Tearing Khurrum a new Awan (with update on Awan’s distinctly un-Muslim Friday night par-TAYS!)


One of my loyal readers emailed the “Male” Sock about their loss and got a dumbass response (shocker!)

For a guy who objected to Mark Steyn’s use of “sarcasm” and his “tone”, the twitchy bald kid seems anxious to wield those offending weapons himself, albeit without Steyn’s superior skill.

Can you imagine if these guys actually won the “right to reply” in Macleans? Five thousand words of “I know you are but what am I?”

PS: if you’ve had cataract surgery, or even if you haven’t, why not email Khurram Awan and tell him he’s an uppity little scared-of-an-unclean-infidel-girl pantywaist who sounds more like a surfer than a lawyer?

And ask him how his legal/political career is looking now that he’s admitted under oath to lying to the Canadian public on numerous occasions?

[email protected]

Here’s the email exchange:

My reader:

Only one to go.

To early yet – but things are looking good – well not for you.

No matter – you can always file against someone for telling a joke about Muslims – or maybe you can file against everyone in Canada – who didn’t find little church…oops mosque funny.


Khurram Awan responded:

ur hilarious need to take a closer look at what the Ontario
Commission said; maybe you require cataract surgery.

On another note…don’t you have things to do in life other than emailing

party on bro

In a follow up email, Khurrum Awan doesn’t sound like much of a Muslim, since he was partying all last (Friday) night:

lol…you’re hilarious bro. you really don’t get it do you??

We have made our point, we have made our statement and whether we lose at all three tribunals it really doesn’t matter. We have already won just by going to the Tribunal and sticking it to the haters out there such as yourself.

In fact even when we “lose” we win. We have told the haters out there such as yourself, and your ideological friends such as Kenneth Whyte, that we won’t put up with their bullshit anymore…we won ages ago when we filed these complaints, when we got the ontario commission to condemn maclean’s and when we actually showed up before the BC TRibunal to argue our case. So the horse has already left the barn…you can bark as much as you want, but we accomplished our objectives a long time ago…so bark on :). Calling the earth flat won’t make it flat.

And rest assured i am partying, i was all of last night; it doesn’t seem to me like you are.

So remember kiddies, that’s

[email protected]

Have fun annoying him, asking him how he managed to master all those English language cliches above yet still fails to grasp concepts like satire and hyperbole; why he always twitches and mutters to himself in public; what kind of beer he drinks while he’s par-tay-ing (on FRIDAY!!); ask him if he has haram holes in his socks etc.

And remember: this is a foreign born “Muslim” beligerent, who we foolishly welcomed into Canada, let into our university system (I wonder how many taxpayer funded loans and grants he got?) even though he is clearly not the sharpest beheading sword around, and who is trying to hijack the nation’s oldest national magazine instead of, say, starting his own (with, say, Muslim Brotherhood cash).

It’s important to let parasites like Khurrum Awan and his harem know they’re not welcome in Canada, and that for the rest of his/their lives, we will undermine their political/career ambitions every step of the way.

UPDATE 2: but wait, it gets better. Since we know that Khurrum Awan admitted under oath to lying about that whole “mutually acceptable response” stuff, and indulges in other dubious semi-unprofessional activity, it would be interesting to learn how much of what he wrote below is total bullshit too.

I also love the fact that he’s complaining about the emailer “wasting his time” when Awan clearly has enough free time to respond to “clowns”:

Its [sic] actually quite a pleasure to hear from clowns like yourself [sic]…

In fact if you have the testicular fortitude or if Maclean’s editors had that fortitude, then they would say straight up to the public: we are a privately owned company, these students came asking for a mutually acceptable response, and we said we would rather go bankrupt. But they won’t because they, like you, know that Canadians expect more from our medial; rather they have taken to feedling [sic] lies to the Canadian public about allegedly unreasonable demands that were never made.

Also if idiots like yourself actually bothered asking before you send emails barking your head off, you would have learned that my brother is part of the Canadian Forces, soon to deploy to Afghanistan; so my family and i need no lecture from you on sacrificing for this nation.

But the fact that you believe that filing HR Complaints is equivalent to an act of terrorism affirms why we must undertake the action we have – so that the media equivalents of bigots like yourself [sic] are held accountable.

Also, if you knew your facts you would know that we are paying every dollar of our legal costs – our complaints have so far cost zero dollars to the Canadian taxpayer, but then you don’t stike me like [sic] the kind of dude who bothers researching his facts

Point is…don’t bother wasting my time again…but im sure you will :)

When he says “we” does he mean the Muslim Brotherhood, perhaps…?


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