Maclean’s to live blog Mark Steyn’s June 2 trial

MS: It begins Monday at the Robson Square Courthouse in Vancouver.

HH: And how are we going to keep track of the blow by blow? Will you be blogging your own trial?

MS: It was decided that it might not be appropriate for me to blog it, but Macleans Magazine is sending a very distinguished correspondent to blog it on Macleans’ website.  

HH: And about how often, how long do we expect this to go on for?

MS: Well, I think they’re scheduled to, I would imagine, run that whole week, and then they will recess for a bit, because they don’t like to overexert themselves, these human rights commissars. So after a week of listening to evidence, they’ll, I think they’ll need to retire to relax and unwind. But it should go on all week. (…)

HH: Well, we hope to check in with you from Canada, then, and good luck in this. I think this is one of the…I can’t believe they’re going through with it. What fools they are, but I guess they are.


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