‘You use many words that many consider to be racial slurs…’

LL: Well, I just do which ones flow off the tongue easiest for me because the audience seems to accept every word I say. So if I use the ‘N-word’, that does flow off the tongue quite nicely in some jokes. And I like ‘spick’ a lot better than ‘wetback’ because the ‘c’ sound at the end of ‘spick’ is a lot funnier and crisper than ‘wetback’. ‘Wetback’ is kind of boring. The two syllables water it down. Now with ‘homosexuals’ I mean there’s so many…It’s just impossible to decide, so pretty much, because I have a nice gay following, I do them all.

NP: I have to admit as a white anglo-saxon, your comedy makes be feel incredibly uncomfortable.

LL: Believe me, I’d love to sit there and say that, “Oh yes, I strive to bring people together.” I just like cursing at people and calling them names…

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