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CBC admits: wrong to publish Heather Mallick’s anti-Palin column

The publisher writes:

More than 300 people have taken the trouble this month to complain to the CBC ombudsman about a column we ran on about Republican vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin on Sept. 5.


Mallick’s column is a classic piece of political invective. It is viciously personal, grossly hyperbolic and intensely partisan.

And because it is all those things, this column should not have appeared on the site.


Ombudsman Carlin makes another significant observation in his response to complainants: when it does choose to print opinion, displays a very narrow range on its pages.

In this, Carlin is also correct.

This, too, is being immediately addressed. will soon expand the diversity of voices and opinions and be home to a diverse group of writers with many perspectives. In this, we will better reflect the depth and texture of this country.

We erred in our editorial judgment. You told us in no uncertain terms. And we have learned from it.

Of course, he misses one crucial point:

He fails to mention that his organization is supported almost entirely by my extorted tax dollars, and those of millions of Canadians.

He takes the existence of his organizations for granted.

I’d advise him not to do so…


Did SNL rip off a blogger’s comedy routine?



Inside the liberal mind: Jason Cherniak

I studiously ignore Truffles the Hobbit, but one of his recent excretions just came to my attention, and — seriously — it deserves to be enshrined forever in some kind of museum that hasn’t been invented yet.

He writes:

The hardest part about selling Mr. Dion was his English. Sometimes I argued that it wasn’t as bad as people said, but that never really worked. The key to dealing with that complaint was simple – this is Canada. We don’t vote against people because French is their first language! That is not the country we want to live in and our people on TV need to remind other Canadians of that on a regular basis.

Good God, where to start?

Liberals really believe that if they just “argue” loudly and long-ly enough, that we poor plebes will see the tragic error of our ways, i.e., relying upon the evidence of our senses and our lived experience to make decisions, and not upon this week’s Received Liberal Wisdom talking points.

People in Jason’s rarified world may not “vote against people because French is their first language”, but it’s pretty commonplace where I come from (and with good reason), where utterances such as “let ‘em separate or shut up already” are considered commonsensical and not treasonous. But of course, I’m just a stupid hick who didn’t go to law school then become a nakedly ambitious if none too swift party hack…

And if anyone ever doubted the verity of Jonah Goldberg’s phrase “liberal fascism” (which, as Goldberg is at pains to point out, was originally ultra-leftist H.G. Wells’ phrase — and one he used approvingly), simply meditate upon Jason’s chilling last sentence:


Maybe the best edition of ever

Binky is all fired up!

Lots and lots to read, including his tribute to the principal of a Christian school in Regina who wrestled a gun away from a student:

This guy is a real man. This is his school. Not as in ‘homo sapiens’ or having the right anatomy, but as in doing the right thing for all of us perhaps at the cost of his own life. Such courage is not politically correct, nor represented in most of the media except by caricature. And in a culture of malleable character where backing off and covering your ass is king, manliness seems a bit.. risky. Such is gutless minionism. We have been in a cultural war against men and boys for some time– check your divorce courts, educational system, abortion practice, and pop culture.

Of course, that principal might have hoped for the police to save the day, we all know what could have awaited them– 45 minutes later when they actually got into the school. Sorry about the shooter’s no doubt unfortunate childhood, but [judgemental words ahead] evil cannot be allowed its will because of other past evils. The shooter had to be stopped, period. Killed, if necessary, to prevent greater evils. Freedom costs, and the lives and freedom of the kids in that High School were more precious than gold or gems.

Why not drop him a note, and thank him for what he did– not because he was a hero, but because he was a man, who knew and did his duty– and that should be a more common thing than it is.


And since this is Canada, the principal will no doubt be charged with assault…


Sure, it might get you killed — but there’s free shipping!

My good friends at the aptly named RAGE Media have new political t-shirts on offer.

