“Muslims should not be surprised at backlash”

Read the whole thing, please:

“My generation of immigrants conformed. We retain and value features of our origins, but we do not demand privileges or special treatment and we contribute to the life of the nation as best as we can. Ten thousand of us fought for Britain in the Second World War – a small expression of gratitude to the country which gave us refuge.

“Yasmin Alibhai-Brown needs to ask herself to what extent the racial intolerance which she condemns is of her, and others’, own making? What has she, and others like her, done to bridge the ever-widening gap between what seems to us an alien culture and a way of life which in these islands has endured for centuries and which, in many ways, still makes this country one of the most civilised in the world?”

Exactly. Rather than demand that a private enterprise publish their unedited writing, and file frivilous complaints against their betters, wouldn’t the Osgoode Four’s time be better spent, say, starting their own goddamn magazine or better yet, travelling to the Middle East to teach all those illiterate Muslims how to read.

The only people exposing Muslims to “hatred and contempt” are the Osgoode Four themselves.

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