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Hugh Fitzgerald on Islamic idiocy

We know that the ludicrous government of an absurd place called the Sudan has tried and sentenced this lady. We are no longer in the mood, as we might have been, to take such places seriously. Or at least, to treat them with any respect. Why should we?


I say give the guy a prize

His name is Thorarinn Jonsson, and he’s a student at the Ontario College of Art and Design (OCAD) on McCaul St [Toronto]. He also says he’s something else — the man behind a bomb hoax that shut down an AIDS fundraiser at the Royal Ontario Museum and a busy section of Bloor St. West on Wednesday night. The prank cost CANFAR, the Canadian Foundation for Aids Research, at least $100,000.”

Malkin nominated Stupid Name Boy for Jerk of the Year, but I think he should be congratulated for inadvertently preventing the AIDS research industry from getting another red cent.

UPDATE: This guy, with his “Hitler is my favorite painter” schtick, is your average overgrown teenaged doofus, with just enough education to be dangerous and stupid. In other words, the perfect post-modern artiste.


Contact the Sudanese Embassy in Canada

Thanks to Kenneth for compiling all this.

Express your concern about the “Mohammed Teddy Bear” outrage to:

Dr. Faiza Hassan Taha, Ambassdor
[email protected]

Mr. Adil Y. Bannaga, Deputy Ambassador
[email protected]

354 Stewart Street,
Ottawa, Ontario
K1N 6K8

Phone: (613) 235-4000 or (613) 235-4999

Fax: (613) 235-6880


How to be a Professional Canadian Journalist ™

Repeat after me:

Schreiber. Taser. Taser. Schreiber.

Western civilization is under attack by armed barbarians with below average IQs, but so what?

Just keep telling yourself, and your dwindling number of readers…

Schreiber. Taser.

Toss in “AIDS” and “global warming” once in a while, and you’re good to go.

Now you are my moral, social and intellectual superior. Good luck in your future endeavours!


I realize folks don’t want to know this, but the average IQ in Sudan really is about 72.

No doubt some will use this fact to partially excuse their barbarian behaviour, but riddle me this:

Do people with Down Syndrome burn effigies of Barney the Dinosaur when they’re denied an extra pudding cup?


Sudan: Please nuke us, Great Satan! We are pathetic excuses for humanity!

Thousands of Sudanese [Muslims], many armed with clubs and knives, rallied Friday in a central square and demanded the execution of a British teacher convicted of insulting Islam for allowing her students to name a teddy bear ‘Muhammad.’”


“They called for Gibbons’ execution, saying, ‘No tolerance: Execution,’ and ‘Kill her, kill her by firing squad.’”

But of course, the teacher is the one in jail. Remember the good old days?

Will Canadian or US Muslims shift themselves to protest this outrage? I mean: go out, in public, with signs of their own and march down Yonge or Main Street?

I’d love to see it happen. But we all know it won’t.

Moderate Muslims came to the West precisely because it offered them refuge from barbarian co-religionists.

But I guess it would be too much to ask for them to show their loyalty to their new country by publically affirming its ideals, even for a few hours, on just one day.

With laudable exceptions, (here’s another) it falls to me and people like me to risk our freedoms, reputations and livelihoods by being the ones who criticize these savages.


This guy has a great idea, completely by accident. Who has time to make a YouTube video of “Muslims” beheading a teddy bear, complete with Winnie the Pooh squealing noises?

Ok, me, but I’m too lazy and have no camera. And I couldn’t do that to a teddy bear, even for a good cause. I’m a girl. You do it!

Best comment:

I’d understand their indignation if the widdle tweddy bwear was named ‘Mohammed the child fucking, slave trading, head lopping back lashing butt fuck teddy’…


Rachel Lucas went on a date once

Marvin:  “If you’ve tried to live on minimum wage, then you should know that it needs to be a LOT higher because people can’t live on that. It should be about $20 an hour, that’s only fair. And if you’ve been poor then you should care more about poor people. They need you to make sure they’re needed in the workplace. How would you feel if machines took over YOUR job?”

RL: “I’D GET A DIFFERENT JOB. THAT’S WHY I WENT TO COLLEGE. JESUS CHRIST. And $20 an hour for someone with no skills other than running a cash register? Are you JOKING? Do you know what that would do to the economy and to businesses?”

Marvin: “You’re not being reasonable.”

RL:You’re a fucking nutburger.”


Can’t we all just get a long gun?

Rodney King was shot in the face last night.

I was nowhere near Los Angeles.

I love that after he was shot he called… not Snoop Dog, not “Reverend” Al, but… the police! Those evil systemtically racist LA cops!

Who then… came to his house to help him out, even though King had tried to take a few of them down in 1991, sued the LAPD for millions, was the human ground zero for the deadliest riots in US history AND is a known menace to society.

See! More proof of how the System is set up to keep the black man down and… aw, screw it.


“I could lose my house for this…”

That’s what Marginalized Dinosaur said in the email telling me about this post. Here’s an excerpt:

“Gomery said there is no need for minimum sentencing we should trust the courts well when my brother in-law was murdered the wise judge I should trust fined one of the culprits $400.00. Has anyone that the most sensitive Canadian gouged been forced to cough up less than that? No.

Apparently killing someone in this country is less of an offense than racism.”


One more on Ted Kennedy’s memoirs

A reader writes:

“Whatever the title, the book will be unabridged.”


Canadian Muslim mensch: Tarek Fatah gets it

On Thursday, Canada’s Muslim Canadian Congress issued a press release expressing ‘shock and dismay’ over Gibbons’ imprisonment and calling on the Sudanese government to release her immediately. That same day, MCC founder and Macleans 50 member Tarek Fatah placed a miniature teddy bear on his own desk — with the word ‘Muhammad’ written across it in black pen.”


“We would hope that people like [Liberal leader] Stéphane Dion and [NDP leader] Jack Layton would speak up, but I doubt very much that Mr. Layton will say even a word. I think the Left in this country has tried to glamourize the Islamists as if they are some sort of latter-day Sandinistas. Mr. Layton talks of the Taliban as if they’re the Viet Cong. It’s delusional, uneducated, ill-informed. A love affair of the Left and Islamists that is very dangerous for the rest of the world…”


“It Couldn’t Be Camelot Without a Lady in the Lake”

More titles for Ted Kennedy’s book. I’m Not a Drunk (Alcoholics Go to Meetings) is an all around oldie but a goodie.

I’m still hoping for Not Even Worth Shooting. It has a sort of elegiacal elegance…


One more thank you

for your continued financial and moral support in light of my, er, revised employment status.

I owe you all Cokes.


Let’s name a Barbie Doll “Richard Warman”

Other folks are ably tracking the “British teacher/Mohammed teddy bear” story, so all I’ll add for now is:

Let’s name a Barbie Doll “Richard Warman” and see what he does.

Seriously: RightGirl emailed me today to ask — what is the difference between his campaign against free speech and this outrage in Sudan. As progressives themselves are so fond of saying in their arguments, the difference is only one of degree.

Being extorted for $30,000 is easier to cope with (to put it mildly) than 30 lashes.

But Richard Warman and the HRC, along with the sharia bullies of Sudan, are using their nation’s legal system to terrify dissenters into silence.



FLASH: UN moving to Reykjavik

Ooops, nope. What are you, crazy?


Screw Kinsey: here’s the real gay 10%

Alaska Airlines “actually offers the 10 percent as a discount but only if the purchaser obtains the ticket through a ‘gay’ page of the company’s website, a location not typically patronized by families seeking travel arrangements…’