For instance, they’ve got a great looking “support the troops” design, featuring one of my favourite WW2 images, and this Chesterton quote on the back:

“The true soldier fights not because he hates what is in front of him, but because he loves what is behind him.”


The day Michael Coren’s editor called Heather Mallick’s bluff

He writes:

Mallick’s defence [of her taxpayer funded, anti-Sarah Palin ad hominem] is one of freedom of speech.

Yet last year I was approached by the editor of a newspaper called The Women’s Post and asked if I would write a column for her, providing what publisher Sarah Thomson called “a conservative voice.” She explained that she already had plenty of liberal writers but wanted some balance.

One of those left-wing writers employed by The Women’s Post was Mallick. When she heard about me being offered a column she became extraordinarily angry and threatened to resign. The good people at The Women’s Post called the enraged journalist’s bluff and it was goodbye to our control freak comrade. So when Mallick’s defenders cry about unfettered expression and the right to offend they ought to know of whom they speak.


Wow, thanks everyone!

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You guys are the greatest. Thanks again.


“The Thing” (1951) is “United 93″, but with snow

Regular readers must be getting sick of me plugging Howard Hawk’s The Thing From Another World, which is the conservative “answer” to the more famous, raving liberal “let’s ask the UN what to do!!” flick The Day The Earth Stood Still, released the same year.

But so what?

The Thing is one of the greatest movies ever.

Now, TrailersFromHell has the, er, trailer:


Jay Currie: “Troothers, Anti-Semitism and MSM”

Jay writes:

Bottom line is that the CBC and the Globe and Mail and the Liberal Party could not acknowledge that a Liberal candidate had been taken down by a weird coalition of lefty (Dawg), neutral, (Black Rod) and apparently righty (me, Kate, Kathy, Free Dominion and the rest of you scoundrels) bloggers.

So they had to invent the idea that the [Canadian Jewish Congress] was driving the action. Kids, the CJC found out about Ms. Hughes because the Lying Jackal smelt death in the air. Left to their own devices those fearless Nazi hunters would not have found Hughes. Ever. The Jackal earned his keep.

The CBC and the Globe and Mail hate being killed on a story. They were killed here even though a Globe and Mail reporter had called the Hughes HQ before I did. Making the best of a bad situation they have thrown the credit to the CJC…. tough nuggies Dawg and Black Rod. At least you made it into the Post.

What the Hughes story is actually about is laziness. A lazy Liberal Party which cannot be bothered to vet its candidates and a lazy national media which cannot do the most basic invesitgation.

My posts took a total of half an hour. From work. MSM – Google is your friend. Use it.

My thoughts?

The entire Canadian Establishment is total bullshit.

Why do you want to work for them, oh good little party hacks and grasping, nakedly careerist bloggers on all sides?

Why do you obey their stupid rules?

Because you’re a typical narrowminded, unimaginative, petty, trembling Canadian coward.


Further adventures in British libel law

Remember this guy?

Well, he’s back:

I really shouldn’t have asked why he sued journalist Julie Burchill for writing, among other things, that he was hideously ugly. This seemed like a mad thing to do but he says, “Oh, it was only partly that”, and “The poor woman has a very severe mental problem … It was an ongoing thing, and in the end we had enough. She’s a devious, slimy and ugly woman”.

At which point I shrieked: “You’ve just called her ugly!”

“Well, she’s got an ugly nature. Yes, she’s not very pretty anyway. She’s a bit of a podge. That’s what made it so funny.”


Because. The man. Doesn’t. Speak. Frickin’. ENGLISH!

For English, press #1.

For French — move to frickin’ FRANCE.


“Why civil rights needs a newer, younger vision in Canada”

Denyse O’Leary attended the HRC Luncheon too, and offers a great must-read post:

All the speakers were old men, near my father’s age. I got the impression that they were stuck in the past (unlike Dad).

I heard from them about “Nazis” but not “Ahmadinejad,” Iran’s Prime Minister, who apparently denies the Holocaust and is acquiring nuclear arms (which the Nazis, as it happens, were never able to do, though they certainly tried).

