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Black & White on the Grey Matters (Jermiah Wright)


While I’m away…

at the “Sharia Creeps” press conference this morning, please visit BlazingCatFur and


“Human Rights is Big Bucks”

So much for “impartial” Human Rights Commissions: meet one of those who sit in judgement.


“You hear a name like Tyrone Johnson on TV”

Could be a criminal, could be a great basketball player who was just drafted first overall.

“You hear Kyle Gilberts. Could a serial killer, could be a great inventor.

“You hear Dan Stein. Could be a great doctor/scientist or a leftist freak.

“You hear Vito Pirrello. Could be a great classical musician, could be a mobster.

“You hear Ali Mahmoud. Could be a great terrorist or a murderous dictator.

“When was the last time you heard a Muslim mentioned on TV for anything good. What is the major Muslim inventions in our lifetime? A suicide belt. Think about it. The suicide belt is literally the greatest Muslim invention of the 20th century.

“The Japanese had suicide kamikazees. But they also created those nice Hondas and Toyotas. What’s the Muslim Toyota?”


What I want to know is:

Why was Little David dressed like Elvis a la “Jailhouse Rock”?


What? No “McCain” version?



FLASH: “Islamic Congress to make public settlement offer to Maclean’s”, Mark Steyn

Press release just in via email.

Anybody wanna go to this with me tomorrow, wearing “Proud Infidel” buttons and Islamic Rage Boy t-shirts?


April 29, 2008


TORONTO – The Canadian Islamic Congress and a group of law students who recently filed human rights complaints against Maclean’s magazine for publishing Islamophobic content, are planning to present a public offer to the magazine’s management to settle the matter.

Details of this offer and more information regarding the background of the above-mentioned complaints will be provided to those in attendance.

10:00 a.m.: Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Fairmont Royal York Hotel, The Quebec Room, 100 Front Street West,
Toronto ON

Present at the media conference will be:

– Faisal Joseph: CIC legal counsel, former Federal and Provincial Crown Attorney, and former Chair of the Criminal Section of the Canadian Bar Association (Nova Scotia).

– Muneeza Sheikh, Naseem Mithoowani and Khurrum Awan: Three of the law
  students/graduates who were original complainants against Maclean’s magazine.

For more information contact:
Faisal Joseph: (519) 672-4510

How do you say “**** off and die” in Arabic?

My co-defendant in that other HRC related case, Jonathan Kay, writes:

Given that Maclean’s editor Ken Whyte responded to that previous overture by stating that he would rather go bankrupt than publish an anti-Steyn manifesto, I would estimate the chances that the magazine accept this offer at about 0%. The issue has become a point of principle with Steyn and Whyte.


Sharia fried chicken: finger choppin’ good!

... a black couple in Baltimore… had contracted with the Church’s Chicken restaurant chain to open a new outlet in Baltimore. Unfortunately for the entrepreneurial couple, as they were investing in their chicken outlet, Church’s Chicken was purchased by Crescent Capital Investments Inc., the US affiliate of the Bahrain-based First Islamic Investment Bank BSC. And, upon the restaurant chain’s purchase, these new Islamic corporate owners decided to institute Shari’ah laws upon their investments.

This caught the Beasleys new restaurant in a tough spot because pork products were on the morning breakfast menu for the Church’s Chicken chain. Because Shari’ah law principles had been imposed on the Beasleys’ new restaurant, they would be barred from serving their breakfast menu items, their corporate owners informed them. This barring from being able to serve their breakfast items, the couple maintains, contributed to the restaurant’s failure and their eventual bankruptcy.

Running a 21st century business using tribal desert rules that have kept Muslim countries backward and illiterate for centuries makes a company go bankrupt?? Umpossible!

Meanwhile, I have a sudden urge to finally watch this movie...



Christian Horizons and government money

I’ve been hesitant to post about this recent Human Rights Commission decision because Christian Horizons does accept government money and so, to my mind, it needs to follow government’s (idiotic) rules.

