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Alterna-totty for the knife averse

FreedomFolks dude goodnaturedly chides me for posting a picture of a hot chick with a knife.

OK, is this any better?

(Heck, it has got to be better than FF’s proposed “Red State pole dancer who lived in a van down by the river back in 1992″ alternative. Not afraid of pool cues, too, are ya?)



New banner in the free speech cause: Support M-446

Support MP Keith Martin’s private member’s motion to amend the notorious Section 13 of the Canadian Human Rights Act.

Right now, it is illegal for any Canadian to “communicate… any matter” “likely to expose a person or persons to hatred or contempt.” 

In other words, a Canadian can not only be punished for expressing their views (thought crime), they can be charged with possibly harming someone in the near or distant future, merely by uttering or writing forbidden combinations of words (pre-crime).

Now, if I’m gonna have to live in a science fiction novel, I at least want my flying car and robot maid!

Presumably neither will be forthcoming, the government having wasted my tax dollars on frivolous Human Rights cases against Mark Steyn, Ezra Levant and many other less famous individuals.

So click on the link below to help support Dr. Martin’s private member’s motion, especially now that this Liberal MP is being called a “Nazi sympathizer” by members of his very own party, merely for introducing this bill:



Liberal Party blog calls Liberal MP Keith Martin a Nazi sympathizer (!)

Mike Brock has a screen shot.

All this because MP Keith Martin — as we told you this morning — has tabled a private members bill calling for reform of the Canadian Human Rights Act, to remove the “likely to expose” section which in effect penalizes thought-crime and future-crime.

Classy, huh?

UPDATE: sad, isn’t it? I get about 7 times more traffic than Little Bitty Lib:



Is Warren Kinsella talking about me again?

Oh dear. I never hear about these catty Warren Kinsella posts unless a fan of mine tells me about it.

I don’t care for Henry Rollins — who seems to have traded in his once-promising talent to Satan in exchange for a lifetime supply of protein powder and faux-anarchist talking points — so I have no idea what this video is about.

I gather it features Rollins pretending to proposition Ann Coulter.

If so: dear Warren, being cruised by a poseur like “Hulk Smash!” Rollins is not one of my fantasies. He’s a bit too “strong like bull, smart like streetcar” for my tastes.

Now, if Warren is suggesting that I’m too old/ugly to be so propositioned, he is not far wrong.

However, my fellow “Wicked Witch”, Kate at SmallDeadANimals, is very attractive.

So, basically, I have no idea what Kinsella is talking about and I suspect he doesn’t know either.

I’m merely posting about it because it has been over a week since Kinsella advised us to “retain counsel”.

I’ve since received a generous offer of free legal assistance in this matter, yet we have yet to receive our registered letter.

Apparently Kinsella is too busy surfing YouTube and going through old “love letters” from Kate.

Anyway, you all know what those magic words “retain counsel” mean: that’s right — another picture of an actually attractive woman in skimpy underwear, as part of this blog’s week-long tradition!

You’re all so very welcome. But don’t thank me — thank Warren “I’m Not Obsessed by Women I Hardly Know or Anything!” Kinsella.

UPDATE: one blogger does NOT like the looks of that knife! 


Toronto gets blacks-only school. How could that possibly go bad?

And twenty years from now, the students will sue over this, just like Indian students sued over residential schools. And we’ll all have to pay the bill. Again.

Some comments:

“Instead of wasting money on ‘afro-centric’ skools were their just going to teach them a fuller cirriculum of ‘Hate Whitey-Blame Whitey’ agit-prop,why not organize student trips back to Africa.

“Two week camping excursions to such African wonderlands like say, Zimbabwe, Somalia, Kenya, the Congo or the Sudan will probably be enough to convince every Blax student the importance of getting an education.”


“I also taught summer school in an inner city school with many black kids, many of the girls wearing hijab. The insolence, sense of entitlement, and plain bad manners of a good number of these kids was most disturbing, not to mention that, academically, the standard was pretty low. (One ‘hijabbed’ young miss, about 10, refused to stand for ‘O Canada’: ‘It’s not my country.’ That only happened on the first day as I made it altogether clear that sitting for the national anthem was NOT an option.)


“The accepted family structure of many kids by many fathers, with no dad around the home sets these kids up for failure from the start. Their mothers are often very young, uneducated, inarticulate, chip on the shoulder women who are not able to provide the security and role modelling necessary to socialize their kids. Any school for this type of kid would have to be built on a philosophy of high structure and non negotiable authority, consistently and seriously enforced. I believe any ‘solution’ which overlooks this is not going to make much of a difference.”

Thomas Sowell has written:


If you download by new e-book ‘Acoustic Ladyland’ by midnight tonight…

My share of the revenue will be added to my first cheque, because it will count as a January sale.

Have I mentioned lately that I’m unemployed?

And that Mark Steyn loved the book…?

You can get a free preview when you hit the PREVIEW THIS ITEM button under the book’s cover.


“Muslims should not be surprised at backlash”

Read the whole thing, please:

“My generation of immigrants conformed. We retain and value features of our origins, but we do not demand privileges or special treatment and we contribute to the life of the nation as best as we can. Ten thousand of us fought for Britain in the Second World War – a small expression of gratitude to the country which gave us refuge.

