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Vatican official says something stupid. Must be Friday.

Yes, it IS still a mortal sin to hit a priest…

A senior Vatican cardinal has thanked Muslims for bringing God back into the public sphere in Europe and said believers of different faiths had no option but to engage in interreligious dialogue. (…)

“It’s thanks to the Muslims,” he said in a speech printed in Friday’s L’Osservatore Romano, the official daily of the Vatican. “Muslims, having become a significant minority in Europe, were the ones who demanded space for God in society.”

Uh huh…

A tent situated next to the beautiful palazzo of the Archbishop on whose sidewalk they kept the shoes or sandals that are lined up outside the mosques in their countries. (…) Add to all this the yellow streaks of urine that profaned the marble of the Baptistry. (My, these sons of Allah sure have a long range! However did they manage to hit the target when they were held back by a protective railing that kept it nearly two whole meters away from their urinary equipment?) And along with the yellow streaks of urine, the stench of the excrement that blocked the door of San Salvatore al Vescovo: that exquisite Romanesque church (year 1000) that stands at the rear of the Piazza del Duomo and that the sons of Allah transformed into a shithouse. You’re well aware of this.


The hell?!

Jurassic Park meets Disney’s Hall of Presidents?

…seeding packs of baseball cards with hair harvested from dead presidents and other famous Americans is about the only thing keeping the baseball card category alive these days.


“She said ‘utopia’. What a nutbar.”

My co-defendant Ezra Levant in a new video:


“I intend this post to be extreme”

Sleepy Old Bear is moved to write:

Whereas today has seen further terrorist activities in Mumbai, and …

Whereas the Muslim religion and the community, Umma, which it produces, is irremediably connected to hatred and violence, the time has come for (western) civilization to protect itself by separating itself from and defending itself against Muslim peoples and the political ideology which masquerades as a ‘religion of peace’.

No, I do not hate these individuals and I readily recognize their significant and enduring contributions to our society, but it is not possible to filter out the ‘bad apples’.

Whereas it is the first responsibility of the state to protect its own people, and whereas the state cannot guarantee the citizenry that Muslims in our midst are not either actively involved in subversive activities or at least willing co-conspirators by not exposing such dangerous people, the state must act to keep such people out of this sovereign country, and remove any who are already here whose loyalty to the state is in any way suspect.


Alas, Bear, most Canadians (and apparently, Americans) think it is the “first repsonsibility of the State” to give them “free” stuff for life…

Anyway, in his calls to halt Muslim immigration, he echoes Robert Spencer.

However, Deborah Gyapong disagrees.


Austrian politician to be prosecuted for saying Mohammed “would be considered a child molester in today’s system”

Yesterday, Winter’s parliamentary immunity was lifted a unanimous vote in the immunity committee of the Austrian parliament, meaning that members of [her own party] FPÖ also voted for Winter’s immunity to be lifted. She will now be prosecuted for anti-Islam remarks she made during a provincial election campaign in January.

Winter said that she would welcome the lifting of her immunity since only court proceedings would enable her to clear her name. She called the imposition of charges against her an exercise in “political hatred by crazy, self-proclaimed thought-police.” It could not be, she added, that a person could be tried for expression of opinion in a democracy. There could be no political persecution in a country where the rule of law prevailed, she said, since such persecution could occur only in a “dictatorship of conscience.”


Kim Ouwroulis: Canada’s now famous ‘Human Rights Stripper’ (with photos)

Blogger “The Mayor of Mitchieville” just spoke to disgruntled exotic dancer Kim Ouwroulis, the Canadian stripper fired for being too old, who is taking her grievance to the Human Rights Commission — your tax dollars at work, my fellow Canadians!

Mayor–What % of stripper watching men would you consider to be pigs? Can you give us some examples of bizarre male behaviour …?

*writing a book about it now* Seriously; most of my experiences with men are amazing.  I click with most of the guys I’ve danced for; and it’s all about a good time.!  Every single guy is different; but I just don’t think of guys as p.i.g.s….not even after 4 years!  I have to be thankful that these guys are in the bars…so bring them in….! Worry about the grab factor my attitude.

Mayor–What about the guys on pervert row–you must have a story about those cats?

Mostly it is young guys who sit in the front row…they just want to have fun…so yes; they jump up on stage and lay on their backs; and then I do my thing…which is funny where I grab the cash with my boobs.  My new boobs;

Mayor–Don’t you think $20 is a ridiculous price for a lap dance?

We are talking about full nudity!  Up close and personal…for a number of minutes…no, it’s worth it.  The most I ever did for one man was 65 dances; and he tipped me as well.It was the cleanest dancing; don’t get me wrong; so at the time it was the credit card record, the manager told me as I was paid!





Muslims ban blasphemy — with UN approval: my latest FrontPage article

I’ve posted an excerpt at my page, so you can add your comments!

The piece features my exclusive mini-interviews with Robert Spencer, Phyllis Chesler and Anne Bayesvsky from EYE on the UN.


Alan Colmes for press secretary?

That popped into my head last night for no reason. It would be funny if we could spread this fake rumor around to the point where it became a real one!

