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“Black lawmakers irked by Obama’s diverse Cabinet”?

The Black Informant writes:

Both examples here prove to me one thing — when it is all said and done, tolerance and diversity are code words that set the stage for the next exclusive non-White male group to be the next king of the mountain. While tolerance and diversity signals a sense of equal sharing, make not mistake about it. The group with the largest head count wins this competition.


The exception that proves the rule that liberals argue like idiots

“Guy White” writes:

Likewise with facial and chest hair. Some women have it and some men don’t.

Never mind that it’s not a normal condition. To liberals, it’s proof that no gender exists.

But it’s all a theory that is only used by college professors in their classrooms, away from all reality.

If this same professor’s daughter suddenly begins to develop facial and chest hair around the age 13, he won’t tell her, “Look, half the people have facial hair and half don’t. Some of them are men and some are women. It is perfectly natural for you to grow a beard.”

Instead, he’ll take her to see a doctor to try to regulate her hormones.

Then, after “fixing” his own daughter, he’ll go back to class and teach that there are no genders.


Sounds incredibly familiar, no?

Guy who made up Holocaust love story explains why he did it:

“I wanted to bring happiness to people. I brought hope to a lot of people. My motivation was to make good in this world.”

Of course, the real reason was: he loved the attention and praise he received from gullible people eager to believe in fairy tales. Sound familiar, Bernie Farber and every other liberal do-gooder on earth?


Puff the Magic Dragon offended by ‘Barack the Magic Negro’

I was frolicking in the autumn mist when little Jackie brought me my usual strings and sealing wax. He slipped in the daily paper, and I roared when I read what this Saltsman nitwit had done!”

He angrily blew smoke out of his nostrils. “Honah Lee is a magical land of inclusion, as stated in Constitutional Amendment 4 concerning non-discrimination. If I ever see that mooncalf, I’m taking him out sailing and only one of us is coming back, you know what I’m saying?”


Dear Luftwaffe: come back — all is forgiven

Damian Thompson reports:

On three separate occasions, Murray has found himself on a panel with Tory spokesmen. And, each time, the Tory has told him off for using the phrase “Islamist terrorism”. The approved word is “criminality”. As Murray told me: “It’s as if they can’t see the difference between stealing a handbag and setting off a car bomb outside a nightclub.”


The only thing more depressing than the sight of this ingrate parasite daring to show his ugly face on the streets of New York…

Is the fact that not a single citizen had the guts to beat him up.


If peanuts will kill you, why aren’t you dead yet?

A teenager has been sentenced to four days in jail for smearing peanut butter on the forehead of another youth he knew was allergic to peanuts.

The boy did not suffer an allergic reaction, but told police he had suffered a severe reaction to peanuts in the past.


Keith the Magic Janitor?

Hey, remember that (white) university janitor whose (black) co-workers complained because he was reading an ANTI-Klan book at work (cuz, like, it had the word “Klan” on the title. Also “vs” and “defeated”?)

Anyway, now you can email the woman in charge of his punishment!

Cuz Jennifer Lynch could use a (one day) break from our (well deserved) abuse.


Now HALF PRICE! Curly, Larry and Mo(hammed) t-shirts

I’ve got mine — how’s about you?



I’ve never been prouder to be a Canadian

If you’ve read my book The Tyranny of Nice, you know the inspiring story of publisher Ken Whyte, Mark Steyn’s boss at Maclean’s magazine. When beligerent Muslims tried to hijack Maclean’s, he told them to shove it.

So: vote for Ken Whyte as Canadian Newsperson (yeah, I know…) of the Year!


Legacy of mockery: who was the best George W. Bush impersonator?

I caught the Jeff Foxworthy Roast for the first time last week, and was really impressed (again) with Steve Bridges’ President Bush.

So impressed that I’ve put up a new post at my site, about my favorite Bush impersonators over the last eight years. Here’s a preview:

Be sure to add your favorite Bush impressionists in the comments. (And thanks for visiting that site — you’ve helped make me on of their top contributors, and I get paid by the visit, so…!)



Your daily Somali!

Here’s what passes for journalism here in Toronto: a multi-thousand word pean to a parasitical, criminal refugee penned by a disgusting, dissipated male prostitute (and j-school prof).

Meanwhile, as “Little Modadishu” gets bigger all the frickin’ time, a reminder to the refugee lovers out there in the 416 and 905:

Multiculturalism enthusiasts like to spin the story that today’s tribal refugees are just like Americans’ immigrant ancestors who came here over hundreds of years. However, European immigrants didn’t practice Islam like the Somali refugees of today (who now like to use the word “diaspora” to signify that they are not interested in assimilation).

Some Muslim immigrants openly declare their intention of eventually undermining the Constitution and replacing it with Islamic sharia law. In an earlier, sovereign America, such plans would be deemed sedition, and immigrants asserting them would shown the door. Today, not so much.

The situation and the immigrants are NOT “exactly the same.” Europeans did not arrive to find a trough of programs and benefits made available to them, nor did they need instruction to bring them up to speed on basic coping abilities, because the levels of technology and education were similar. Today’s tribal refugees, whose expertise usually lies in primitive farming, need to be taught how to switch on electric lights and operate a modern stove.

But the difficulty is not so much the lack of familiarity with modern gizmos; the real differences between the third world and the first are cultural, particularly when the newcomers are Islamic. The social norms of Somali culture include polygamy, wife-beating and female genital mutilation. These are not your grandfather’s immigrants. Not by a long shot.


Winston’s adventures at the pro-Israel counter-protest, Toronto

He writes:

In this photo a few Jewish guys are being beaten up and trampled by the Pali terrorists and like I said Police could do nothing to stop these savages.

A terrorist was holding an Iranian regime flag. I approached him and asked him if he was Iranian. He was not. I told him then he can not hold it because I am an Iranian and it is an insult to me and my fellow people. The clueless guy gave it up and I took over the evil regime’s flag and as you see here:

I dumped it in the basement of the Royal Ontario Museum where this protest was taking place. Good riddance.




Less Viagra, more nukes

Too many (male) bloggers thought the stories about soldiers handing out Viagra to Afgan leaders was cool. Ed Morrissey (of all people) said Viagra was “practically designed for the mission.”

Then maybe the mission sucks. Maybe we should stop trying to make friends with backward ignorant men we’ll never be able to trust — especially if “making friends” is a euphemism for “helping them rape their child brides.”

Note that it took a female writer, Diana West, to point out the obvious, after all the male writers and readers got through making cheap jokes.



Family loyalty = backwardness

African dude writes:

…our leaders and people continue in their culture of greed, corruption, ethnic hostilities and all such practices antithetical to the dictate of modern civilization?

We must stop deceiving ourselves. It is high time we told ourselves a few home truths. Whatever Obama is today or stands for, he owes it all to the American society.


The American society that shaped Obama to become what he is to day places a higher premium of kinship of ideas over and above that of blood.