Shocking, I know: “Canada a safe haven for criminal refugees”

“Despite government denials, all kinds of undesirables are getting into Canada under the country’s dysfunctional ‘refugee’ system. While doing little to save genuine refugees in camps abroad, it has opened the door to queue-jumping economic migrants, big-time crooks and terrorists, as documented in numerous reports (notably from the federal government’s security service and auditor general) over more than 20 years.


Canada is the easiest country in the developed world in which to obtain refugee status. Most countries accept no more than around 15 per cent of all applicants, whereas Canada accepts more than half.

“Attracted by an entitlement to the same legal rights and social benefits as for Canadian citizens, some 25,000 asylum-seekers make their way to Canada every year. Many come from safe, but less generous, third countries, often paying people-smugglers up to $50,000 each for false passports and airline tickets.”

Note the “for over twenty years” bit. One person who’s been  deeply involved in this mess for about that  long is former nun Mary Jo Leddy, who got the Order of Canada for being so nice to all these criminals, helping them settle in Toronto and take entitlements meant for tax-paying Canadian citizens.

She was also one of the most irritating people I had to deal with while working at Catholic New Times.

She cultivates this very soft-spoken persona (actually an old courtesan’s trick to get men to lean in closer to them while they speak) but is your typical passive aggressive urban lefty.

As one of the, you know, founders of the paper, you’d think she’d know that we went to press every other Wednesday, and be able to keep her deadlines and word count straight. And every other Wednesday, her essays would come in in the late afternoon, while the rest of the paper was more or less ready to go. And instead of being 700 words or 1500 words, they were inevitably 5000 words or more. So the editor, who of course never had the nerve to confront the great “Mary Jo Leddy, Philosopher” (that’s how she describes herself — what, can’t you see the inscriptions on the walls of the Sorbonne? “Aristotle.” “Descartes.” “Mary Jo Leddy”…) had to slash foot after foot of this stuff at 4 in the afternoon.

Somehow she managed to say absolutely nothing original in those 5000 words, but every one was precious and we were regularly rapped for having cut her piece by 70%.

Mary Jo Leddy: another child of privilege turned unreconstructed Marxist, who knows better than you do how your money should be spent and what Canada (what’s left of it) should look like. I wonder how many terrorists and wife beaters she’s helped get into this country.

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