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Chris Matthews: Gates did NOT say “your mamma” — “white guy” cop just made that up

My latest post at looks at Chris Matthews (and his African-American “expert” panelist), who insist that the cop who arrested Gates was “projecting” his own “Irish-American” prejudices about “black jive talk” onto the professor.

Too bad about that video, huh guys?


Congrats to the ‘winners’ of Mark Steyn’s fundraiser for Ezra Levant

Mark Steyn writes:

A Canadian cabinet minister chipped in just before we took down the shingle at midnight, but didn’t quite make the cut, constrained (one would like to think) by the parsimonious salary offered to Ministers of the Crown. At any rate, he was outspent by the private sector.


Another journalist goes to work for the White House

At my latest NewsRealBlog post, I look at the latest reporter to go from hack to flack: Newsweek‘s Daren Briscoe.


Mark Steyn: ‘We’re winning’

Mark Steyn writes:

In the dying moments of our Socktastic Sockquidation Socktacular, I’d like to thank all the folks who swung by in these past 23-plus hours to buy a book, CD, mug or T-shirt and help support Ezra Levant, a great fighter for freedom. Fittingly enough, our biggest-selling item today was the SteynOnline Free Speech Special, containing three books – my own Lights Out, Ezra’s Shakedown, and Kathy Shaidle & Pete Vere’s Tyranny Of Nice – that the state censorship lobby doesn’t want you to read.

I’ve been immensely heartened by the support for Ezra from all corners of the globe, from Finland to the Philippines, from Sydney to Sao Paulo, from Monte Carlo to Moose Jaw.

Tomorrow we’ll announce the winners of our special prizes…


Ed Anger says, ‘Obama is retreating!’

America’s angriest columnist writes:

Obama and his White House employees are going on one of those stupid “retreats” they have at big corporations.

You know what I mean: everybody at the office has to drag themselves out to some fancy place in the woods, and draw crayon pictures and “bond” and “share” with each other and basically act like kindergarten kids!

I tell you: the most terrifying words in the English language aren’t, “We interrupt this program” or even “I’m from the government, and I’m here to help you.” They’re “And now we’re all going to break up into small groups…”


Ann Coulter: ‘How about a national conversation on race hoaxes?’

I’ve posted Ann Coulter’s new column about Henry Louis Gates, Jr. at my Ann Coulter page.


Agreed: ‘Gates should have stood on civil liberties, not race’

Ed Morrissey writes:

James Crowley sounds like an outstanding officer, but arresting someone on their own property for yelling at the police sounds a little strange.  (…)

Had Gates stuck to just those facts, he would have provided a teaching moment and a lesson on civil liberty and the right, at times, to yell at the representatives of our government when they appear to trample on the rights of citizens — even when the citizens are wrong in assuming the motivations involved.

As I was saying…


‘Whoever The Hell This Guy Is’ 2012!


NY civil servant fired for anti-Obama, ‘racist’ Facebook comments

But Bruce Maiman asks the really important question:

…when I read this story, my first thought was, “Does the Manhattan Borough President really need a deputy press secretary?” 


Gates uses ‘n-word,’ foments racism in 1996 video

My latest post at NewsRealBlog looks at a recently re-discovered 1996 video of Professor Henry Louis Gates, Jr., saying that the “only reason” for African-American success is affirmative action, calling Newt Gingrich a racist who apparently thinks blacks live in trees or something, and lots of the usual bitching and moaning.


Ezra Levant speaking at ‘Live Free or Fight!’ conference

Sounds good! Early bird pricing available now:

The ECP CENTRE’s first Eastern Canada conference – in Halifax, September 25 & 26 – is going to be an exciting event.

Canada’s pre-eminent Freedom Fighter Ezra Levant will be our feature speaker on Saturday.

You will also hear from two other champions of freedom: Connie Fournier of freedom blog, Free Dominion, and Scott Brockie, an entrepreneur who was dragged through Ontario’s human rights system by a homosexual activist, but who has lived to tell the story.