Meanwhile: WWN might be onto something here, with their own proposed replacement for Ichabod “Skeletor” Crane…

While the Alien has never stated his personal politics, he has often sought the limelight in the last 28 years. His endorsements have been widely lauded across the country. But will he be man enough to take on Sean Hannity? Hannity holds no love for illegal aliens, and the Alien’s status has never been verified.



Repeal Section 13 — online petition

Check it out!


Mark Steyn: “It’s always Rosa Parks”


A few months back, my little boy came home from Second Grade and said to me, “Guess what we learned today?” I said: “Rosa Parks.” He said: “How did you know that?” I said: “Because it’s always Rosa Parks.”

To which I’d add:

What today’s obnoxious gay brownshirts activists who dare to think of themselves as the next Rosa Parks don’t get, is that Rosa Parks just wanted to sit at the front of the bus.

She didn’t try to take the wheel and drive the thing in the opposite direction.


Best review my book has had yet! (UPDATED with Ted Nugent photo!)


Deborah Gyapong, Parliament Hill journalist, reports:

There was the time I was printing off The Tyranny of Nice in the Press Gallery’s Hot Room in Centre Block and a [fellow journalist] was drawn to the cover picture.

He thought it was a great cover, really catchy.

But when he found out what it was about, he smiled dismissively, and went back to his cubicle.

I’m SO gonna try to get that on the back cover in the next edition!

PS: my co-author Pete Vere will be very jealous when he finds out that I’m the second hour guest on a Tennessee radio show this Saturday night, and guest #3 will be… Ted Nugent! 

UPDATE: Pete says, “Yep, I’m jealous”, sends picture from when they met:

And of course, no meeting of Michigan Republicans could be complete without editorialist Pete Vere, shown getting an autograph from the Motor City Madman who told the National Rifle Association’s 2005 national convention: “I want carjackers dead. I want rapists dead. I want burglars dead. I want child molesters dead. I want the bad guys dead. No court case. No parole. No early release. I want ‘em dead. Get a gun and when they attack you, shoot ‘em.”




“The Cartoon Wars Revisited” — my latest article in FrontPage

Last week, for example, the government of Indonesia denounced as “very inappropriate” two online drawings of the Prophet Mohammed. Many Muslims believe it is forbidden to depict Mohammed under any circumstances, let alone in “sexual situations,” as these cartoons reportedly do. The country’s communications minister asked the website to remove the drawings or face being shut down by its internet service provider.

Now comes a report from a Jordanian news service of “New Danish Anti-Islamic Drawings to be Published Soon,” in a book of political satire co-authored by Kurt Westergaard. Westergaard drew the most notorious of the original “Mohammed cartoons”: a bearded man wearing a bomb instead of a turban.

In a case of history repeating itself, one Muslim leader hurried to denounce the new illustrations, sight unseen. A Danish imam, Abdel Wahed Pederson remarked ominously:

“It seems that Kurt has not learned anything over the past three years. I don’t know how he thinks. Is he really thinking of the safety of the Danish society?”


For his part, Westergaard – who’s received death threats regularly for the last three years – told reporters last week, “I am 73 now and at this age I have nothing to fear. I want to be brave; otherwise one can not live his own life.”


“(if you liked Atlas Shrugged, you’ll fit in just fine)”

The free market Acton Foundation is looking for

…a digital content creator who will write for a series of new websites – everything from book reviews and reporting on events to blog posts and using social networking software. (…)

This is an entry-level writing position for a recent college graduate who writes exceptionally well (a liberal arts major is ideal). Preference will be given to candidates with some experience already writing and creating web content (personally or professionally). Some HTML experience would be a benefit but is not mandatory. Only applicants with high GPA’s, strong work ethic and impeccable character will be considered. Flexible pay and hours with healthy performance based bonuses for top performance. The candidate must thrive in a performance-oriented, entrepreneurial culture. Candidate must want to find ways to advance freedom and the free market through writing and web content


Canadian Jewish News: Human Rights Commission staff paid (by our tax dollars) to post anti-semitic messages on the internet

Ezra Levant has the great news about the “mainstreaming” of the message we’ve been trying to get out to the general public via our websites (and we’re being sued for doing so):

The Canadian Jewish News has done something I honestly never thought it would do. It ran a news story by staff reporter Paul Lungen, at some length, revealing the CHRC’s dirty little secret: CHRC staff regularly go online and post hundreds of anti-Semitic, anti-black and anti-gay “hate messages”, all in the name of fighting hate.

As I’ve written before, a year ago if someone had told me that the CHRC employs government bureaucrats, on taxpayers’ expense, to join U.S. neo-Nazi groups and publish countless bigoted messages, I would have called him a crazy conspiracy theorist and told him to get back on his meds. But then I did my research — I read sworn testimony by CHRC staff, especially by [The Guy Who Is Suing Us], confessing to hundreds of such bigoted posts; and I went online to verify those bigoted posts with my own eyes.

To see these facts presented very fairly and objectively in the CJN is a huge landmark. It means we’re now deep inside territory that would have been safe CHRC country a year ago. It means that even some Official Jews — at least those writing and editing the CJN — have come to realize that there is a sickness in the CHRC, and it has to be excised.

Government agents get rewarded with big salaries, jobs for life and juicy pensions for posting hate speech in Nazi drag.

Ezra and I and other bloggers get sued for daring to point that out in public.

Welcome to Canuckistan.