However, this post raises a point I hadn’t considered:

…the first thing that we should keep in mind is that the government came to them first, not the other way around. If the government didn’t like the way that the outwardly Christian organization did business, or specifically how it hired it’s employees, it shouldn’t have agreed to whatever contracts were set up with CH — after all, with a name like Christian Horizons, it’s not like they were hiding a secret agenda or anything!


Random thoughts on Wright’s press club performance

(UPDATE: This is better than anything I could say.)

He is so insecure you can smell it through the television. He has a PhD but he knows it means next to nothing because a) it’s in theology and b) he’s black, so even liberals (quietly) assume he got some affirmative action dealie.

Distinguished scholars and intellectuals don’t snap “capiche?” at nervous young women trying to do their job in front of a hundred people. Men who use the word “Capiche?” are never Italian and are always Napoleonic, hypersensitive, insecure, usually lower class and middle aged (and worried about it).

It was a common expression among the older men in my circle growing up. They think it makes them sound like Frank Sinatra. It’s like calling the tv “the idiot box” — one of those tells that reveals an uncanny amount about the speaker’s background and his present-day station in life. None of it flattering.

Part of his insecurity probably stems from being light skinned in a black culture that places considerable (and, to outsiders, baffling) importance on almost imperceptable gradations in skin tone.


Steve Sailer on Rev. Wright: “I told you so”

“Today, the whole world finally noticed.”

On black-white cognitive differences:

The problem, of course, is that while Rev. Wright’s ex-parishoner Oprah Winfrey can make a billion dollars being America’s best nonrational subjective interpersonal improvisational thinker, it’s a limited market. If you are the 100,000th best accountant in America, you probably live on a golf course. But if you are the 100,000 best talk show host, you are unemployed.

On Wright the frustrated “intellectual”:

It’s frustrating for Wright that almost nobody in the white media has taken seriously his ideology, in fact, has barely noticed that he has an ideology. To whites, it’s all just some black thing that we don’t have to — indeed, better not — pay attention to.

It’s especially annoying to Wright that nobody in the white press has paid much attention to the idea that a very bright young man named Barack Obama chose, out of all the black ministers he’d come into contact with during his four years as a community organizer, Rev. Wright because Obama was impressed with Wright’s intellect and agreed with his ideology.

To the white media, all black ministers are alike, but not to an ultra-competitive black minister like Wright, who has outcompeted every other minister on the South Side of Chicago, that’s a racist travesty.


The last house on the Left: Columbia takeover reunion

To keep from fainting, just keep telling yourself:

Someday all the hippies will be dead… Someday… 


Teen gets year in jail for tying knot in piece of string

What I take from this story is that a bunch of black people were afraid to get on a Greyhound bus because some little white boy three states over made a lasso.

Next you’ll be telling me that folks fire rifles at people trying to rescue them, and insist on living below sea level, and loot plasma tvs during a flood, and still can’t get their lives together three years later.

But since it is patently impossible for people to be that unspeakably pathetic, stupid and trifling, clearly I’m missing something…

Must be my crazy “white way of learning”. All them mobiles.

So, like, when that Calder got squished in the World Trade Center,* was that, like, representative of brown people crushing the white “way of learning”? The mobiles comin’ home to roost?

See! I didn’t even go to college and I can pull this stuff outta my lumpy butt, no probs.

PS: Do black parents not approve of mobiles because they’re pieces of string with animals hanging from them?

Or is that just too Jungian for words?

Paging Steve Sailer…

You’re all just refreshing his blog every ten minutes today, aren’t you? Stop lying.

* If you want to get pissed off all over again, click that link.


Confused? A liberal? Just Ask the Scold!

My husband and I recently transferred to the middle east to work on a new CBC sitcom, called ‘Everybody Loves Sharia’. Things have been going very well here and just recently we were invited to our first stoning. It’s for a nice lady down the street. Hubby has been asked to do the video footage and we are very excited.

“My problem is that I haven’t thrown anything really since my Berkley days in the 70′s when we hurled eggs at the returning US imperialst pig soldiers…


Next we’ll be quartering soldiers in our rec rooms

It’s true, my American readers: we Canadians don’t have a First or Second Amendment, so you can forget that Fourth one, too.

More on Bill C-51 here.