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Found it

Another Labour Day, another CSI marathon. I was sure this was Concrete Blonde, but no: it’s a girl named Willis. Gotta get her album…


Alan Colmes: Surgeon General in an Obama cabinet?

Colmes is trying to backtrack on his unsolicited and uniformed ob/gyn advice for Sarah Palin.

It isn’t working.

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Dear New Orleans: America wants you to shut the **** up

How sane, normal, hardworking people talk when you let them:

Out on a smoke break complaining he does not have the money to leave? STOP SMOKING.

I smoke. If it were a toss up between a smoke and an extra $5 to put in the gas tank to get away from a hurricane? My money is on gas.

Just foolish. This is going to be Katrina the 2nd. And of course it is going to be the gubments fault.

This really pisses me off.


Start. Walking. Now. You can get out. Nothing’s stopping you.


I don’t understand people who won’t leave. Perhaps it’s a death wish. Perhaps it’s arrogance (the storm won’t beat me). I understand not having money, but obviously they must be bussing the poor people to some sort of shelter. I doubt that they would just leave them on the side of the road and say “good luck.” So it doesn’t seem reasonable to stay. Besides, the one guy who said he’ll be working doesn’t realize that when the storm comes through, it’s going to be shut down anyway.


I guess I wonder when the welfare checks will be delivered this time? Is there mail service on Labor Day? That obviously has nothing to do with people sticking around.


FTA: “If I left, I’ll probably lose my job,” said Jeremiah O’Farrell, another dishwasher who is staying put.”

/Who’s dishes would he wash now anyway, everybody’s leaving…
//And I bet Gustav will do the dishes for him, although Gustav gets a bit clumsy and tends to break things from time to time…
///Darwinism, a textbook example in the make


“Decontamination” alert: I thought we weren’t supposed to say this stuff

A thoughtful and brave post by Jago:

Think of the state of black men in America and the state of natives here in Canada as broadly analogous. Both groups form a self reinforcing underclass. Both groups fill the prisons, both live in squalor.

Looking just at natives — we live in over crowded shacks, we are riddled with disease, and we have the smallness of spirit that comes with all that.  Here’s the difference and the reason I am depressed — we don’t have a dream.

There is no native Martin Luther King, and maybe there never will be. 


“Progressives”. When just plain “idiots” won’t do

It’s pretty rich to hear leftists bemoaning Jewish control of the media and the world on one hand, then bitching about “Pat Buchanan, anti-semite,” and THEN scolding the PM for not obeying the dictates of the Canadian Jewish Congress. (Check out the comments).

At the risk of sounding like The Hebrew Hammer’s mother, Sukkot isn’t even a High Holy Day.

PS: Palin was wearing a Buchanan button in 1996! While your friends wear Che shirts even today, eh Dawg? Remember him? Guy actually killed people. He didn’t just write stuff you think is bad. (Although, as an anti-Iraq War/anti-Bush guy too, I don’t see why you don’t like Buchanan. Without my Lefty Decoder Ring, it’s such a mystery.)

So: that’s all ya got, is it?

Shouldn’t you be out looking for those mass graves again? Or trying to build up your own blog’s feeble traffic without being a parasite at Damian’s?


Just glad I could help, Howard

His trial is over, and as he awaits the verdict, Howard Rotberg has some thoughts on blogging, media monopolies and the future of publishing:

So, taking a look at the figures for the first month of my blog, I see it attracted some 5200 views by some 3000 separate viewers.  Thanks to the fellow bloggers who covered my story and linked to my blog. The most referrals came from Kathy Shaidle’s Five Feet of Fury. Thanks, Kathy.

Accordingly, while I was engaged in a four year long battle with Chapters over their virtual “banning” of my book, which, had they not banned, would have sold in the range of 5000 books maximum, I now realize that a good blogger attracts that many readers in one month!

So, the power of Chapters, which controls over 70% of the retail book market in Canada is starting to slip because fewer and fewer people will trust the folks at Chapters to stock what is important, and instead insist that the reader make the decision of what information and viewpoints should be accessed.

As Chapters morphs more into a retailer of gift items and CDs, and more people shop for books on-line, there is a question of the future relevance, and even viability, of big box book retailers which are more interested in profits than books.

As I’ve told Howard, and others, there is nothing “magical” about having your book in Chapters. In fact, it can be a nightmare.

I worked in Canadian book publishing for years, and at least in those days, Chapters quite simply did not pay their bills. You’d normally wait half a year to get the money you were due for books they’d sold.


Camille Paglia on Sarah Palin:

We may be seeing the first woman president. As a Democrat, I am reeling. That was the best political speech I have ever seen delivered by an American woman politician. Palin is as tough as nails.”


Another day, another liberal man: “Scratch Alan Colmes…”

“And you’ll find a man whose mother drank when she was pregnant.”

Now remember everybody: Ann Coulter and Rush Limbaugh are the ones who are “mean spirted” and “ignorant”…

The comments are such fun. Here’s mine.

Not as good as these ones though:

Not certain how being careless after your water breaks could cause Down’s Syndrome, a genetic disease.

I am mildly surprised that I haven’t been hearing a reprise of all of those remarks about the “extra chromosome wing of the Republican party” that were going around a while ago.


I’m impresssed. Alan is not only a political pundit and cheerleader of the left, he’s also an accomplished OB/GYN practitioner. Who’d have ever guessed that. But then he’s had his nose so far up Obama’s ass, I guess it’s just second nature for him.


