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Last post of 2007

December 2007 has been my busiest month in seven years as a blogger: 65,000 uniques according to Sitemeter.

That’s a 40% increase since I renamed this blog back in September. When you consider the brief dip in readership that happens over Christmas, that makes this month’s record even more impressive.

My shameless post-unemployment, holiday-shopping blegs also made this my most lucrative month in terms of links. Thanks to all of you for helping me earn hundreds of dollars in December, at the coveted 7% commission rate (due to sheer volume of orders.)

In the next day or two I hope to unveil something new at this blog, so stay tuned!

I only ever have one New Year’s prediction, the same one I’ve been making since 1985: this year Margaret Atwood will win the Nobel Prize in Literature. One year I have to be right…

Tomorrow the job search begins in earnest. I’d love to be able to line up so many freelance gigs that I’d be able to blog full time, but we’ll see.

God bless you all and have a safe New Year’s Eve!


Just when you thought they couldn’t get any stupider

Muslims un-invent chess again…

“When you try to back a stupid lie by using a spoof that ridicules your stupid lies, you thereby prove the spoofer’s original point that (a) you are stupid and (b) you lie.”

PLUS: “All this because they didn’t have the metallurgy to make bells…”


Abort the letters “o” and “r”!

They’re just blobs of pixels!

Jokes about murdering children and assaulting old folks? Check. Bad spelling? Check. Cowardly anonymous posters and commenters? Check. Pink everywhere? Ham-fisted “satire”?

Yep, they’re leftists…

(Thanks to the reader who sent this in.)


Thanks to the blog “Oraculations”…

for sending lots of new readers my way, and saying nice things about me.

If only I could find his email address, I’d thank him directly…


David Warren: “MCMVII”

“Like most liberal dogmas, it is probably the precise reverse of the truth. Those with real gifts invariably find ways to express them, unless they are shot or imprisoned. The most accomplished men and women, more often than not, had no formal schooling in their area of expertise. And the effort to assist all those ‘mute inglorious Miltons’ only created the obsession with credentials that assists the mediocre in shutting genius down. For the world looks a gift horse in the mouth, and is, contrary to the general understanding, extremely suspicious (perhaps rightly) of voluble glorious Miltons.

“Which is why, often decades later, hardly anyone has heard of them.

“For just one example, consider an obscure Belgian priest, Monsignor Georges Lematre, who died in 1966, having made no credible effort to call attention to himself. Has my reader ever heard of him? No? This is the man who, as a monastic hobbyist of physics and astronomy, anticipated Hubble’s law and then tricked out from it the ‘hypothesis of the primaeval atom,’ published in 1931. This is known today as the ‘Big Bang theory,’ and remains at the heart of contemporary cosmology.

“I’m sure my reader has heard of that…”



And Pat Robertson said “Ha!”

“There are those who connect Sharon’s health condition to the disengagement plan from Gush Katif and northern Samaria and they see it as a punishment.”

    Do you think so?
    Yes: 27 percent
    No: 73 percent

    Percent who said yes by religiosity:
    National religious: 58.5 percent
    Ultra orthodox: 57 percent
    Traditional: 27.5 percent
    Secular: 14 percent


The B.C. Human Rights Tribunal: “your unelected betters, making stuff up for years”


“They’ll be the ones helping the anti-Steyn Legal Jihad along in June…”


The Savage/CAIR lawsuit papers

“The copyright infringement was done to raise funds for CAIR so that it could self perpetuate and continue to perform its role in the RICO conspiracy set forth in Count Two and to disseminate of propaganda on behalf of foreign interests that are opposed to the continued existence of the United States of America as a free nation…”


Another call for the return to shunning

No Muslims involved this time, just one of their lefty dupes.


Why not “both”? “Both” can be fun…

The Single Shot Garter “is either incredibly sexy or incredibly disturbing.”

“…why does she need to have a swig of JD before she’s having a night of passion with you? Is it so painful that she needs to dull her senses? Are you that hideous? Is she an alcoholic? How low have you stooped to pick up an alcoholic? Why bother with the garter and just give her a 5litre cardboard cask and get it over and done with?”

More at The Year’s Biggest Lingerie Trends. 

PS: “scientific research.” Uh huh.


“An expert is just some guy from out of town” (Mark Twain)

(Circa 1980:)

“What is to become of religion as our society moves further and further into the post-industrial period? Certain trends are fairly easy to identify. For example, an extension of Islamic influence due primarily to the sudden expansion of wealth in Muslim hands.

“But I would like to bypass trends of this type and focus on something else…”


You guys must be using your Amazon gift card prezzies at my site

That would explain yesterday’s big shopping spree via my links. How can I thank you guys?

I got a gift card myself for Christmas and bought:

Born Standing Up, The Nazi War on Cancer, Strictly Right and Revolutionary Characters


But “race” is just a social construct invented by The Man!

I guess that depends on who you consider “The Man” to be…


That’s me: hipper to the groove than Paul Wells

See, here’s how a real blogger blogs, combining timely (note the post date) news flashes with — well, added-value (and frankly disturbing) naughty bits of the type only I’d think to proffer.

Hmmm, isn’t Paul Wells the guy Kate and I briefly took to calling “Mr. Poopy Head” last year for some reason?

Golly, who can keep track of our wacky adventures in pre-emptive media unemployment?


Khalid Hasan: “Who will mourn Aqsa Parvez?”

“The most shameful part of the Aqsa tragedy lies in the online and offline rumours that those who consider themselves ‘rightly guided’ have been circulating. Some suggested that she had a black boyfriend (note the racism), others that she was sexually promiscuous, and some even called her a drug pusher. In other words, her father had every moral right to kill her, is the message.

“The Canadian imams, many of them in their self-styled attires and operatic headgear came out with other justifications. Sheikh Alaa El-Sayyed, imam of a Toronto mosque, said, ‘Women who wear hijabs occupy higher positions in Islam, according to religious teachings.’ Where did the imam get that because nowhere does Islam lay that out? He also said, ‘We cannot let culture supersede religion. If we stay away from the teachings of Islam, we will pay for it.’ Translated into straight language, it means that since Aqsa stayed away from the teachings of Islam, she had to ‘pay for it.’”