Surely, what the Canadian Jewish community needs right now is young men like Ezra Levant, who are prepared to take on its real, present enemies in a way that respects our traditional freedoms. Like Levant and my father, I believe that can be done.


The old men in that room were — understandably — trying to talk around the evil they have played a large role in creating. But it must be undone.

Shoot Borovoy’s Monster now.


Stand up comic charged with “hate speech” tells his story

Guy Earle (who I’ve written about here) in his own words, writing about his battles with Canada’s Human Rights Commissions:

Let’s pretend, just for a moment, that I am an unfunny, homophobic, misogynistic prick. Let’s all just take a little moment to count to ten and imagine it to be true. What kind of world is this, to allow me onstage? A free one!

PS: I’ve been linking to the Western Standard all week, as they’ve been nice enough to help promote our book during their Freedom of Speech Week. The editor tells me:

“Thanks for all the links this week, Kathy. They’ve been great. Just so you know, we got links from the CBC and the Globe & Mail.

“Just one link from you generated twice the traffic the CBC and Globe & Mail did *combined*…”

PPS: We talk about Guy Earle in our book The Tyranny of Nice.



AFTERNOON UPDATE: There’s a lot to blog about — including a possible Mark Steyn “verdict”, but…


OK, now one source close to the action says there WILL NOT be a decision on the Mark Steyn show trial today).

However, I’m getting ready do to an interview with Wendy Sullivan at Brass Balls Radio in about 20 minutes from now, so I still have no time to blog.


Exciting news in another one of today’s hot stories…

Thanks to the online efforts of Jay Currie, Dr. Dawg and other bloggers (on the right and the left), that Liberal Party candidate and 9/11 “troother” has been kicked off the ticket.

Jay Currie has all the gory details of this latest triumph of the blogs.

PS: in its story on this “under-bus-ing” of the Liberal’s 9/11 “troother” candidate , the Globe & Mail didn’t mention a single blog, even though blogs broke and pushed the story. Surprise! (Canada’s daily “newspaper of record”, along with the nation’s “natural governing Party,” do, however, “blame the Joooooz”. Sheesh.)

(this morning’s original post begins below):

I’m preparing for an early morning interview with Richard Pipes, for my next FrontPage article.


Steyn writes: 

There’s a rumor going around that the three pretend judges of the British Columbia “Human Rights” Tribunal will announce their verdict Friday [today] at 12 noon Pacific

For detailed background about this very case, check out the sample chapter about that Mark Steyn show trial, from my new book about Canada’s Human Rights Commissions, called The Tyranny of Nice: How Canada Crushes Freedom in the Name of Human Rights (and Why It Matters to Americans).



Muslim teen found guilty in “beheading Prime Minister” plot

Canadian man accused of participating in military exercises and firearms training as part of a group authorities say plotted to storm Parliament and behead the prime minister was found guilty Thursday.

“The man’s attorney says the plot was a ‘jihadi fantasy’ and that his client knew nothing about it.

“A judge ruled Thursday that evidence of a terrorist group was ‘overwhelming.’ The man is the first person to be found guilty of a terrorist offense in Canada since the country enacted anti-terrorism laws in 2001.”

Let’s remember what got Mark Steyn charged with “flagrant Islamophobia”:

On the Continent and elsewhere in the West, native populations are aging and fading and being supplanted remorselessly by a young Muslim demographic. Time for the obligatory “of courses”: of course, not all Muslims are terrorists — though enough are hot for jihad to provide an impressive support network of mosques from Vienna to Stockholm to Toronto to Seattle. Of course, not all Muslims support terrorists — though enough of them share their basic objectives(the wish to live under Islamic law in Europe and North America)to function wittingly or otherwise as the “good cop” end of an Islamic good cop/bad cop routine. But, at the very minimum, this fast-moving demographic transformation provides a huge comfort zone for the jihad to move around in.