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‘A conservative who’s winning an argument with a liberal…’?

Ed Driscoll helpfully rounds up today’s “racists” — now including “Hillary Clinton,” “Paul Krugman” and “all white people”!

Remember the “Godwin”-like “Zombie’s Law”: the first person to yell “racist!” forfeits the argument.


‘Why do sex scandals keep happening at Oprah’s school in South Africa?’

I figure it would be wiser for me to let HillBuzz answer their own question; after all, they’re gay Dems so they get to say pretty much whatever:

Being Oprah, the intent was most likely eating a large amount of candy, and the school itself is some sort of elaborate Rube Goldberg scheme to do just that, the intricacies of which we couldn’t begin to fathom, but surely involve gooey marshmallow centers at some point down the line.


‘…one of the things that really angers me aside from his politics and moral ambiguity; is that Obama is black’

Here is a guy that is not only black, but he has a name like mine, he validates all my feelings about this nation being the greatest and freest on earth, I want desperately to through my support behind this guy. As a Christian, I can’t, as a capitalist, I won’t, All things being equal if it is a contest between two people and one is black, I root for the black guy. As a minority you always feel good seeing someone that looks like you, do well. It may be wrong, but [i]t is true. And frankly I loathe that the first black president is such a fool.

(Digital Publius via Booker Rising)


‘You use many words that many consider to be racial slurs…’

LL: Well, I just do which ones flow off the tongue easiest for me because the audience seems to accept every word I say. So if I use the ‘N-word’, that does flow off the tongue quite nicely in some jokes. And I like ‘spick’ a lot better than ‘wetback’ because the ‘c’ sound at the end of ‘spick’ is a lot funnier and crisper than ‘wetback’. ‘Wetback’ is kind of boring. The two syllables water it down. Now with ‘homosexuals’ I mean there’s so many…It’s just impossible to decide, so pretty much, because I have a nice gay following, I do them all.

NP: I have to admit as a white anglo-saxon, your comedy makes be feel incredibly uncomfortable.

LL: Believe me, I’d love to sit there and say that, “Oh yes, I strive to bring people together.” I just like cursing at people and calling them names…


Does Meghan McCain ever get sick of being wrong?

OK, first of all –

“Schock has made a marked impression on my generation’s zeitgeist”

is not the sort of sentence anybody should be getting paid to write.

Second: in the Rock-Paper-Scissors of “hotness”, “guitar” beats “abs”.

Abs come and abs go. Guitar is forever.

Also? “Talking pretty”:

And a frankly shocking familiarity with the expression “safe word”…

PS: Catholic.

Right now, John McCain should be saying,

“Phew, thank God my wife brought home that surprise Vietnamese orphan or all my kids would be stupid!!”



Dear Luftwaffe: come back — all is forgiven

I’ll bet you feel safer already!

What female Muslim firefighters in the UK will be wearing soon:



My book is going into its third printing!

Just spoke to my publisher and soon we’ll be down to only a few hundred copies of The Tyranny of Nice: How Canada crushes freedom in the name of human rights — and why it matters to Americans.

Not bad for a book that’s not in bookstores or on!

You can buy a copy from Mark Steyn (who wrote the intro) — and he’ll personally autograph it for you. (Why not grab a copy of Ezra Levant’s book Shakedown while you’re there? It’s now in its second printing after only a week!)

You can also download it as an e-book and get it instantly, while saving shipping & handling.

Or you can get The Tyranny of Nice for only $1 if you pick it as one of your first selections when you join the Conservative Book Club.


Seven Ways Liberals Lie about Conservatives

John Hawkins writes:

Additionally, conservatives tend to think liberals are merely stupid or emotional, while liberals tend to view conservatives as evil — and liberals use that belief to justify lying about conservatives.


From the liberal perspective, the more shameless the lies, the better because the target of the scandalous accusation and his defenders will often waste inordinate amounts of time and energy fighting ridiculous, unfounded allegations that a certain percentage of uninformed Americans will simply assume are true without evidence. 


Ezra Levant’s upcoming appearances and book signings

Ezra Levant will be signing books in Toronto on April 14, the day after our talk together in London, Ontario.

A friend of mine has been told that his “political career will be jeopardized” if he attends my talk with Ezra and Salim Mansur.

Doesn’t that make you want to attend even more?!

PS: he also writes:

…the new issue of The Hill Times has a prominent review of my book. (…) I thought it was a pretty balanced review, and positive on the whole. I was tagged the “Michael Moore of the right”, but I think I have a greater respect for accuracy than he does, and a touch more personal hygiene, too.


‘Falling Down’ comes to life

Police said a customer fired one or two shots into a Salt Lake City McDonald’s after the driver of the car he was in was told the restaurant was not serving lunch yet.

(Via Wendy, who knows me all too well)


Glenn Beck called it ‘the military-industrial complex’

Did I say the “military industrial complex”? I meant “creeping socialism”.

Did I say “Glenn Beck”? I meant President Eisenhower.


Don Feder: the free speech address he couldn’t give — because he was shouted down

Don Feder writes:

When asked if fascism could ever come to America, Huey Long (the Depression-era governor of Louisiana) replied, “Sure, only here they’ll call it anti-fascism.”

Hate-crimes laws are fascism in the guise of protecting minorities. They’re fascism in crime-prevention drag. They’re fascism in the name of combating bigotry and hatred.


Today’s ‘racist’: that chick from ‘Law & Order’!

Angie Harmon: “I’m not racist because I disagree with Obama!”


Vatican rep slams Obama’s favorite Catholic mystic as a heretic

‘Few of those who expound on Gioacchino da Fiore (Joachim of Fiore, 1130-1202 AD) on the Internet know, or go to the trouble of finding out, what this character really said,” said Father Raniero Cantalamessa, preacher to the Pontifical Household.


‘Do Indians just like memorizing stuff?’

Steve Sailer ponders Slumdog Millionaire and the Indian quiz show mania:

But if Indians love historical trivia so much, how come they didn’t write any down when it was happening to them? The Chinese, in contrast, kept records on everything. We know that the Crab Nebula was a supernova that became visible on Earth on July 4, 1054 because Chinese bureaucrats wrote down the exact date they first saw it. One reason Indians ask each other questions about Western historical trivia is because Indian history is so vague. Nobody bothered to write down what had just happened, so Indian history is hard to use as trivia questions, which need precise answers.

Also: Canadians and Mexicans pretty much exactly the same!