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Sheesh! How many times do I have to say it?

Enough with the “-gate” stuff, already — especially all you conservatives.

What you mean to say is:



Old “Che!” movie (1969) worse than new “Che” movie?

I won’t be seeing the new one, believe me, but today I sat through the old one on DVD.

The major selling point of Che! (1969) is the casting: Omar Sharif is Che and Jack Palance is Castro. So you’re thinking, Oh man, will this ever be hilARious!!


Che! is a workmanlike production burdened with blaring “dramatic” 1970s soundtrack instrumentals that are “bigger” than the scenes they accompany. Jack Palance’s ubiquitous cigar is the only physical trait he and Castro have in common. Shariff as usual only has one facial expression (this time, it’s “earnest”.)

It will remind most viewers of Woody Allen’s Bananas, which came out two years later, and intentionally looks & feels exactly like Che! with the added bonus of being entertaining. Bananas remains a fine spoof of radical chic stupidity, btw, if you have about 90 minutes to kill.

I was looking forward to writing a really fun, scathing MST3 takedown of Che! but it doesn’t even deserve that. I actually fell asleep at one point. Having seen his name on the opening credits, the only thing keeping me awake was that pastime of 60s/70s B-movie buffs around the world: “Sid Haig Watch”. He finally showed up around the 3/4 mark, in the Bolivian sequences. And was one of the best things about the movie.

Which reminds me:

This film’s only redeeming feature is the mini-monologue delivered by the Bolivian peasant who turned Che in, which went, in part:

Ever since your men arrived, my goats have refused to give milk. You frightened my goats. And vultures follow you wherever you go. You reek of death. The only think I want to be free of is men like you…


So here’s the plan…

Everybody meet at Queen’s Park, Room 151, at Noon on February 9. The committe will be going for lunch and we can (I hope!) get in while they are leaving and grab seats.

I’m wearing my Free Mark Steyn t-shirt.

If you have similar Freespeecher apparel, why not wear it?


My recent interviews on London, Ontario radio

I had lots of fun talking to Jim Chapman and Bob Metz last week, about my book The Tyranny of Nice: how Canada crushes freedom in the name of human rights.

Jim Chapman had me on twice! You can listen to the archived Jan 27 and 28 interviews here — both times I’m on in the last 30 minutes.

Then I spoke to Bob Metz, over at the college radio station (!). All the ads between my spots were about some “muliticultural” hoo hah, as you might expect.


” I think Mr. Frum should keep his compromising-and-cowardly-Canadian-conservative comments to himself”

National Post readers unimpressed by David “Canadian Media Incest Lottery Winner” Frum’s slagging of Rush Limbaugh.


Canadian blogger a “racist” for using Obama’s middle name?

Another day, another illiterate, belligerent Muslim takes a Canadian conservative to the “Human Rights” Commission…

When I was in London talking about my book The Tyranny of Nice, I met lots of wonderful folks, including blogger Andrew Lawton. (If you’ve ever been to CPAC, you might have met Andrew — he’s quite the gregarious guy.)

He told me he’d just received his first Human Rights complaint and was so thrilled. (I’m jealous!) He wasn’t quite sure how far it would go, but for now he was relying on an email he’d just received that read:

Your hateful blog
Mohammed al-Zahar
([email protected])

Wed, Jan 28, 2009 at 5:48 PM
To: [email protected]
Mr. Lawton:

I am writing today to inform you that as of 10:27am EST this morning, I have filed a claim against you under the Canadian Human Rights Commission. Among other hateful and inflammatory remarks made on your blog,, you referred to President Obama as “Barack Hussein Obama,” citing that he is an Arab-American. This was made in a hateful and dirogatory manner, and such racist propaganda is forbidden under section 13(1) of the Canadian Human Rights Act.

I hope that you go down in flames like your other Nazi friends.


As BlazingCatFur notes in the comments: Hey, I thought Arabs liked the Nazis…

Yeah, we’ve got lots of deeply confused Muslims running around Canada these days.

If you’d like to express your thoughts on the matter to Mohammed, see his email above.

You might also wish to ask the Canadian Human Rights Commission about the status of this case, express your feelings about this use of our tax dollars.


You know how you feel when the power comes on — SNAP! — after a long, cold blackout?

It feels like this:

Via HotAir (interesting comments thread)


Ancient Chinese secret, or: Finally, they came for Kinsella (UPDATE: Steyn responds)

Warren Kinsella has called me “an unsightly gnome” and much worse. Plus, one of his best friends is taking me and some blogger friends to court in an HRC-related suit.

However, I hope this controversy doesn’t turn into an HRC complaint.

Look, every day on my blog, I insult groups of every ethnicity. Why? Well, because it’s funny, dammit. I grew up watching Don Rickles. What can I say?

But also because I don’t accept the notion of Group Insult.

Political correctness is a threat to national security, not to mention an encroachment on our ordinary lives, where we feel inclined to whisper constantly like we’re living in the Soviet Union. Political correctness must be undermined at every opportunity if we wish to survive.

Should Kinsella fall victim to the Professional Ethnic Victimhood Police, those of us who dislike him may get a little thrill for a moment.

But that makes us just as bad as the censors we’ve spent months and years castigating.

If Iggy fires Kinsella, I feel it is none of my business — it is his staff and campaign. I’ll feel bad for Kinsella’s family, because times are tough. I suspect my political/blogging views and/or obnoxious, irreverent “tone” have/will cost me a couple of “straight” jobs. That’s the risk I take.

Much as I dislike Kinsella, not so much for his multiple jabs at me but for his bizarre personal vendetta against Ezra, I do NOT want to see this end up in the HRCs and will publicly defend his right and everyone else’s to make stupid old ethnic jokes on the internet.