“Yasmin Alibhai-Brown needs to ask herself to what extent the racial intolerance which she condemns is of her, and others’, own making? What has she, and others like her, done to bridge the ever-widening gap between what seems to us an alien culture and a way of life which in these islands has endured for centuries and which, in many ways, still makes this country one of the most civilised in the world?”

Exactly. Rather than demand that a private enterprise publish their unedited writing, and file frivilous complaints against their betters, wouldn’t the Osgoode Four’s time be better spent, say, starting their own goddamn magazine or better yet, travelling to the Middle East to teach all those illiterate Muslims how to read.

The only people exposing Muslims to “hatred and contempt” are the Osgoode Four themselves.


David Warren: “Islam has been morphing into a violent and puritanical cult”

“Saudi-sponsored Wahabi Islam is consolidating its hold over the mosques of the West, and radicalizing the huge Muslim immigrant communities that have congregated in almost every major European city. Across Europe, and increasingly in North America (and as we’ve seen in Canada in the obscene ‘human rights’ trials of Mark Steyn and Ezra Levant), the most radical Muslims exploit state multiculturalism to score victories over free speech and win pathetic apologies from anyone accused of the thought crime of ‘Islamophobia.’

“Islam is a broad and ancient religion — we are not discussing that, today. We are discussing instead the contemporary reality. For internationally, Islam has been morphing into a violent and puritanical cult. Yet this very large and very hard fact is being rendered undiscussable, in historical or any other terms.


“Whatever is surrendered to these people increases their power. There is one and only one possible strategy for resisting the advance of radical Islam — and I mean, ‘Islamism,’ not conventional Islam. And that is to confront it, and destroy it, wherever it appears. The most disastrous possible policy is to appease it.”


Yes! We’re getting through to someone — and he’s a Liberal

Keith Martin, Liberal MP for Esquimalt—Juan de Fuca has introduced a motion (M-446) calling on the Parliament to delete subsection 13(1) of the Canadian Human Rights Act.

“That’s the very same subsection which makes it a discriminatory practice for individuals or groups to communicate messages that are ‘likely to expose a person or persons to hatred or contempt’, [i.e., introduces the science fiction concept of "pre-crime" into Canadian law] as long as those persons ‘are identifiable on the basis of a prohibited ground of discrimination’. It therefore provides legal grounds for ‘human rights complaints’ against those who say or publish anything the special interest groups may not agree with. The most recent victims to such complaints are: a journalist — Mark Steyn, a publisher — Ezra Levant and a political party leader — Ron Gray.”

PLEASE send a congratulatory word of encouragement to Dr. Martin through his website. 

Contact your MP and tell them you support this private members bill and you hope they will too.

But wait: BlazingCatFur has a warning:

“Poor Keith he has no idea his actions will trigger double secret subclause WXJ9 of the Canadian Human Rights Act. More popularly known as the Warman Clause: WXJ9 reads ‘No one but Richard Warman may discuss, use, apply, think or pre-think about or otherwise attempt to tamper with my self-aggrandizing livliehood by threatening repeal, deletion and or modification of Section 13(1).’”

UPDATE from Ezra Levant:

“The fact that Martin is a ‘visible minority’ is irrelevant to most normal Canadians, but to the identity politics Left, it’s a sign of his moral virtue, and thus makes him even more politically safe.”


If you download my new e-book ‘Acoustic Ladyland’ before midnight tomorrow…

My share of the revenue will be added to my first cheque from Lulu, because it will count as a January sale.

Have I mentioned lately that I’m unemployed?

And that Mark Steyn loved the book…?


Richard “Warman was about 33 years old when the video was shot”

“Now at the age of 33…

Évariste Galois had laid the foundations of a major area of algebra and been dead over a decade.

“Mozart had already composed 41 symphonies.

“Edmund Hillary conquered Everest.

“Napoleon Bonaparte had completed major reforms of the French government (no easy matter as any French politician will tell you).

Richard Warman was planning to have a custard pie thrown at David Icke.

“Sad. Very sad indeed.”


Day of Solidarity with Imprisoned Iranian Students

I’m little late with this, but so what? Why not read more?


“Are you fed up with Britain’s old people?”

“Parents that won’t die and children that won’t leave home are driving my generation to an early grave.”


“Obamalot this will be not”

Cribbing from a segment I heard on the Laura Ingraham radio program let me just point out this so-called ‘new’ JFK holds to NONE of the positions espoused so willfully by John Fitzgerald Kennedy. JFK believed in a strong defense… he believed in tax cuts… he believed our enemy (Communism back then) was evil. AND, he believed ‘we, the People’ should be looking for ways to give to our country rather than holding our hands out expecting something FROM our Government.


“Maybe we ALL need to take a deep breath and look (honestly) at ourselves in the mirror asking just exactly why it is we have this obsessive-compulsive disorder of making Politicians some weird mutation of an urban legend.”



Geert Wilders calls Islam “retarded”

“…a belief system that fails to accept, let alone uphold, freedom of conscience, freedom of speech, equality before the law, and other basic precepts of Western-style liberty. Palkot practically begs Wilders’ to soften, i.e. censor, his views so as not to inflame the Islamic world, including those ‘moderates’ whose so-called moderation morphs into radicalism at the first barb of criticism.


“Wilders explains he cannot do this because such self-censorship would concede victory to those who would impose Islamic law on him and his country.”