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‘You know what would make me smile?’

Skippy Stalin, he say:

If Barack Obama would actually look the homos in the eye, treat them like adults, and finally say; “You know what? You’re between 1 and 10% of the population, depending on Lindsay Lohan’s mood. More people hate you than not, and I need them to vote for me more than I need you. How many fags do you think there are in Indiana?


Suicide is painless

loose wire blog:

I don’t really know what to make of this, but I occasionally trawl Google Search Trends/Insights to see what people are looking for, and whether they’re changing much over the past few years.


But how about this one: the rise and fall of the search for “commit suicide painlessly”: things had been pretty flat since 2004 and then suddenly, over a period of three or four months from October 2008 to March 2009, the index goes from about 18 to 100.


‘Awkward’: the new word for ‘Muslim’, the way ‘urban’ means ‘black’?

Or, why Joseph Brean works for the National Post, and I don’t…

The Justice Department is also evaluating a controversial proposal to explicitly write hate motivation into the Criminal Code as an aggravating factor in any crime, from common mischief to murder.

In such a divisive climate, the criminal prosecution of a young blogger would have drawn awkward attention, and as much criticism as praise.

In the past, this has often worked to the advantage of the accused, notably the Holocaust denier Ernst Zundel, who was investigated under 319(2), but prosecuted under the law against reporting “false news,” which was ruled unconstitutional.

“There’s no doubt that a downside of criminal prosecution is it gives all kinds of free publicity to the views of the person accused of hatemongering,” Prof. Ryder said.

“Perhaps its most important roles are symbolic and preventative, to express our condemnation of hate propaganda against the groups that have most frequently been the targets of hateful speech,” he said.

Nice to see our Establishment Betters admitting publicly what they say amongst themselves in private: that they believe we average Canadians simply need to be taught a lesson once in a while. One of us will occasionally be chosen at random to serve as an example to the others.

Those of you who complain that these laws are arbitrary are missing the point that they are supposed to be.

That is one reason –besides congenital stupidity — that our Establishment Betters become so tongue tied when debating an Ezra Levant or a Mark Steyn. Our Elites know the laws are arbitrary. They want them to be, because the unprincipled Left changes enemies frequently and their weapons have to remain multi-purpose, like Swiss Army knives.


Please don’t complain about the ads on my website…

Unless you are simultaneously volunteering to pay my mortgage or have sent me generous donation in the last year.

Freedom isn’t free, literally.

Thank you.


California pol calls conservative talk radio hosts ‘terrorists’

Ain’t affirmative action great?

Think she’s just one idiot? Watch my Conservative Talk Radio site for the latest news on how the new Hate Crimes Act, “localism” and other schemes are being put in place to silence talk radio.


College is a waste of time and money

Told ya:

The four-year college degree has come to cost too much and prove too little. It’s now a bad deal for the average student, family, employer, professor and taxpayer.

A student who secures a degree is increasingly unlikely to make up its cost, despite higher pay, and the employer who requires a degree puts faith in a system whose standards are slipping.


Where the man who calls me a ‘racist’ spent last Sunday afternoon

Bernie Farber was at the Gay Pride Parade in Toronto on Sunday. Funny, Bernie didn’t make it to this event.

(Guess partying with naked drunken left wing self-mutilating neurotics is a bigger priority for him, and just way more fun, than confronting sinister Muslim fascists who outnumber you 500 to one… And besides, it’s so cold out in January…)

A friend of mine showed up at Pride too, and brought her trusty video camera…

As I was videotaping groups in the parade line-up, no one complained until I reached a keffiyah-wearing, Palestinian-flag-waving group. I recognized a few members of “Queers Against Israeli Apartheid” as well as NION and was shocked to see a man with his head & face wrapped in a keffiyeh like a terrorist and wearing a bracelet made of bullets. (…)

They denounced me as a Zionist and told me I was not welcome in the Pride Parade which was being held in my own city of Toronto, in my own country of Canada, where my ancestors have lived since 1750.

PS: great photos, too.


‘Even Obama cannot say it. But someone has to say it.’

Rudolph Okonkwo:

We cannot be talking about this season of hate without mentioning the steep decline into actionable hate by misguided black Muslims.


And if Mark Steyn’s last name had been “Smith…”

Scaramouche explains it all for you:

It’s clear that had Hossain’s last name been, say, Keegstra or Ahenakew–or even Boisson–the full weight of the law would have been brought down to bear on him.

But since he was neither white, nor a Nazi, nor a Christian, but is an Islamic Jew-hater, authorities decided to drop it lest they incur the acrimony of local Muslims, with whom they are endeavouring so hard to “build bridges.”


