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URGENT crappy movie alert — tonight on TCM

TCM’s Friday night “Underground” block has been pretty dull lately, but here’s some good news from Cinema Retro:

Turner Classic Movies is offering a schlock double feature tonight/ Saturday morning at 2:00 AM (EST) as part of their TCM Underground series. You can feast your eyes on back-to-back screenings of Monster a Go-Go (1965), which about a giant astronaut and The Giant Spider Invasion (1975) – well, we’ll leave you brighter readers to figure out what creature grows to disproportionate size in this “epic”.

Both have been honored by being mocked on Mystery Science Theater.


‘Jews are funny people?’

Rabbi Simcha Weinstein has his answer ready, just in time for the release of Apatow’s Funny People. (Scroll down to see the movie’s trailer.)


The difference between Jesus and Mohammed

After Jesus healed that little girl, he didn’t turn around and have sex with her.


Green Jobs Czar not sure what ‘green jobs’ are

My latest post for David Horowitz’s NewsRealBlog…


‘What next? Rodney King getting the Medal of Freedom??’

Ed Anger is NOT impressed by the Beer Summit.


Finally! The Weekly World News iPhone app!

weekly world news iphone app

The Weekly World News app is fully loaded with all your favorite iconic covers — Bat Boy, The Redneck Vampire, Bigfoot’s Baby, World’s Biggest Baby, The Woman Who Slept With 5 Presidents and many more!

And now, YOU can plaster yourself or a friend right into the most shocking headlines on the cover of Weekly World News!

The effortless interface excerpts your face from any photo, renders it in glorious black and white, and adds you to newspaper history!


More news about Bruce Bawer’s lecture in Ottawa

The organizers of the event (which I posted about yesterday) tell me that a generous donor will be providing everyone who attends Bruce Bawer’s talk on September 14 with a free copy of the DVD Obsession!


Harvey Milk: still not dead enough


Does it take a stake through the heart from Umbra or something?

The guy who wrote The Celluloid Closet really was onto something: it’s like you have to be dead to get to be a respectable homosexual.

He wrote that just before he died, of course…


Newt Gingrich has a ‘solid grasp of domestic issues’, alright, especially in parking lots with other men’s wives…

I love Charles Krauthammer as much as anybody — his total hotness upped by the simple fact that he can’t run away — but dude: Larry Kudlow?


Why do ‘progressives’ live in the past?

During the tv panels I used to do, inevitably Sid Ryan or some other dissipated old lefty would smirk and say, “Why do all you people want to go back to the 1950s?”

“You mean to the time before AIDS and rampant divorce and assassinations and epidemic drug use and…?” I took to replying.

But it’s really progressives who live in the past.

Be it the labor conditions of a century ago, or “life” in Dickensian England, or those “evil” 1950s, or a 1998 Law & Order episode about some “Timothy McVeigh” type — progressives see almost everything through the lens of the past, often a semi-fictional one, helpfully distorted by Hollywood and Howard Zinn.

We’ve seen it again with the arrest of Henry Louis Gates, Jr.

Victor Davis Hanson makes the point well, writing about “this well-connected, well-paid Harvard resident apparently wants us to believe that he is living under something like the United States of many decades ago.”

But why? What causes this particularly persistent mental tick?

The answer is simple: when your movement’s best days are behind it, when you could still excuse your stupidity and cruelty by claiming you had no idea your “brilliant” solutions to the world’s problems would actually make the world worse… those seem like the good old days indeed.


‘Only in Britain – a child dressed like a lap-dancer protesting against paedophilia’

Ed West writes:

The paedo-mania was an exercise in displacement by the British working-class, who had recently adopted wholesale fatherlessness and a consumer youth culture that glorified in child sexualisation. Mysterious nonces in dirty macs became suitable bogey figures, when sexual abuse of children was far, far more likely to happen in broken homes at the hands of a mother’s boyfriend.

At its worst this atmosphere makes people reluctant to discipline strangers’ children and puts men off becoming primary school teachers, but on an everyday level it burns out those invisible bonds that make a society.

Exactly: the same working class women who tutt-tuff the loudest and get the most obsessed over the latest child abduction are the same ones who rationalize picking a strange new man over their own children, because “they deserve happiness, too” and so forth.

I know: my mother did it. Commence tisking!


Agreed: ‘Anti-semitism is essentially hatred of capitalism and excellence’

And the jealousy/frustration of low IQ people. Who, by definition, cannot be reasoned with…

George Gilder explains:

Israel epitomizes the excellence and accomplishment of Jewish culture. It is hated by anti-Semites not because of any flaws or legal infractions but because of its unique virtues, which show up and shame the forces of mediocrity everywhere. 


Mexicans vs Muslims: demographics only matter when leftists say so

Mark Steyn writes:

It’s interesting that many of the readers who send me links to analyses arguing that the GOP vote reflects the electoral math of 1972 and hasn’t taken into account the vast demographic changes since then are the same people who insist the far more dramatic demographic changes underway in Europe will have no consequences whatsoever.


Science Czar wasn’t sure babies were really human back in 1973

I tell the tale at my new post at NewsRealBlog.


Bruce Bawer coming to Ottawa on September 14

This just in via email:

Bruce Bawer (author of the new book Surrender: Appeasing Islam, Sacrificing Freedom) to speak at the National Archives Theater

September 14, 2009 – 7PM

Tickets available now at The Ottawa Folklore Center
1111 Bank St. Ottawa and at the door


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