“Finally, they came for Kinsella…” as it were.


Ed Anger: Matt Damon’s butt needs kicking — by G. Gordon Liddy!

That stupid movie star called right wing pundit Bill Kristol an “idiot.” Now some internet guy says he’ll pay Matt Damon $100,000 to debate Kristol. Kristol said sure. Matt Damon? Well, he clammed up all of a sudden!

What a pansy! Lord knows Matt could use the money, since he couldn’t even cough up 50 grand to go to his beloved Communist-in-Chief’s Inaugural (which I just heard through the computer machine is Latin for “pagan litter festival.”)

Anyway, I’ve got an even better idea…


Just because the Vatican runs one of the world’s oldest observatories…

doesn’t mean they understand “optics”…

Damian Thompson reports on the existence of one non-idiot in the curia!

Cardinal Schönborn said in a radio interview: “Obviously a mistake has been made here. Someone who denies the Holocaust, Shoah deniers, cannot be restored to an office in the Church. Here there must be also a certain criticism of the Vatican’s staff practice, which obviously did not examine the matter carefully or did not examine sufficiently the case in the information that they had.”

Agreed. While I think the Pope did the right thing in lifting the excommunications, and indeed is making historic progress in healing the Lefebvrist rift, this PR problem should have been anticipated.

Everyone recognises the uselessness of most English bishops’ press officers, but the Vatican isn’t much better. Visiting the press office in the Sala Stampa is like stepping back into the 1950s; maybe I’m doing it an injustice, but my memories are mostly of grumpy monoglot nuns.

It doesn’t surprise me in the least that Williamson’s views came to light at such a late stage. They were on the internet for years, but it wasn’t until the Catholic Herald splashed on them that anyone in the Church took notice. Even then, I bet his comments, in English, weren’t translated for the benefit of the army of non-English speakers who run the Vatican.

Hey, here’s a thought: maybe a bunch of old Eurotrash guys who take three hour Italian lunches and presume to tell the rest of us how to conduct our lives should get their facts straight before they go around “forgiving” all the wrong people — and alienating everyone else! Dudes, your “baffling” lack of credible moral authority over the faithful MAY have something to do with **** like this. But what do I know — I don’t have a doctorite in Mystical Theology…


I’m back but have over 600 emails

Your patience is appreciated!


I’m speaking in London, Ontario tonight

which means I’m on the road between now and Friday afternoon.

Here’s more information about my talk.

Meanwhile, while I’m away, please visit:


Conservative Grapevine

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Don’t forget to read the first installment of my new series “Islam in America”.



My pretend-o new boyfriend Damian Thompson says nice things about me

Thompson gets paid to write a a) funny b) religion column for c) a British newspaper — which is supposed to be MY job — so I’d hate him if he wasn’t so cool.

He hearts me back, calling me one of his favourite bloggers — “lovable but savage”!

Then a commenter adds:

Is there anything indeed more erotic than the seriously short and strident female?

The answer, Peter, is “yes.” Believe me.


Groupie alert: Mark Steyn coming to Toronto Feb 9, but…

Steyn reports:

On Monday February 9th I’ll be at Queen’s Park in Toronto to appear before the Ontario parliament’s Standing Committee on Government Agencies as part of their review of the Ontario “Human Rights” Tribunal.

I’m not sure whether it’s open to the public – it might be Standing Committee room only – but I’ll be there at 2pm followed at 2:30pm by Terry Downey of the Ontario Federation of Labour, which supported Mohamed Elmasry and the Canadian Islamic Congress in their suits against Maclean’s for “flagrant Islamophobia”.

Other “stakeholders” will also be appearing, including at 3:30pm a mystery guest “to be confirmed”. Elmo himself? Or maybe OHRC Chief Commissar Barbara Hall?  Who knows? But, given the sweeping new powers with which Ontario’s “human rights” regime has been endowed, it is heartening  to see legislators subject it to some degree of scrutiny. I look forward to answering the members’ questions.


Next time Warren Kinsella calls ME a “racist”… (UPDATED with Steyn hilarity AND screenshot of the link K tried to erase)

Press release from the Chinese Canadian Conservative Association:

Senior Ignatieff Liberal’s “cat meat” comment offends the Chinese community

Chinese Canadian Conservative Association calls on Liberal leader to fire Senior Liberal strategist Warren Kinsella

Toronto – Alex Yuan, chair of the Chinese Canadian Conservative Association called on Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff to distance himself from the comments made by senior Liberal strategist Warren Kinsella. In a recent blog posting Kinsella likened the meat found in Chinese cuisine to cat meat.

“Back in the Big Owe for a couple weeks, so what better way to kick things off than with some BBQ cat and rice at the Yang Sheng, hangout of our youth? Yay!”

Kinsella repeated the offensive comment in a video posting on his website.

“Our community is deeply concerned with Mr. Kinsella’s comments. Kinsella repeats the most vulgar and offensive stereotypes by associating the meat served by Chinese restaurants to cat meat. He has hurt the feelings of the Chinese people and disrespected the Chinese culture,” continued Yuan.

“This is not the first instance of such intolerant remarks by Mr. Kinsella therefore we call upon Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff to fire Mr. Kinsella as his senior strategist and apologize to the community.”

Mr. Kinsella was forced to apologize for another intolerant blog posting in 2007. In the 2007, he wrote a post suggesting that Progressive Conservative MPP Lisa MacLeod would rather bake cookies than run for office.

For more information please contact:
Tom Pang, CCCA Director

Mark Steyn writes: