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“Christians have no human rights,” says Human Rights Commission

Ezra Levant writes:

Don’t get me wrong: I don’t think that the filth in Music World should be illegal. I don’t think it quite rises to the criminal code standard of hate speech; I don’t think it quite meets the test of incitement to murder. But I wonder if, instead of saying “Kill the Christian”, it said “Kill the Jews” or “Kill the Blacks” or “Kill the gays”. You could imagine Comrade Andreachuk going nuclear. Well, no need to imagine — just look at what she did to Rev. Boissoin for merely preaching peacefully.

(…) I am unaware of a single non-Christian ever being convicted of a hate speech offense — certainly none have been at the federal CHRC. But the HRCs pick on Christians like a bully pulling the wings off of flies, roughing up Toronto’s Fr. Alphonse de Valk; the Christian Heritage Party; Calgary’s Bishop Fred Henry; and, no doubt, a dozen other martyrs who quietly paid off their tormentors with some sort of plea bargain.

But this case, Johnson vs. Music World, is different even than the HRCs’ persecution of Christians. It’s a declaration, in black and white that it is legally impossible for a Christian to be discriminated against. You can chant “Kill the Christian”, and it’s not “hate speech”. If you can say that, you can say anything.

You can read all about the cases against Fr. de Valk, Bishop Henry, Rev. Stephen Boisson and others in my book The Tyranny of Nice: How Canada crushes freedom in the name of human rights — and why it matters to Americans.



“It really is hilarious watching Bernie dip his toe into the river of real public opinion …”

“…and have his leg torn off by crocodiles,” writes Jay Currie.

And for fun, pop over the National Post’s Full Comment where Bernie Farber comments on Kevin Libin piece on censorship and has his head handed to him in the comments. I mean the poor bastard even has redacted letters from the chekists at the CHRC thrown at him.

Ezra Levant adds:

National Post online today has this interesting story by Kevin Libin about Internet censorship, mentioning a failed attempt by Bernie “Burny” Farber of the Canadian Jewish Congress and Richard Warman [The Guy Who Is Suing Us], Canada’s self-appointed Censor-General, to shut down Internet websites they didn’t like. They had applied, ex parte — that is, with no notice given to anyone on the other side of the argument — to the Canadian Radio-Television and Telecommunications Commission to simply order Canadian Internet companies to ban a website that they didn’t like, and to set up a process where they could do the same thing over and over again.

Burny wasn’t asking for permission for any discussions. He was asking the CRTC to ban websites he didn’t like, and that, maybe, Internet companies could complain about it after the fact. And look at that last part: he was asking for the CRTC’s censorship to be “mandatory”.


Read the book Margaret Wente is in trouble for mentioning in her column

RE: the latest “racist” nonsense on stilts


EXCLUSIVE: PM Harper on the record re: the Human Rights Commissions

Via email:


Question: Prime minister, I will it [sic] off the cabinet topic for today. A little while ago, since the campaign, a lot of Canadians were expecting outrage at a young journalist in Afghanistan going to jail for a long time because of something he (inaudible), not exactly the kind of Canadian value that our troops and money are going to support. So I would ike to ask you first off if this is an issue you have raised with president Karzai and if not, wil you? And also here at home, the issue of the human rights commission, we have seen both federal and provincial human rights commissions taking media organizations, journalists before them to justify what they have written and I was wondering if your government will be touching that topic?

Stephen Harper:  Well, first of all, on the – on the case in Afghanistan, this is obviously a case that is of some considerable concern to us. It has been raised with the government of Afghanistan at the highest levels. You do have to remember though that part of what is at issue here is that this is a process in a court system that does, in Afghanistan as in Canada, does operate independently of political decision-makers. So you know, we will continue to express our concerns and obviously there remain further levels of appeal in this particular case. So we hope that it will – that some of these decisions will be changed, but you know, the political actors in Afghanistan don’t necessarily have any more control over that than I would in our country.


Ex-Hillary supporters need your help to take Ohio

HillBuzz bloggers write:

We need to ask for your help. We’re putting together a canvassing trip into Ohio this coming weekend to bring what we hope will be about 70 DeMcCrats for McCain and Young Republican supporters into Ohio to canvass for McCain/Palin in the Buckeye state.

We’re still short of what we need to rent buses for this trip, and cover the accommodations and costs for our volunteers while there. We’re also buying as many DeMcCrats for McCain and other McCain/Palin buttons and stickers to hand out in Ohio as we can. This is a bipartisan effort here in Chicago — and the biggest push we’ve ever made for canvassing. It’s a long ride from Illinois to Ohio, and the bus is expensive.  We’ve all scraped together what we can, but need help covering the rest.

