Insensitivity Training, Lesson #4: Julie Burchill and Tony Parsons

Hatred of women is the foundation of fascism, but for sheer vitriolic venomous malignancy, the misogny of the Rastafarians surpasses even that of Hitler’s Nazis.

To Rasta, man is Stud, woman a sperm receptacle, who couldn’t possibly enjoy sex unless she was the lowest whore in Babylon. Rastas believe in God whom they call ‘Jah’ and smoke dope all the time in the hope that this will help them communicate with him. Rastas believe that Haile Selassie (unsuccessful military dictator of Ethiopia, ousted by invading Italians in 1936) is the Son of God. Rastas preach black supremacy, and prophesy that unless they return to Africa by 1983 the world must perish.

Had this view since been refuted by contemporary idols Dillinger, Black Slate and batty bald headed Bob Marley, then their rights would be worth standing up for. As it is, who would raise a hand if the National Front treated the Rastas as the Rastas treat their women?

The Boy Looked at Johnny: The Obituary of Rock and Roll (Pluto Press, 1978)

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