Another day, another liberal man: “Scratch Alan Colmes…”

“And you’ll find a man whose mother drank when she was pregnant.”

Now remember everybody: Ann Coulter and Rush Limbaugh are the ones who are “mean spirted” and “ignorant”…

The comments are such fun. Here’s mine.

Not as good as these ones though:

Not certain how being careless after your water breaks could cause Down’s Syndrome, a genetic disease.

I am mildly surprised that I haven’t been hearing a reprise of all of those remarks about the “extra chromosome wing of the Republican party” that were going around a while ago.


I’m impresssed. Alan is not only a political pundit and cheerleader of the left, he’s also an accomplished OB/GYN practitioner. Who’d have ever guessed that. But then he’s had his nose so far up Obama’s ass, I guess it’s just second nature for him.

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