So, if you’ve been a regular here and have enjoyed what we do — if we’ve made you laugh, smile, or helped you stay informed about this election — please contribute whatever you can to make this weekend of canvassing happen. If we raise enough, we can even rent cars when we get to Ohio so we can cover much more ground canvassing, and not have to rely on other volunteers already there. For many of us here at HillBuzz, Ohio is our home state, so we’re especialy committed to winning this state for McCain/Palin…just like we did in the primaries for Hillary Clinton.

If we find 900 people who read this blog who can give us $5, we can make this happen.

Let’s close out this election together with a big win for McCain/Palin, by sending as many of us from Chicago into Ohio to fight hard on the ground!

Please help us!


Web censorship: Canada, Australia and The Guy Who Is Suing Us

Kevin Libin writes:

In Australia today, we learn for instance, that the government has set out to implement a AU$125 million filter that will censor all Internet traffic in peoples’ homes to ensure citizens are not exposed to material unapproved by government officials.

(…) advocates for Canada’s Human Rights Commission have already taken a run at the Aussie plan. A couple of years ago, HRC activists Richard Warman [The Guy Who Is Suing Us] and Bernie Farber (of the CJC) actually petitioned the CRTC to filter out certain websites from being seen in Canada.

They apparently wanted to go even further, not just leaving the prohibition decisions up to the whim of state officials, but establishing a process to allow “interested parties” (like them, perhaps?) to have a say in which sites got banned, too. Fortunately, the CRTC rejected the request. Unfortunately, it was on the basis that considering such policy changes would necessarily first involve consultation with Internet Service Providers.


An American readers considering a donation to my Legal Defense Fund, please note that at least at today’s exchange rate (which of course varies constantly), I receive CDN $1.20 for every US $1 you donate.


“Time for Phase 2 of Unite the Right”

Joseph Ben-Ami writes:

On the other hand, social conservatives need to become more active on fiscal policy. They need to understand the relationship between high government spending and high taxes. They need to understand that they have an interest as social conservatives in reducing that spending and cutting those taxes. It’s nice that the government would give allowances to families, but wouldn’t it be better for those families – indeed for everyone – if the cost of living went down as a result of real tax cuts and government reform?

After all, what the government gives, the government can take away – especially if you deviate from that newly minted moral code liberals claim to fear, but can’t wait to impose.


Ezra Levant: “What’s the CIC doing for Halloween?”

He writes:

Well, news comes from Canada’s Department of Foreign Affairs that Zijad Delic, the Canadian Islamic Congress’s executive director and Elmasry’s right hand man, will be giving a lecture at Foreign Affairs’ headquarters in Ottawa. That’s right: the Jew-hating, terrorist-condoning Canadian Islamic Congress will be lecturing Canadian diplomats and bureaucrats, on government property and the taxpayers’ dime.


Canadian Jews reach out to the people who brought you Black Hawk Down, female genital mutilation, and khat

I blogged about this earlier, but you must read this piece of museum quality excrescense.

Note the alarming frequency with which this program is referred to as “Canadian.”

Funny, my grandfathers’ Canada most certainly did not include unassimilatable non-Anglo Saxons who want the rest of us to die * — but not before they live parasitically on our hard earned money. Oddly enough!

Yes, Jewish immigrants to Canada struggled, too. But they brought with them a 5,000 year tradition of literacy, ambition, gratitude, mutual aid, community building, public service, humor and sound religious faith. If you email me the name of even one Somali Nobel Prize winner in any category, I’ll gladly post their name here.

Another pathetic waste of time, as Jews once again hope against hope that by embracing their sworn enemies, they won’t get killed this time around.

How’s that been working out?

Note too how this project contradicts the CJS’s other main goal — which, once again, doesn’t sound very “Canadian” to me, if by “Canadian” we mean the authentic pre-Trudeaupian definition.

How can Canadian Jews, in sound mind and good conscience, donate money to an organization with such contradictory, unworthy objectives?


We should vote for those candidates and parties who are sympathetic to Muslims,” a radical Islamic magazine, published in Toronto, said about the recent federal election.

“It’s our duty to uphold Islamic laws and Islam’s supremacy in Canada and all over the world, so vote for those who seem to further our agenda,” the Urdu-language magazine suggests in the next paragraph.

The magazine printed a photo of [socialist] NDP Leader Jack Layton on the cover, and depicted him as a strong leader.


“Fewer children entering gifted programs” in New York schools

Or: facts are stubborn things…

(And remember: these white liberal parents would have been passionate advocates of busing back in the 70s — as long as it was happening in blue collar Boston, of course…)

The number of children entering New York City public school gifted programs dropped by half this year from last under a new policy intended to equalize access, with 28 schools lacking enough students to open planned gifted classes, and 13 others proceeding with fewer than a dozen children.

The policy, which based admission on a citywide cutoff score on two standardized tests, also failed to diversify the historically coveted classes, according to a New York Times analysis of new Education Department data.

