me outta here.


Nothing to see here, folks

Who said this?

    “We cannot build enough prisons to solve this problem. And the idea that we can keep incarcerating and keep incarcerating — pretty soon we’re not going to have a young African-American male population in America. They’re all going to be in prison or dead. One of the two.”

Nope, not Bill O’Reilly. But no doubt the MSN & the lib-blogs will keep obsessing about a talk show host and not these remarks by a guy who wants to be President.

Juan Williams (who I sometimes think is infuriatingly silly, I admit) calls for “an honest discussion of race in America.” Look, here’s one now! (See “UPDATE” part. And be warned that the story of that murdered couple will ruin your day and maybe make you afraid to leave the house, ever.)

Sondra also wants an honest discussion of this. And who can blame her? Eeeeeeeerrrriiiieeeeeee…..


Hail the conquering victim

Crazy or just plain annoying people used to pretend to be Napoleon or Teddy Roosevelt.

Today they pretend to be traumatized Vietnam vets, victims of Satanic ritual abuse & alien abductions, and 9/11 victims.


“Autopsy Babies to Buy!”

“A lot of people think they’re real kids, but most people love ‘em. It’s difficult keeping up with the demand.”



Larry Elder writes:

“For what it’s worth, an Associated Press-AOL Black Voices survey asked blacks to name the ‘most important black leader.’ More blacks named ‘nobody’ than anybody else.”


“When it comes to culture, libertarians are of two impossibly contradictory minds.”

“Forty years ago, when Daniel Patrick Moynihan raised the alarm about the rising number of nonmarital black births, critics charging racism and sexism hounded him into silence. (For a fuller description, see my Marriage and Caste in America.) Today, you’re extremely unlikely to find a married couple in the inner city. It’s entirely possible that this would have happened if the subject of the black family had not been off limits for over two decades after Moynihan’s warning. But if I am correct in thinking that the way we go about marriage and childbearing is determined by cultural norms, then it’s possible that a vigorous assertion of the value of the two-parent family from elite opinion-makers might have done some good.

“No, libertarians are not libertines. Nor, pace Doherty in his rebuttal to my article, are they the cause of family breakdown. But their tendency to view individual personal liberty as The Good that should swallow up all others (a view admittedly shared by more Americans than I would wish) sure makes it hard to deal with this major social problem — one that harms their own cause above all.”


“Katie Couric said that using ‘we’ when referring to America makes her uncomfortable.”

“America is freaking awesome. We collected the best people from all over the world into one country so we can totally rule at absolutely everything. Scientists have determined that America is by far the most awesome country they have discovered existing in the three spatial and one temporal dimensions. Who would not want to be associated with that? (…)

“I guess some people think America is so mind-boggingly super-fantastic that they feel the need to apologize to the citizens of lesser countries for how our awesomeness makes them appear even more pathetic. That’s dumb. People from other countries should apologize to us for sucking so badly…”


What happens when I don’t turn on the iPod fast enough

Work. 9:10 AM.

Cubicle girl half my age: “People with PhDs are smart.”

Me: “Snort.”

CGHMY: “What?”

Me: “When you get a little older, you’ll have met as many idiots as I have. In something real, like mathematics, that’s one thing. But in the social sciences, a PhD just means you’ve memorized a sufficient quantity of warmed over Marxist b.s. to fool the committee into thinking you’re as stupid as they are.”

CGHMY: “…Oh. My mom has one, so…”

Sympathetic to Me Co-worker: “You have to be a certain kind of ‘smart’ to get a PhD.”

Me: “A certain stupid kind of smart.”

You know, if everyone who reads this blog every day sent me $50, I could blog full time for a year.

Just sayin…


“Your a racist bigot with a head full of shit, at least muslims don’t massacer innocent children and infants!”

So here is the problem, when I repeat what Muslims websites themselves recognize categorically that Islam oppresses women, I get comments calling me a racist, bigot, Islamaphobe, whatever. Perhaps when Muslim women read these same websites their eyes deny what they themselves read, much as some battered wives refuse to see themselves as abused women.

“Indeed, the comment my reader left, ‘Muslim women wear hijab because they want to be seen as a person not a sex object!’ is quite laughable in light of the recent reports in Iran that women wear the hijab because they will be beaten senseless if they do not and because there are Imams who declare that women who do not wear the hijab are like juicy steak and have themselves to blame if they are raped. That is why Muslim women wear veils, to avoid being beaten or raped. You are in denial, so spare me the lectures.”


When all the old hippies finally die

Freeze-dried eco burials!