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Dear Muslims: you are weird.

Each time we sleep with a houri (heavenly virgins) we find her virgin. Besides, the penis of the Elected (Muslims in heaven) never softens. The erection is eternal; the sensation that you feel each time you make love is utterly delicious and out of this world …Each chosen Muslim will marry seventy houris, besides the women he married on earth, and all will have appetizing vaginas.”


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I’m busy today, but you can still keep up to date re: Steyn’s trial on Monday, the government’s (finally!) proposed investigation into irregularities at the “Human Rights” Commissions (the same irregularities we are now being sued for blogging about!), and so much more…

Check out Ezra’s blog, and for lots of great reading — and things you can do to help the free speech cause in Canada.

One of Ezra’s commenters recommeded this 80s vintage Canadian song by Frozen Ghost:


FLASH! Gov inquiry into Human Rights Commissions and “thought crime” law?

Ezra Levant reports:

The government’s proposed inquiry comes on top of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada’s announcement last month that she is investigating the corrupt and abusive conduct of the Canadian Human Rights Commission. And earlier this month, Ottawa police referred a criminal complaint about the CHRC to the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, who are now conducting a criminal investigation.

I don’t think the CHRC is going to be a pleasant place to work for the next year or so — longer if criminal charges are laid.

These official investigations are on top of the nearly-unanimous public outrage at the CHRC’s behaviour, which has drawn criticism from across the ideological spectrum. Groups ranging from PEN Canada, to the Canadian Association of Journalists, to the former executive director of EGALE, to the head of the Canadian Civil Liberties Association, to every newspaper in the country from right to left, have united in opposition to the CHRC.

This is not the end of our campaign, of course.


For now, let’s get this resolution through the Justice Committee. We can put together a briefing book for the MPs later, and even put together a raft of witnesses from whom the inquiry should hear. I think that should include everyone from Alan Borovoy to Marc Lemire. And I think Richard Warman [the guy who is suing me and other bloggers for questioning his methods] himself should be subpoenaed to answer questions about his own online bigotry in the name of “human rights”. I’m not sure his “I can’t remember” shtick will go over as easily in Parliament as it did before the kangaroo courts. (Question: what is the penalty if a subpoenaed witness is found in contempt of Parliament?)


Mexican immigrant neighborhoods aren’t “vibrant”. They’re tacky

“We want what Middle America has as well,” said the second-generation Mexican American, recounting the meeting. “We like to go to nice places like Claim Jumpers, Chili’s and Applebee’s. . . . We don’t want the fly-by-night business, the ‘amigo store,’ which they use to attract Latinos like myself.”

Call it “immigrant” store fatigue. It’s happening in cities that are overwhelmingly Latino, with Latino political leaders and with large immigrant communities.

Sailer comments:

“…the libertarian advice to African-Americans to start their own businesses is ill-conceived. African-Americans tend to prefer working for big institutions where all the rules are already written down in three-ring binders (e.g., the U.S. Army) because they are more likely to be successful in that kind of environment. Something similar is true for Mexican-Americans (with perhaps the more macho Marines substituting for the Army).

“There’s nothing wrong with preferring to work for a big institution rather than being an entrepreneur — indeed, succeeding in a job is better for all concerned that failing at owning a business — but that much of the punditry about minority entrepreneurialism is romantic hooey.”


Of course, no one will ever fly a plane into THIS building…

Actually the reason he, and busloads of reporters, were there was that the Museum at Bethel Woods, memorializing the famous [Woodstock] festival, will open on Monday in Bethel, N.Y.

Just keep telling yourself: some day all the hippies will be dead. Some day all the hippies will be dead…


The toon that launched a thousand foot fetishes…

Greatest cartoon ever. And Pussyfoot looks just like our widdle beau-beau.


“Human rights interrogator Shirleen McGovern: ignoramus or dhimmi?”

She talks about the “most offensive” Danish cartoon — the one with “mohammed as animal/pig; sex with animal”.

But no such cartoons were ever published by a Danish newspaper, nor by our magazine. Here are the original 12 cartoons exactly as published in Denmark: we chose eight of those.

What McGovern is referring to are three cartoons fabricated by Danish imams, designed to be as offensive as possible, in order to whip up ignorant Muslim mobs that might not get sufficiently excited about the actual Danish cartoons.

In other words, McGovern was duped by jihadist propaganda. Soharwardy must have smiled like a cat when he heard her regurgitate those lies as if they were truths.


York U censor/bully is a hijab wearing Muslim — didn’t see THAT coming, eh?

And that’s why I was extremely shocked to discover that the increasingly notorious Gilary Massa is a hijab-wearing Muslim woman. I mean, radical pro-choice activist does not bring the hijab to mind. Islam is against abortion.

