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“We’re super duper wooper secret agents — we don’t NEED rules”

Absolutely outstanding (not to mention easily digestible and well informed) discussion about Our Lawsuit (and Ezra Levant’s statement of defence) plus the Human Rights Commissions, with Jay Currie and Mike Brock.

This show doesn’t assume you know the first thing about the issues. Everything is explained accurately and VERY entertainingly too.

Discussion starts half-way through the show — Episode 33: Putting Up a Fight. (But the whole show is good.)


Jay Currie (who sounds shockingly like James Lileks) notices that Richard Warman, unlike us, evidently doesn’t feel the need to have a website with a PayPal button for legal fund donations, and wonders why…

Highly recommended listening.


Richard “The Guy Who Is Suing Us” Warman in Jon Ronson’s “Them: Adventures with Extremists”

Jon Ronson, a Jewish journalist (yes, that’s relevant, as he repeatedly insists), hung out with crazy Jihadists, Alex Jones, militia types, Bilderberg obsessed conspiracy theorists and so forth, and recounted his adventures in his 2002 book Them: Adventures with Extremists (Simon & Shuster).

Now, if you’ve been following Ezra Levant’s blog, and read his Statement of Defence, you’ll be familiar with another extremist named David Icke, who believes that the Queen and other leaders are shape-shifting space lizards who form a secret cult that runs the world.

Icke attracted the ire of Richard Warman and the folks at something called Anti-Racist Action (which, like so many “anti-racist” progressives, turn out to be fascist brainwashed twits and accidental collaborators with the real enemy).

For example, this is from the BC Civil Liberties Association’s 2003 annual report:

Richard Warman wrote the Kamloops library, which had included [David Icke’s] book in their collection, alleging that the book defamed him. He requested that the library pull the book, threatening to add the library as a defamation defendant if it refused. On the advice of legal counsel, the library removed the book from circulation.

The BCCLA took swift action, contacting Attorney General Geoff Plant and expressing concern about the chilling effect that this type of prior restraint could pose.

Unfortunately, the story gets worse. The BC Library Association ran, essentially, a news story about the Kamloops situation on a portion of its website titled “Censorship in BC.” The Library Association reported on the content of the book and Mr. Warman’s threat of suit. This came to Mr. Warman’s attention and he again threatened to sue.


“Islamism” is not a helpful invention

Hugh Fitzgerald writes (read the whole thing):

“Islamism” is not a helpful invention. Apostates from Islam, Wafa Sultan and Ayaan Hirsi Ali and Ibn Warraq, treat it dismissively. It represents an attempt to somehow appeal to Muslims — that is, to those who are thought of as “moderate” possibly because they remain largely ignorant of the texts of Islam, or because they simply try to put those texts and teachings out of their heads.


Modern artists: craven, stupid, careerist-yet-suicidal cowards

“If there’s going to be a play about ‘inside radical Islam’, it’ll be a profoundly sympathetic, inquiring play, I’m sure,” says the writer of such acclaimed works as Otherwise Engaged.

I can’t imagine a play that’s violently opposed to Islam … you can’t be publicly … and certainly not at the National Theatre.”

Gray describes Hytner’s “fearlessness in attacking Christianity” as “a very easy sort of liberalism that allows [only] yourself, so to speak, to be beaten up”.

“It seems to me that you should say that the reason we didn’t bring that play was because we didn’t want to be bombed,” he says in Standpoint magazine.


Christians suits cite bias on the job

Pete Vere in the Washington Times:

The clash between gay rights laws and religious freedom has acquired two new fronts in recent weeks, both involving Christians who say they were punished on their jobs for actions that reflect religious disapproval of homosexuality.

In one case, a Georgia counselor has filed a federal suit against the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), saying that she was fired after she found someone else to counsel a lesbian about her sexual relationship.

In the other, a Los Angeles police officer is suing the department, saying it has denied him promotions and pay raises because of a sermon that he gave at a church that cited a biblical verse on homosexuality.


Live in Red Deer? Got a camcorder?

Oh man…


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Japan: did we nuke ‘em too much or not enough?

A loyal reader sends in this story, with the message:

“You once said: ‘the Chinese will eat anything, and the Japanese will **** it.’ Well, seems the Japanese will drink anything, too.”


My latest in FrontPage: “Obama’s Surge Purge”

Barack Obama styles himself the candidate of “change” and “hope”. So when his website “changed” to erase his well-known opposition to the Iraq War surge, maybe the Senator “hoped” no one would notice.

In this day and age, that’s a foolish, not to mention cynical, conceit, especially coming from the young, self-proclaimed “progressive” Democrat. And it backfired. Even the Los Angeles Times picked up the small but telling story after it first broke in the blogosphere.

“This last weekend,” the Wake Up Americans blog reported on July 15, “Barack Obama’s official website was ‘purged’ of his longstanding criticisms of the troop surge…”

That “surge purge” came shortly before the candidate’s belated “fact finding” visit to Iraq, his first trip in two years to the nation whose impending doom he’d so confidently and frequently predicted.