In a school system in which 17 percent of kindergartners and first graders are white, 48 percent of this year’s new gifted students are white, compared with 33 percent of elementary students admitted to the programs under previous entrance policies. The percentage of Asians is also higher, while those of blacks and Hispanics are lower.


For years, the Bloomberg administration has struggled to rationalize the gifted programs, long derided by critics as bastions of white privilege yet seen by many middle-class New Yorkers as a reason to stay in the city’s public school system.


they have no plans to change the tests or the 90th percentile cutoff (which was lowered from 95th percentile because too few children met the higher standard).

“The most ridiculous part of all of this is this process was supposed to be easier this year and more accessible, especially to minority parents and parents in District Six,” said Kelley Ragland, a book editor whose son tested into the gifted kindergarten at Public School 153 on Amsterdam Avenue at 147th Street in Manhattan, only to learn the program had been abandoned because too few children enrolled. “And it’s absolutely backfired.”


More praise for our anti-Ayers/Obama ad (now up to 61,000 views)

Congratulations on the most brilliant anti-Obama video I’ve seen so far.  Wish the “good guys” would run in in every market, in every time slot.  Thanks for doing this!  I’m just your average naturalized citizen from the old Soviet Union, and I’m wondering which country I’ll be escaping to after Obama is, God forbid, elected.  I hope I won’t have to find out.  I think your video could help in that endeavor.  Great job!


David Menzies: “How the Toronto school board sterilized Halloween”

“Many recently arrived students in our schools share no background cultural knowledge of trick-or-treating or the commercialization of death as ‘fun.’”

Forget Halloween. Surely “recently arrived students” have no cultural knowledge of Canadian history, the lyrics to the national anthem, or for that matter, the delayed offside rule in hockey. Isn’t it incumbent upon teachers to, well, teach the kids about Canadian culture?

Oh, David, David, David… You’re SO funny! God luv ya…


Schwerner, Goodman & Chaney: still not dead enough

New ACORN ad: Republicans are RACIST for objecting to our almost half a million phony voter registration thingies!!

Allahpundit comments:

“You know the election’s close when accusations of bigotry start coming this close together. It’s like contractions during pregnancy.”


Don’t tell me: they sent out this press release using smoke signals…?

When they aren’t committing sabotage/assault, huffing solvents and running guns/cigarettes/casinos and just plain living tax free off my hard earned, extorted tax dollars in a state of consensual apartheid, many Canadian Indians are employed in the even more lucrative victimology industry, one which accounts for, what? 45% of the country’s GDP at this point?

Why we don’t cut each status Indian in Canada a cheque for a million bucks and tell them to get lost and shut up forever is beyond me.

Look: they gave us cigarettes; we gave ‘em booze. I call it even.

Here’s their latest braindead crybaby demand. Let’s give the Globe & Mail credit for telling them to stuff it in all four directions…

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Globe & Mail defends columnist who argued native cultures are inferior to European: more than 1800 people call for Wente’s dismissal via Facebook, letters

 Thursday, October 29, Canada/ — Globe and Mail senior columnist Margaret Wente faced a firestorm of criticism, complaints and canceled subscriptions after she wrote a column arguing that Indigenous civilizations are less advanced than those of European descent, and that Indigenous cultures are “neolithic” and of no use in the modern world.

After a flood of letters and phone calls, the Globe and Mail published an official response today. Comment editor Sylvia Stead stated that “as a national columnist, Ms. Wente is paid to express her opinions… These matters are within the bounds of reasonable public discussion.”

Many critics, however, say that Stead’s response glosses over the real issue and did not address what they deemed Wente’s racism.


FLASH! Our book is now in its second printing after only three weeks!!

It’s true!

The Tyranny of Nice is flying off the shelves at Mark Steyn’s store deep in the New Hampshire woods (his right hand is cramping up from personally signing all your copies) AND we also received a huge bulk order from a Very Prestigious Organization that I’ll tell you about soon.

That means that our unreviewed (so far), unavailable-in-bookstores expose of Canada’s evil Human Rights Commissions is going into its second printing today!

Thanks to everyone who has helped make The Tyranny of Nice (written by Pete Vere and I, with Steyn’s great introduction) such a success already.


“A book is commonly acknowledged to be a Canadian bestseller if it sells 5,000 copies — but that normally takes months, if not years.”

Because our publisher is so little, because Pete and I aren’t household names and/or winners of the Canadian Media Genetic Incest Lottery, and because the book isn’t yet available in stores, The Tyranny of Nice will never be an “official” bestseller in Canada — even though are sales figures are approaching that 5000 mark already.

That’s ok. It’s pretty typical of how the Canadian Establishment operates (and thereby remains ignorant of what’s really going on in the country.)

What matters, in other words, is that the message of The Tyranny of Nice — that Canada can still free itself from the sinister trap of political correctness, if only it wakes up in time — that the message gets out there.

Americans: this warning, and this message of hope, is for you, too.