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I came away from HillBuzz feeling the same way

Jim Treacher writes:

I like Hillary’s supporters. That’s right, I said it!


Zerb gets spanked (most fun she’s had in a while?)


that picture of you with a bottle, classy little open necked jacket and ciggy would have the local morality police on your case in a jiffy! Women in Iran and Saudi Arabia have been beaten, beheaded, stoned and hanged for the like. No, I’m not anti-muslim but I’ll defend your right not to wear a burkha with my life.

On the other hand, you are quite right in that you seem to lack something (patience, fortitude, reading comprehension?) to get past that thought and get on with some of the more difficult reasoning and evidence that I have laid out in painstaking detail and at exhaustive length both here and in those posts you mention.

Another thing you are correct on is that I wrote of “Indian culture” instead of Indian cultures for although I unintentionally implied by that that there was one culture that was less sophisticated and not as technologically advanced than the western culture, there were,in fact, a whole continent full of them. Some of them were more advanced than others but you are quite correct in reminding me that they were all, every last one of them, less advanced than the West. Thanks for that!

You’ll pardon me, I hope, if I point out that all of those tribes you mention practiced bloody warfare on their neighbors. Moreover, the more complex the culture the bloodier were their religions. The Incas sacrificed children to their Gods, The Aztecs took captives from neighboring peoples and cut their still beating hearts out of their chests and held them up as offering to their Gods.


This whole “universal suffrage” thing not working out



Ezra Levant analyzes Harper’s new comments re: Human Rights Commissions

He writes about the transcript/audio I posted here last night:

I an incredibly heartened by the PM’s remarks. They are a breakthrough. Now, at least, we’re having a discussion. Let’s keep up our end of the discussion ensuring that the PM and his team knows just how bad Lynch’s CHRC is – everything from the RCMP investigation to their serial online neo-Nazi bigotry.

And, now that the Conservatives are no longer in jeopardy of an imminent election, let’s press them to repeal section 13 of the Canadian Human Rights Act – or abolition [sic] the obsolete, fascist law altogether.

So we need to provide calm, properly documented information to the MPs – and even to the PM.

And then we must press them for change.


UK: “it isn’t a crime to call the Irish leprechauns” — if you’re black

Black teen cleared of hate speech charge against white neighbor.

No better time to repost this:

And if you’re looking for a great (i.e. utterly hilariously awful) movie for tonight, do consider Leprechaun in the Hood, one of my “faves”:


Drunk and stupid is no way to go through life, Kathleen Parker

“Let’s hope he means it”??


Best anti-Obama article you haven’t read yet

Check out an excerpt here, at my site.


“Off colour”?!? Hey, isn’t that “racist” too??

“I am going to take my own personal actions. I don’t want it to be just an apology,” he said. “The Office of the Dean of Student Affairs is having a workshop November 8 organized by the National Coalition Building Institute Canada. They hold workshops for issues of diversity, inclusivity, cross cultural relations and social justice on campus.”

In his apology, posted on the ASUS website, Mantle said he used “poor judgment” in the Facebook comment he posted online.

But take heart, readers: there’s hope for our nation yet — even on a college campus:

“Female students wearing hijabs on campus have been called terrorists, and I think his comment perpetuates this unjustified assumption,” she said. “I thought it was important for the Journal to cover this issue due to the large number of recent Islamaphobic incidents on campus.”

A person’s Facebook wall might be seen as more private than a group wall, but you should always treat all these places as public,” he said. “Usually ‘public’ defined is it being not private. The issue of privacy is very contextualized. One part of Facebook might be less public.”


A rare interview with the great Rush Limbaugh

* “Treating this country like it is stuck 50 years ago is bullshit; we have made more progress than anyone over this. Get over it.”

* “I hate people who feel rather than think.”

* “Insults are badges of honour. There is nothing anyone can say that would offend me.”

* “I would find myself very difficult to live with because I am totally self-contained and resent having to do things I don’t want to do. Now I can choose. When I’m put in a position where I don’t want to be there, I make sure everyone else is miserable.”

* “I don’t have guests on my show because I don’t care what other people think”


Racist lies! Racist liiiiiiiiieeeeeezzzzzz!!

“The rate of deaths from injuries is 3 to 4 times higher for Aboriginal children than for other children in Canada.”

Source: Government of Canada (2002) Healthy Canadians – A Federal Report on Comparable Health Indicators 2002. Ottawa: Health Canada.


A Church Divided: my latest in FrontPage

Scranton has been called “the town where a vote for Obama is an offence against God” – where voting Democrat is often a marker of social class and family tradition rather than ideology. Now that their bishop has forbidden them to support pro-choice candidates, some Scranton Catholics, like their counterparts across the nation, are conflicted.

Canon lawyer, journalist and author Pete Vere has worked for the Scranton diocese, among others. Speaking in his capacity as a canon law professor, he explains why clarity on the abortion issue matters in the 2008 election.

“Catholics are the biggest block of swing voters in the U.S.,” he told FrontPage Magazine, “and have generally determined the outcome of every U.S. presidential election for the last generation. However, neither party truly represents Catholic teaching, so every election cycle Catholics begin weighing issues” again.

He explains that “evangelicals take a more horizontal view of the issues,” whereas “for Catholics the issues are hierarchical” with abortion at the top of the list.


Rick McGinnis: “I am urging American women not to vote in this year’s election”

He writes:

She describes a young male student at the community college where she teaches, wearing a “Sarah Palin Is A C__t” T-shirt “without shame or even consciousness of what he was doing.” She recalls attending a Barack Obama rally where the mention of Palin’s name “drew shouts of ‘stone her.’” She laments that “instead of engaging Palin on the issues, critics attacked attributes that are specifically female. It is Hillary’s pantsuit to the power of 10.” (…)

It’s neither likely nor perhaps even desirable, but if half of U.S. voters withdrew their franchise in protest, it would wreak havoc with pollsters and campaign operatives at the very least, and delegitimize a dispiriting and tainted election at best. It’s a slap that would perhaps bring otherwise intelligent people back to their senses, and restore some decency to a process that has devolved into a shameful rebuke of a woman’s right to participate in their country’s political life.


Aparthied: was it all bad?

South Africa’s Jews have accelerated their rate of departure.

From the American point of view the interesting and significant point is that the South African Jewish community was crucially involved for many years in the effort to overthrow Apartheid.

This is food for thought in contemplating the overwhelming support the Hedge Fund community is giving Barack Obama. As I pointed I have pointed out, to a large degree this arises from the heavily Jewish nature of this “industry”.

Unfortunately, as the example of the dying South African Jewish community shows, consensus Jewish political enthusiasms have a history of being disastrously ill judged – and even lethal to themselves.


Shouldn’t he have lost his JOB?

U.K.: Muslim worker loses case against supermarket that made him transport alcohol on a forklift like any other employee

More uppity “British” Muslims:

Along with smashed windows and doors, the gallery has been receiving “12 abusive phone calls a day and emails condemning the show. Staff had to call police last week after an angry woman came in to complain. ‘She was in a full burqa and was irate and upset. Her behaviour was quite threatening.’”


“In Canada, saying the wrong thing even in jest…”

writes Ghost of a Flea,

…can drag you through Star Chamber tribunals and commissions without the benefit of due process, can bankrupt you, destroy your career and your family, result in lifetime bans on free speech and expression (of the Gospel, no less) and ultimately even lead to imprisonment. Freedom of speech and expression, freedom to practice religion as we choose, are guaranteed by our constitution. For all the good it does us.

And for all the good it will do you once Obama has appointed three Supreme Court Justices.