“But one thing I unfortunately do associate with Islam in Canada right now (but not all Muslims, of course, and especially not the ones I know personally) is assaults on Canadian freedom of speech. In Halifax. Against Ezra Levant. Against Mark Steyn. Against the MCC, which suffers death threats from fellow Muslims. Ditto Irshad Manji. What, I ask, gives here?”


Why I didn’t donate a penny after Katrina, part XVII

MP: We have to be honest enough to address the one who says well, don’t hold me responsible for what my ancestors did. But you have enjoyed the benefits of what your ancestors did. And unless you are ready to give up the benefits, throw away your 401 fund, throw away your trust fund, throw away all the money that put away in the company you walked into, because your daddy and your granddaddy and your great-granddaddy…unless you’re willing to give up the benefits, then you must be responsible for what was done in your generation, because you are the beneficiaries of this insurance policy.  

HH: You hear the Trinity Church applauding. That’s Barack Obama’s congregation applauding.


Maclean’s to live blog Mark Steyn’s June 2 trial

MS: It begins Monday at the Robson Square Courthouse in Vancouver.

HH: And how are we going to keep track of the blow by blow? Will you be blogging your own trial?

MS: It was decided that it might not be appropriate for me to blog it, but Macleans Magazine is sending a very distinguished correspondent to blog it on Macleans’ website.  

HH: And about how often, how long do we expect this to go on for?

MS: Well, I think they’re scheduled to, I would imagine, run that whole week, and then they will recess for a bit, because they don’t like to overexert themselves, these human rights commissars. So after a week of listening to evidence, they’ll, I think they’ll need to retire to relax and unwind. But it should go on all week. (…)

HH: Well, we hope to check in with you from Canada, then, and good luck in this. I think this is one of the…I can’t believe they’re going through with it. What fools they are, but I guess they are.



“But where would I find such a man…?”

“And why am I asking you?”

Harvey Corman: 1927-2008


The Blogger’s Hymn (for Steyn and Levant)

From the halls of Shirlene’s office
To the shores of west B.C.
We fight our free speech battles
On the net, from sea to sea;
First to fight for right and freedom
And preserve democracy;
We are proud to claim the title
of Free Speech Blog Army.


Steyn on the Coren Show, in case you missed it

Primetime Politics has the entire hour. It’s a shame Michael was in Israel and couldn’t do the interview himself — but Primetime Politics has praise for his substitute, Tim Denis. I hope somebody tells him!


Maybe they just didn’t wanna deal with Bill…

Seriously: congratulations to Bill Whatcott for winning one for the free speech cause. I don’t agree with many of Bill’s ideas and methods, but that isn’t the point…

The Supreme Court of Canada chose on Thursday not to hear an appeal of a lower court decision that found that a nurse who picketed a Planned Parenthood clinic and referred to its workers as baby killers was protected by the right of free speech.

Nurse Bill Whatcott staged his anti-abortion protest at the clinic in Regina, Saskatchewan, in 2002, and Planned Parenthood subsequently launched a complaint against him at his professional association. Whatcott had earlier served jail time for demonstrating against an abortion clinic in Toronto.

The Saskatchewan Association of Licensed Practical Nurses found Whatcott guilty of professional misconduct, suspended him as a nurse and ordered him to pay C$15,000 ($15,150) in legal costs.

Whatcott argued that he had been demonstrating in his free time and that his protest was simply a case of free speech. The Canadian Civil Liberties Association had also weighed in on the debate, saying that while it favored abortion rights it was concerned over attempts to squelch debate.


It takes 15 union bureaucrats to fight one Ezra Levant!

“Friends, until I received this information, I thought the complaint was about me. How selfish I was! Me, me, me — that was all I could talk about! I couldn’t go a day without bitching about my nearly $100,000 legal fees; or complaining about the 800 days I’ve been under the stigma of this prosecution; or whining about ‘freedom this’ or ‘due process that.’

“I see now that this is much bigger than me. It’s about putting bread on the table for fifteen hungry families. In the Alberta economy (unemployment rate: 3.3%) if these government bureaucrats couldn’t prosecute me for a living, they might actually have to venture out from their 30 hour a week public sector union jobs and do some respectable work…”

“I’ve written a lot about the corrupt Canadian Human Rights Commission. But Alberta’s HRC is just as nutty. It answers not to the provincial justice minister, but to the province’s Culture and Community Spirit ministry. That’s funny and sad at the same time.

“Why not show your community spirit and send a note to Lindsay Blackett, the freshman MLA elected just two months ago, who is now minister of this portfolio. His biography looks surprisingly normal for a politician — he coaches sports, and before becoming a politician, he sold electronics. In other words, he doesn’t come from the grievance industry. He’s also Black, living in a very white neighbourhood of Calgary. Which means he knows Albertans aren’t bigoted and in need of a human rights commission to tell them how to behave. Otherwise, how could he have won his riding so handily? And Blackett isn’t beholden to any ethno-politics for his victory.