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“Zionists burnt my toast!”

This just struck me funny.


Wedding dress, mach 2

No, this isn’t white per se. Thoughts?


Human Rights Commission is Richard Warman’s own private slot machine/St Andrew’s Cross

A reader sends in this info about serial complainer and free speech scourge, Richard Warman.

He obviously feels a lot of “pain and suffering”, folks. What a sensitive (or is that wimpy) fellow, eh?

But then he turns around and punishes others for their pretend transgressions. Switch!

In other words: the Canadian Human Rights Commission is a government sponsored sex dungeon cum casino, and Warman is its biggest fish/client.

(My idea is: lets all file phoney complaints against each other’s blogs and split the money.)

Amount of money Richard Warman has been awarded via the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal since 2003.

Total to Oct 27, 2007: $48,500


Date: 9-May-03
Case #: T726_3102

CHRT Ruling:

“Mr. Kyburz shall pay to Mr. Warman the sum of $15,000 as special compensation, pursuant to subsection 54(1)(b) of the Act; section 14.1 violation:

ii) Mr. Kyburz shall pay to Mr. Warman the sum of $15,000 for Mr. Warman’s pain and suffering;


Date: 10-Mar-06
Case #: T869/11903
Against: Alexan Kulbashian

CHRT Ruling:

$5,000 as special compensation pursuant to s. 54(1)(b)



Date: 13-Apr-06
Case #: T1021/0205
Against: Tomasz Winnicki

CHRT Ruling:

$500 for pain and suffering AND

$5,000 special compensation, pursuant to s. 53(3) of the Act.



Date: 26-Oct-07
Case #: T1106/8705
Against: Jessica Beaumont

CHRT Ruling:

$3,000 in special compensation, pursuant to s. 54(1)(b) 



Coulter and Colmes make crush video *

Hint: Alan’s the kitten.



Afraid of it? Hell, they funded it

Yeah, Ronald Reagan needed some dopey woman to convince him that, hey, nuclear war would be bad.

I’ve never even heard of this dame and I used to be in the “freeze” movement. How desperate is the liberal Boston Globe that they’re forced to eulogize some forgotten nobody?


If Paul Krugman doesn’t even know where he is…

why should we care what he thinks?


Victor Davis Hansen responds to attack

I welcome criticism and debate, and in the six years since the book has appeared have defended the book in a variety of written venues, public debates, and radio and television shows. It has a variety of supporters and critics, and continues to sell a number of copies. But so far no one has introduced his criticism of the book by stating at the outset that I am a ‘pervert’ and that Carnage and Culture is a ‘pile’ ‘of feces’.

“To write such childish slander is unprofessional — and especially unbecoming of a military officer…”


10 Greatest Horror Movie Villains

Nice to see Candyman on one of these lists. But if you’re gonna say “of all time”, you’ve got to include older movies and characters, like Coffin Joe and the Zuni Doll.


Same parents who make their kids wear helmets and want peanut butter banned from schools

are the same parents who dress their daughters as prostitutes for Halloween.

(Or all year long, for that matter…)

As I commented at the thread above, this is nothing new. I distinctly recall overhearing women chirping about how their daughters were “dressing as Pretty Woman this year” when the movie first came out, and for a few years thereafter.

All women go through a stage of wanting to flaunt (usually clumsily) their new-found sexuality, at whatever age they may “find” it. Their sexuality makes them (us) all feel like minor superheroes with disturbing magical powers, if only for a brief, bittersweet time. The temptation to test the limits of these powers and make mischief can be overwhelming.

This stage is perfectly natural (which doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be constrained, and only encouraged “with extreme prejudice”. The trouble, as Dennis Prager likes to say, is that we expect boys to control their natures 100%, but don’t expect girls today, with their belly tops and “gone wild” antics, to control their’s at all — to the detriment, to put it mildly, of boys and girls. It is a change from when I was growing up, when the Italian boys could do anything but the Italian girls weren’t allowed to leave the house).

But since when did 6-year-olds have a sexuality to flaunt? That’s the really weird part.


Dalton Trumbo wasn’t blacklisted enough

Rick McGinnis forced to sit through Executive Action.


My RSS feed is busted

I’m not getting anywhere with Feedburner customer service. Until the problem is resolved, you’ll have to just remember to come here every day (as you obviously have…)


Leaving the house was your first mistake

Last night we watched the American Masters show about Charles Shultz. He took an art course by correspondence because he didn’t want to interact with other people. He truly was a genius, just for that. Ideally, that’s how all of life would be conducted. Also, we would all live in Jetson houses with robot maids and eat pills for food.

You think I’m kidding.

Plank’s Constant (re)discovers the sad fact that People Are Stupid. This dawned on me the first day of kindergarten, but I can still be bowled over by their dim wittedness, like he was.

Oh, and he doesn’t like Islam either:

“Even Palestinians teach their children to love Islam despite the fact that it’s a barbaric, primitive, brutal, backward, violent, vengeful, racist, self-destructive piece of shit pseudo-religion.”

I’m telling you, guy: shop online whenever possible.


“I am Ah-nuld! Ask your puny questions so I may crush them!”

“I have no more time for you puny people. I understand I have probably said too many thing for your puny brains to remember, so I will summarize.” He held up one finger. “Puny.” He held up a second finger. “Crush.” He held up a third finger. “Ah-nuld. Any last questions?”


Hopeless liberal still loves Obama even though he’s a liar — cuz he’s black* and that’s what counts!

“Don’t get me wrong — I’m a big fan of Barack Obama (…) But after reading his autobiography, I have to say that Barack engages in some serious exaggeration when he describes a job that he held in the mid-1980s. I know because I sat down the hall from him…

“Barack’s story may be true, but many of the facts are not…”

Sailer adds:

“As I’ve mentioned before, the autobiography Obama wrote at age 33 gives the impression of somebody who is interesting but not quite right in the head: verbally talented, depressive, humorless, and overly sensitive, like Joan Didion or an unfunny Evelyn Waugh.”

* Of course, Obama is half white. In case you’d forgotten…


Ann Coulter eats food?!? (Photographic evidence)

“Hateful propagandist and raging faghag/camp icon Ann Coulter has shocked and appalled some HuffPo blogger by, well, existing. And dining at a gay restaurant with all her gay friends in gay West Hollywood,” reports Gawker.

Best comment (from the original post):

I mean come on, how stupid do you people sound with your reverse discrimination? Say you and your BF/date/etc went to a ‘straight’ restaurant and even such a thought was considered by the staff because you are gay.

“Ann Coulter is entiled to eat wherever she wants just as everyone here does. What she does on her political platform may be questionable but its not like she set the place on fire (kind of like the one the gay owners did to Mickey’s, also in West Hollywood).

“If we keep thinking of completley dated concepts of exclusively ‘gay restaurants’ and exclusively ‘gay neighborhoods’ and exclusively ‘gay clientele’ we will continue to be compartmentalized and not able to really be accepted by the mainstream. But then again I can imagine someone who goes only to Elmo and Food Bar not even knowing there is a world outside of 8th and 9th Avenue.”