Last post of 2007

December 2007 has been my busiest month in seven years as a blogger: 65,000 uniques according to Sitemeter.

That’s a 40% increase since I renamed this blog back in September. When you consider the brief dip in readership that happens over Christmas, that makes this month’s record even more impressive.

My shameless post-unemployment, holiday-shopping blegs also made this my most lucrative month in terms of links. Thanks to all of you for helping me earn hundreds of dollars in December, at the coveted 7% commission rate (due to sheer volume of orders.)

In the next day or two I hope to unveil something new at this blog, so stay tuned!

I only ever have one New Year’s prediction, the same one I’ve been making since 1985: this year Margaret Atwood will win the Nobel Prize in Literature. One year I have to be right…

Tomorrow the job search begins in earnest. I’d love to be able to line up so many freelance gigs that I’d be able to blog full time, but we’ll see.

God bless you all and have a safe New Year’s Eve!

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