I hate my country. Just in time for Canada Day!

I guess you heard that some of our gold is missing. Jebuz.

Also, everything this guy says is true and you know it:

 I lived up in Edmonton for a few months, and I would have to say that I noticed a few recurring character flaws in Candians. Not all people, but some.

1. A tendency to give smarmy lectures about proper behavior, said lectures sounding like “chirp chirp chirp.”

2. The desire for a guaranteed outcome, i.e. they are risk-averse.

3. A tendency to fob off Canadian failures on the United States whenever possible. When this should not be possible, a failure becomes a Thing That Shall Not Be Mentioned.

4. A tendency to petty rackets and small-time frauds. Example: Special deal at electronics store – great price, pay later. Only, they don’t send the bill for months and then claim that they did send it. Penalties and interest exceed up-front savings.

5. Corollary of 4.: Lack of trust in fellow man.

6. Tendency of employees in stores to stand in a ring and talk, while ignoring customers. 


Winners denounced in ‘Be Mean To Jennifer Lynch’ t-shirt contest

Huge response to contest dissing Canada’s Censor in Chief. See who/what won!

The winning slogans are the 1st items being offered for sale to the general public in our “Jennifer Lynch Line of Censorware Apparel” - Fashion that speaks your mind.

Ed Anger says, ‘I’m not dead!’

America’s angriest columnist writes:

What with everybody dying last week, I guess it was bound to happen, but it still ticks me off. I go hiking for a couple of days on the Appalachian Trail, and I get back to find folks peeping on that that I’ve gone to the great Gun Show in the Sky.

Well, you can’t get rid of old Ed Anger that easy. Those Hollywood types might be dropping like flies but I’m made of stronger stuff. I didn’t single-handedly storm Pork Chop Hill, kill a hundred commies and live to tell the tale just to keel over now.

There’s too much that needs to be done to save America and only Ed Anger can do it!


Overcome treadmill boredom

How Stephen Fry lost 80lbs in six months


‘Talk show hosts may be accomplices under hate bill’


The Hate Crimes Prevention Act HR 1966 which has passed the Congress by overwhelming margins is now facing hearings in the Senate. The most dangerous part of the Bill which is a direct assault against the First Amendment is that it allows for the prosecution as accomplices in a hate crime for talk show pundits that the person who commits the alleged crime claims to influence their actions.

Here is the essential text:

Whoever transmits in interstate or foreign commerce [radio, TV, internet] any communication, with the intent to coerce, intimidate, harass, or cause substantial emotional distress to a person, using electronic means to support severe, repeated, and hostile behavior, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than two years, or both. (HR 1966, SEC 3, Sec. 881a)

Reverend Ted Pike of the National Prayer Network says that “this means that if any pastor, talk show host or guest, or anyone communicating on radio or the internet is repeatedly “hostile” to the practice of homosexuality and “intends” to cause “substantial emotional distress” in homosexuals, leading to repentance, he is guilty…

This will all sound eerily familiar to Canadian readers and long time American readers of this blog, as well as fans of Mark Steyn and Ezra Levant.

I’ve set up an RSS feed about the Hate Crimes Prevention Act at my Conservative Talk Radio site, that is set to update a few times a day.

I urge everyone who cares about freedom of speech to watch the progress of this Act and do everything they can to prevent its passage into law.


UK: As usual these days, even at ‘conservative’ publications, the real story’s in the comments

Some guy at the Spectator pens a would-be Swiftian bit about how ‘moral panics’ about immigration are nothing new and what about the Irish? and everyone but him is a nasty old racist and whatnot.

(To which I say, well, what ABOUT the Irish. They were so bad that when they moved into to Five Points, the blacks moved out…)

Anyway, he gets a lashing in the comments from ordinary people who aren’t professional journalists and therefore don’t have to worry where their next cocktail party invitation is coming from:

The Irish and the Scots were ethnic caucasian relatives and Christians with long historical associations – in spite of the racissm and fear-mongering they were subjected to, there was no great impediment to integration with British society, which they managed to do pretty well.

Fast forward to THIS century – there are a huge percentage of non-anglo Muslim immigrants who have shown little or no desire to integrate into the host society or, if they do, on their own terms – with such delights as the introduction of Sharia law. Unfortunately their religious bigotry makes it easy for British bigots and racists to prove their point – they don’t want to be a part of the host society, by the tenets of their religion, they want to take it over and will not cease their efforts until all either convert or submit. Liberal apologists like you mate are a part of the problem with your ill-thought out and wrongly directed commentary. You describe the symptoms, not the disease and in doing so offer no prospect of a cure.