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If David Cronenberg’s movies are “low budget”…

why does he have to steal my money to make them?

Roger Corman did ok without it. Oh wait: he’s an American; even as a liberal American, he still possess a sense of self-reliance most Canadian “artists” deem unseemly.


“The world used to be a lot less uptight”


I may have to spring for that box set after all…


Another fake Holocaust memoir

Since victimhood is the new heroism, these pathetic books come as no surprise. (And don’t forget The Painted Bird.)

Were Kesselring to write Arsenic & Old Lace today, Uncle Teddy (Roosevelt) in the cellar would be replaced by Anne Frank in the attic.


“…the simulated camp Spielberg built for his film has become a greater tourist attraction than the real death camp beside it.”


Of the selling of books, there is no end

I see sales of my “old” book have jumped a bit on Amazon. (Hey, it’s better than being at #1,500,somthing like it was last week). And their stock is running out.

Don’t forget to download a copy of the new book, Acoustic Ladyland. Mark Steyn says you have to buy it, so there.

PS: if readers buy just five more things through my Amazon links, my referral rate goes up to the next level. Hint.


Anorexia, bulimia and Orthodox Jews

“According to the Forward, a possible reason for eating disorders amongst ultra-religious Jews is the practice of arranged marriage. ‘Very often, young men looking for brides in the Orthodox community call a girl’s parents and ask for her dress size.’ If it’s over a size 8, says the Forward, she may be headed for spinster city.

“The arranged marriages may be causing eating disorders for another reason as well: Orthodox women are encouraged to wed at a very young age, and some teens who are seeking to avoid marriage develop anorexia to avoid menstruation. No menses = no babies = no marriage.

“The Orthodox Union is trying to raise money to produce a documentary about eating disorders within the community, tentatively titled, Dying To Be Thin. Jewcy points out that most mainstream eating disorder films focus on the media’s influence on body image, but in TV-free Orthodox households, those messages don’t resonate in the same way.



Muslims upset. Must be Friday…

“One of the 21 photos is of the Kaaba — the cube-shaped building inside the Grande Mosque in Mecca — with the inscription describing the stone as ‘stupid’.”


Another record breaking month in blog traffic

Even though February is a short month, today I’ll match last month as my busiest month ever, since I started blogging eight years ago. Over 85,000 uniques!

Thanks for your daily visits.

And remember: if everyone who visits my blog every day bought my new book, I could blog full time for the rest of the year. 


“How do you all feel about supporting some Canadian troops this time?”

SondraK writes:

“I have been working on and exhausting every lead for any American troops serving in Afghanistan for us to adopt and coming up completely empty every time.

“It might be somewhat unique and interesting for us to show our allies that we are grateful for their support. I’m just tossing this out there because we’re a team and we all need to participate in the desicions in these endeavors for them to be successful.

“And we have plenty of Canadian blogger friends who would appreciate it too and be able to give us a hand.

“So whataya think?”


Ezra Levant: “Cartoon complaint update”

“Going on the offensive isn’t just about recouping my enormous legal costs. It’s about having real courts, following real Canadian laws, steeped in real Canadian values, teaching a moral lesson to those who would try to corrupt our Canadian system with Saudi values of censorship and intolerance of dissent. And, of course, pour encourager les autres.”


“The ‘hate’ problem in Canada isn’t anonymous swastikas being secretly scrawled by rebellious kids, who likely don’t even know what they’re doing, other than it seems to annoy the grown-ups a lot.

“The ‘hate’ problem in Canada is a growing body of Canadians who are importing alien values of violence and censorship to support their broader goals of jihad. According to a CBC poll, fully 12% of Canadian Muslims surveyed felt that the 2006 jihadist plot to murder the Prime Minister and bomb Toronto buildings was ‘justified’. That’s tens of thousands of people who haven’t assimilated our western, liberal values.”



A reader writes: “Keep posting pin-ups…”

Well, ok then, if you insist.



Can anything about me be unimportant?

I’ve been tagged by Damian and The Meatriarchy…

1. I cry during every movie and by “every movie” I mean Galaxy Quest.

2. I spent my first and last Brownie meeting hiding in the bathroom. The other girls were skipping double and skipping double scared me. Ditto “jumpsies”, with those dangerous elastic bands.

3. Related: I never went to camp, or learned to ride a bike. I don’t know how to drive a car and have no plans to learn. Dialing a phone is still a challenge to me; I tend to chicken out at the seventh number. I’d love to get an official Asperger’s diagnosis but that would mean calling a doctor…

4. I can recite the entire screenplay of Young Frankenstein.

5. I haven’t left the house once this week. Probably longer. Meaning I have finally achieved a goal I’ve had since age 12.

6. The most I ever drank (back when I did) in a 24-hour period was a 40-ouncer of Old Grandad plus a case of Red Baron.


Come to my talk on March 6

Here are the details about my little talk about free speech and the internet.

To reserve your spot by credit card, call:

Anna at the Faculty Club
(416) 978-6326

Thursday, March 6, 2008
12:30 to 1:30PM
The University of Toronto Faculty Club
41 Willcocks Street (Spadina & Harbourd)

Sandwhich buffet lunch then cookies, coffee and tea: $20


What the hell is colitas anyhow?

“Hotel California” unpacked.


My latest in the National Post

“Ben Chapman was one of the ‘Chosen Few.’

“Amputations were commonplace among the ‘Frozen Chosin,’ those U.S. Marines who endured brutal conditions in the Chosin Reservoir during the Korean War. Doctors wanted to amputate Chapman’s frostbitten feet, but he insisted on nursing himself back to health.

“By keeping those feet, Chapman eventually became a member of Hollywood’s most exclusive club. After all, he couldn’t have worn those flippers without them.

“Ben Chapman, who died earlier this week at age 79, played the nameless ‘Gill Man’ in the quintessential 1950s horror film, The Creature From The Black Lagoon…”


Human Rights Commissions endangering Canadian soldiers?

“Local artillery soldiers are near the front-lines in Afghanistan as you read this, facing enemy fire from the Taliban and using their artillery guns to provide front-line soldiers with cover.

“Why are we permitting the Ontario Human Rights Tribunal to play identity politics with their lives?”