Obama aide Wendy Morigi insisted that the web site deletions were simply part of “normal activity to update the site as events and situations change.”

But what about updating one’s views on the most important foreign policy issue of the times, “as events and situations change”? Apparently, the presumptive Democratic nominee for President doesn’t consider that a priority. Obama’s denunciations of the Iraq War and the surge strategy persist, even after his trip to Iraq – a trip that would have been impossible had the surge been a failure; the very leaders he shook hands with in Baghdad would have been killed, jailed or exiled under Saddam Hussein…

(Read the whole thing here, and add your comments)


“Why Canada Needs An Abortion Policy”

New paper from the Canadian Centre for Policy Studies:

…the lack of a coherent policy in Canada is seriously undermining practical efforts to control a re-emerging eugenics industry and end discriminatory practices such as gender-selection abortion.


Dad hires Dita to “dance” at Prince Harry’s birthday bash

A UK red top reports:

The generously-eared royal met the gothic flasher at the toff-infested Cartier International Polo Tournament at the Guards Club in Windsor, London.

Charmed by her alabaster assets, he asked what she did for a living and Dita, 35, replied: “I’m a dancer.”

This vague job description failed to convey that her act involves giving a rhythmic biology lesson in a giant martini glass and doing the sort of things to a massive olive which are illegal in most countries.



Amateur porn film shot at Vimy Ridge War Memorial

Ungrateful French dirtballs:

Many Canadians perished in the Battle of Vimy Ridge, in April 1917, when four members of the Canadian Corps received Victoria Crosses.

Despite the courageous deeds and sacrifice honoured by the Vimy Memorial, the couple are believed to have stripped naked and performed sex acts beside the soaring stone structure.

They then posted the video on a website, invited people to pay to watch it.

Their punishment came just six months after another couple were fined for taking nude photographs of themselves in the same place.

In the latest case, heard at Arras criminal court, involving the married couple, who are in their 30s, lawyers expressed concern at the gradual increase in such incidents at the memorial.

The prosecutor, Elise Bozzolo, said: “The memorial has been known for a long time as a place where exhibitionism and voyeurism is common.”


Wente: Islam and cartooning don’t mix

She writes:

“Cartooning itself has become a bit of a dangerous area,” says Dan Leger, the paper’s news director. He invited the group [of Muslims] in for a meeting and explained that a cartoonist’s job is to make fun of everybody. The meeting ended on a friendly note, and with luck that will be the end of it. “Cartoons are meant to piss you off,” says Mr. Leger. “Otherwise they’re no good.”

But it’s Europe where cartooning and Islam really don’t mix. In the Netherlands, eight police officers showed up recently to arrest an obscure cartoonist for sketching offensive drawings of Muslims that appeared mainly on his own website. He spent two nights in jail, and Dutch authorities are deciding whether to charge him with inciting racist hatred.


FLASH! My co-defendant Ezra Levant files his Statement of Defence

And what a revealing read it is! Paragraph 49 is particularly juicy, as is the hilarious “Lack of Damages Due to Lack of Reputation” (132 onward), but you’ll enjoy the whole thing.

Ezra writes:

There are several ways to fight a defamation claim, and I’m using many of them. Truth, fair comment, etc. are all defences. I’ve also pointed out that Warman has let hundreds of criticisms similar to mine go unchecked on the Internet and even in mainstream publications like Maclean’s, to focus on his prefered targets for “maximum disruption” — me and other leading conservative bloggers.

But I’ve also looked at Warman’s reputation and said, essentially: you’re suing me because I reported that you wrote an anti-Black comment on a neo-Nazi website? But you’ve already admitted, under oath, to writing hundreds of anti-Black, anti-Semitic and anti-gay comments on neo-Nazi websites!

I’ve also pointed out that Warman has issued or threatened literally dozens of defamation lawsuits over the years — including some since he sued me and my co-defendants. Again, how can you go to court claiming that your reputation was damaged, when you’ve written — in your own hand! — that your reputation has been devastated again and again and again, both before and since, by others?

The answer, of course, is that the lawsuit isn’t logical, or serious. It’s a nuisance suit. I believe he thought the defendants would each crumble — the National Post because they already apologized to him, and me and the other bloggers because we’re not wealthy.

I don’t think Warman ever counted on the blogosphere — and not just the conservative blogosphere, but everyone who cares about freedom of speech — chipping in to help us with the costs of our defence.


Brave, edgy, daring Canadian comedians hoist MOHAMMAD SCREWS LITTLE GIRLS banner

Nah, just joshin.

Good thing the Pope doesn’t hand out fatwas, eh? What with all those other daring, brave (and don’t forget edgy) stunts on the go these days…

I’m a Surgical Technologist at a Catholic Hospital.

I too shall take up the banner and desecrate science!

Today, I won’t scrub my hands with detergents before an operation. Iodine prep? The Devil’s Ink, I calls it!

Fie on their “germ theory”! It’s just a “theory”, after all.