Yep, just keep talking, liberal men

I can understand why Edwards did what he did. After breast cancer, a woman isn’t really a woman anymore, and it’s completely unreasonable to expect a guy to pretend to be interesting in having sex with the disgusting remnants of her body. But when a woman gives birth to a special needs kid and then excitedly plans to ignore him for the first 4 or 8 years of his life, she deserves to be shot. Typical conservative Republican hypocrisy – by all means, make sure the fetus-person survives until birth, then: fuck ‘em all, if you’ve got problems it’s because God wants you to suffer.

The biggest woman haters/beaters/rapists I ever met were on the Left. The chicks at the anarchist house Kathedral B talked about forming their own ‘rape revenge squad’ but I don’t know if it ever got off the ground.

This is how their minds work. They talk a good talk sober, but just feed ‘em a few drinks and it all comes out.

It was reason #1,562 I turned right.


Some resume. Some wimp.

The Dem’s “Sarah Palin is no Hillary Clinton” attempt-meme is a gift.

The jokes just write themselves.

I didn’t think it was possible, but it is actually worse than the last All Time “Great” circa 1988:

George H. W. Bush is a “wimp” who is “just a resume.”

Remember that one?

Even at the time, when I was a leftist, I was like: guys — he’s a decorated fighter pilot. And he was CIA director, Ambassador to the UN…

Some resume. Some wimp.

There’s tone deaf and then there’s “w-a-t-e-r”.

Or should that be “f-a-i-l”?


LadyBlog: my new favourite website

And the perfect place to chat about Sarah Palin, with like-minded conservative women.


Obama supporters are morons, possibly even dangerous (part of a continuing series)

Alas, I can’t find the video of this anywhere. It was priceless. Just doesn’t come across in words (below) how completely idiotic Will I. Am looked — he just stared into the middle distance, while Fergie made desperate “Say something!!” faces behind him:

My favorite TV moment at the DNC came on Fox News when the network played a red carpet interview with Fergie and of the Black Eyed Peas.

The reporter asked if he had researched Barack Obama before supporting him. said, “That’s a good question.”

Fergie quickly added, “I listened to his audio book!”

An audio book — not about policy, mind you, but about his adventures taking drugs.

Day after day after day, I hear people like this on talk radio and on the news — ordinary folks and so-called “experts” like Dukakis — make fools of themselves when asked to explain why they are supporting Obama.

(One just kept saying to Dennis Prager: “He the MAN! He the MAN!”)

How scary that all these people are actually allowed to vote.

The other scary thing was that Prager, very bravely, asked a couple of black Obama supporters, both professionals (one a radio host, one a delegate): what will the reaction be if Obama loses? Will there be riots in the streets?

Neither black professional Prager spoke to would come out and say “no” or even “Of course not! What a horrible thing to ask!”

They just hemmed and hawed and admitted they couldn’t say for sure. Neither seemed at all shocked by the question.



More on the Catholic Insight “Jewish” thing

Re: my original post…

I’m pleasantly surprised at the positive response I’ve been getting, including from “professional Catholics.”

I expected the usual old fashioned “don’t air our dirty laundry” stuff and it’s been just the opposite.

So maybe we are all finally outgrowing that incestuous, counterproductive way of doing things.

While not directly related, this comes from Denyse O’Leary, who’s been asking some hard questions lately of “Professional Christians”:

And now, readers, I challenge YOU to explain to me why a Jewish lawyer should be so brave in our defense but we do nothing to help ourselves. Are we developmentally delayed children, or what? When do we start demanding accountability from government for the vice and corruption of the “human rights” commissions?

And start talking about the problem! It’s our right to communicate that is at stake. Hadn’t we better use it while most of us still have it, to help those who no longer do? (Boissoin has been subjected to a lifetime speech ban. Will YOUR clergy be next?)


What she said

Rachel Lucas writes:

I can’t help myself. I don’t even have time today to jack with the internet but it is beyond my control; I’m simply delirious about Palin and all the very bad things she’s going to do for the Obama campaign, and just HOLY SHIT.

Meanwhile, Mark Steyn writes:

What other country in the developed world produces beauty queens who hunt caribou and serve up a terrific moose stew? As an immigrant, I’m not saying I came to the United States purely to meet chicks like that, but it was certainly high on my list of priorities. (…)

Sixth (…) I kinda like the whole naughty librarian vibe.

So I’ll take back half of my prediction yesterday, that Sarah Palin will get the mandatory “expert stylist” makeover within thirty days and lose the bun and the glasses. Men are emailing me that they like ‘em. They like ‘em a lot.

But I stand by the bun. The bun must go bye-bye.

Here’s how old I am:

I remember people actually saying, aloud, in public — on, like, the Sunday talk shows: “But but but — Mondale’s a man and Ferraro’s a woman! What if they lose control and… have sex with each other or something?!?”

I’m not joking.

(They also wondered if Ferraro would be more likely to “push the button” during her period.)

So fast forward 25 years. Now we’ve got runningmates who, if you really HAD to, you could imagine maybe sorta doing it. A little. You’d feel gross afterwards, but you could picture it.

But this time, no one (at least no mainstream person) will say that out loud.


UPDATED: Sarah Palin: who is she?

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Predictably, the Obama camp put out a ungracious press release denouncing McCain’s choice of Sarah Palin:

Today, John McCain put the former mayor of a town of 9,000 with zero foreign policy experience a heartbeat away from the presidency. 

Every American who lives in a town of 9000 and under should write/fax  Barack Obama, put up YouTube videos and more, mocking his team for insulting small town America.

UPDATE: a reader writes…

If I read this right, the Obama camp just said John McCain is president already.  Perhaps if they hired a proofreader….