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A truly Christian response to the Toronto Tamil protests

Most leftwing folks who tsk at certain folks for “not being very Christian” in their opinions actually don’t know what Jesus actually said about, well, anything.

These illiterate critics’ idea of “Christian” is based on, say, the chaplain on M*A*S*H and not the Gospels.

Here, Dorothy Cummings McLean explains one of the bible stories that loudmouthed, opinionated scolds and idiots always get exactly wrong:

For generations Canadian soldiers have fought in foreign causes: for British imperial interests, for Europe’s survival, for South Korea, for Afghanistan. Canada is also a home to those who have escaped foreign wars or their aftermath. Old Canadians understand that new Canadians feel great loyalty to those friends and family that they have left behind.

However, there is another bond that must be honoured. This is the bond between neighbours, the bond between people who actually live in the same country, in the same city, on the same streets.

“Who is my neighbour?” asked the lawyer of Jesus in the Gospel. In reply Jesus told the story of a man who did not belong to their ethnic group, a Samaritan who responded in love to the non-Samaritan whom he found at his feet.

However close we may feel to our own ethnic tribe, and however much we are moved by their misfortunes across the world, the neighbours with whom we live are no less our neighbours than those whom we have left.

Our Canadian neighbours don’t deserve to be threatened, attacked or held hostage. And they don’t like to see children being used as human shields.



‘Tolerance’ and ‘diversity’ are mutually exclusive

When the population mix reaches a certain point, you can’t have both.

Very soon, society will be forced to pick one. It won’t be pretty…

McLucas said the supervisor who complained [about the American flag she'd hung at her work station] has been in the United States for 14 years and is formerly from Africa.

PS: close those damn borders, will ya?


Memo to judges: if there’s an ‘internet libel’ case on your docket…

you’ll want to read this:

Between Ed’s and my 20-25 posts plus the 40 or so Headline items, Hot Air must get, let’s say, 2,700 comments a day.

To put that in perspective, if I worked 15 hours a day doing nothing but moderating them, in order to read and rule on each one I’d have to work at a clip of three comments per minute without taking a single break.

That is to say, we’d need not one but two full-time moderators to do the job right, the cost of which would bankrupt nearly any blog given the realities of online ad revenue, especially in a recession.


Ezra Levant takes a jab at the CJC — and The Guy Who Is Suing Us

in today’s Toronto Star:

It is my hope that giving the Saul Hayes Award to [Prime Minister Stephen] Harper – who has publicly criticized human rights commissions and their censorship as “egregious” and “abusive” – will remind the CJC of Hayes’ commitment to free speech, and perhaps lead the CJC back to his good example.

Frankly, the award itself needs Harper’s rehabilitation. The last recipient was Richard Warman, the former human rights investigator who was recently found by the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal to have published many vicious anti-Semitic comments on neo-Nazi websites in a misguided attempt to entrap other “haters.”

Hayes would be beside himself.

Ezra Levant has a new post, mocking B’nai Brith’s (deeply offensive, paternalistic) assertion that without censorship, we would have “anarchy”.
If you said, “Well, WOOT!!!”, you aren’t alone. Ezra responds:

I rather like the idea of living in a country with intellectual anarchy. And, given the fact that you are reading this on the Internet, I get the feeling that you do, too. The Internet is about as lawless a frontier as it gets, when it comes to ideas and information. You will read offensive things on the Internet. But you’re a grown-up. So you can handle it.

Of course, what B’nai Brith really means (as I stated in Ezra’s comments) is that ordinary people, who don’t share the Elite’s affection for multiculturalism and diversity and tolerance and other b.s., shouldn’t be allowed to state their objections to the status quo, lest the Elite’s position in society be threatened.

Mark Steyn is on Milt Rosenberg’s famous radio show tonight

Tune in at 9PM Central. You can listen live on the web. They’ll be taking calls in the second hour.

PLUS: lots of free speech news and views at a freshly updated

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‘The violence was Irish, the sex abuse was Catholic’

Damian Thompson reports on the (finally) breaking Irish “Christian Brothers” abuse scandal:

Last night I had supper with a distinguished American priest-scholar and made this point rather nervously. To my surprise, he agreed immediately. He said that the Irish didn’t leave their legacy of domestic violence and alcohol behind them when they arrived in America; the phenomenon of the weak, drunken father persisted, and this reinforced the towering status of the priest in the Irish diaspora, enabling a minority of clergy – and it was never more than a small minority – to abuse spiritual power for sexual ends.

He added: “There’s a particularly Irish Catholic culture of secrecy, too, partly rooted in a history of persecution, but also not unrelated to the corruption and back-room deals of Irish political life. That culture enabled abuse to happen, and to keep happening.”

What a mess.


Just added ‘Books That Changed My Life’ and ‘My Favorite Movies’ to…

My “Things I Love” page.


Steven Crowder joins Pajamas Media TV


‘Spitting is a cultural feature in China but we discourage it here’


Please uncover your face. It’s our custom.


They should call it the ‘STOMP on Washington’

Just heard about a major “9/12 Taxpayers’ March on Washington, DC” via Twitter.

(You’re on Twitter, right?)


Ann Coulter on the Sotomayor nomination

Ann Coulter writes:

After aggressively blocking Estrada’s nomination to a federal appeals court during Bush’s first term solely on the grounds that he is Hispanic and was likely headed for the Supreme Court – according to Senate Democrat staff memos – now Democrats have the audacity to rave that Sotomayor will be the first Hispanic Supreme Court justice!

If Sotomayor is not more empathetic than Estrada, liberals at least consider her more Hispanic – an interesting conclusion inasmuch as Sotomayor was born in New York and Estrada was born in Honduras.

Forty-four of 48 Senate Democrats voted to filibuster Estrada’s nomination to the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals, with congressman and professional Hispanic Raul Grijalva assuring them that just because “he happens to be named ‘Estrada’ does not give him a free ride.” 

(PS: you can get Ann Coulter’s latest book Guilty for $1 when you join the Conservative Book Club.)


Future Prime Minister of Canada just keeps talking sh*t

Come for the “we’re all to blame when a drunken Indian kills his baby girls”, stay for the “We’re the Natural Ruling Party, so show your gratitude to us for ruining a once-great nation or we’ll crush you like the measly little ingrates you are”!


‘Kathy [Shaidle] perfectly illustrates what I’m trying to say…’

kathy shaidle t-shirt tee shirt

Writes Robert Stacy McCain:

“…about trying to bridge the paleo/neo divide.

“Kathy is pro-Israel, which would normally make her neo, but she’s so bold in her political incorrectness, it’s as if Sam Francis had been reincarnated as a sawed-off Canadian girl.

“And, by God, she fights.”


Why Rush Limbaugh deserves every cent he earns

Limbaugh asks:

When Clarence Thomas was nominated to be an associate justice of the US Supreme Court, did the Democrats worry about angering the black vote when they opposed him…?  

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’21st Century Schizoid Mad Men’: video

Ed Driscoll writes:

…an increasing number of corporations — or at least the ad agencies they hire to promote their wares—seem to love pushing the edge. And not surprisingly, that edge points sharply to the left.

The latest edition of Silicon Graffiti explores a troika of ad campaigns whose creators seemed more interested in politics than promoting product…