At this conference, you will learn about the ongoing assault today against our fundamental liberties in Canada. You will learn about the necessary link between our Judeo-Christian heritage and our tradition of liberty. You will learn about the link between love of child and a parent’s commitment to pick up his sword in this battle.


Worthington: ‘Rein in the Human Rights bureaucracy’

Peter Worthington pens a must-read:

 In a column in the National Post Ezra Levant, who has been battling Alberta human rights zealots, identified seven individuals [including The Guy Who Is Suing Us(tm)] who work for the Canadian Human Rights Commission (CHRC), who also joined neo-Nazi, anti-Semitic, or white hate groups.

It’s not that these individuals are Nazi sympathizers or racists who’ve infiltrated the hallowed halls of human rights activists. They aren’t. What they are, are provocateurs, using the Internet to join suspect hate groups in order to collect evidence against them.

In other words, it’s a form of entrapment.

Intelligence agents joining (penetrating) a group to assess possible treason or subversion, is vastly different from enticing, provoking or encouraging a racist reaction by pretending to be more extreme than the extremists — which is what CHRC provocateurs do.

Levant, has been summoned before human rights tribunals (accused of “hate” for publishing Danish cartoons mocking Islamic terrorism), as has Mark Steyn, for exercising free speech, in a book in which he contends the high birthrate among Muslims will change the demographics of western countries.

In both the above cases human rights bureaucrats have looked foolish to despicable — and have lost credibility among Canadians. At least, one hopes this is the case. The CHRC is, arguably, an often bigoted and unnecessary institution in our country. (…)

CHRC investigators likely see themselves as crusaders, exposing suspect or dangerous organizations and gathering evidence to protect society. Hardly.

Canadian democracy is not threatened by white supremacists or anti-Semites.

PLUS: Calgary Herald editorial today slams Human Rights Commisisons, too, for overriding freedoms enshrined in the Charter.

PLUS: Margaret Wente writes:


”Black men are arrested in greater proportion than whites,’ they squawk’

If Gates is indicative, now we know why.

But just who is this “W. R. Wansley,” I wonder…


‘Dear fellow Jews, what is so hard to understand about ‘we hate your guts’…?’

Laura Rosen Cohen writes:

Here in Canada, the multi-cultural outreach by Jews to Muslim Canadians continues with the Canadian Jewish Congress funding such initiatives as scholarships for Somali Canadians. Where is the reciprocity in these activities? When was the last time you heard about the King Abdullah scholarship for Jews? Or the American Muslim scholarship fund for Jews?

Have you ever been to a Jewish conference where a genocide or an individual death of a Muslim person was described, in theological terms, as being justifiable? Have you ever heard a Jew celebrate when a Muslim has been murdered? When is the last time a Jew gleefully beheaded an enemy, video taped it and uploaded it onto YouTube?

Besides the fact that Somali immigrants are usually Muslim fundamentalists (and therefore, hate Jews) I don’t understand why Canada’s Official Jews are offering “scholarships” to generally low IQ people whose culture places no value on literacy, and who have to be taught how to use toilets when they arrive on our shores.

In other words: net parasites, who won’t contribute anything worthwhile to our nation (unless you thing khat, lousy cab rides, polygamy, female genital mutilation and gang violence are “worthwhile”) for at least a few generations, if that.

Do Canada’s Official Jews really expect that among those receiving “scholarships” (which will put them into college programs they aren’t smart enough to master, leading to humiliating failure) is Canada’s next Honest Ed or Samuel Bronfman? Really??


Will Mark Steyn be joining the gang for that beer at the White House?

Steyn responds to being called a squish, secretly wears one of those “anarchy ‘A’” tee shirts around the house (p.s. hawt)…

Just to be clear: I believe in resisting the intrusions of officialdom at every opportunity — and being “purposefully provoking” of them. (…) My first response to requests for information is “Why?” If the official replies that it’s in the Patriot Act, I ask for chapter-and-verse. And if, as invariably follows, it proves not to be in the Patriot Act, I say sternly that false invocations of national security are themselves a national-security threat, and file an official complaint.


My rule with Customs & Immigration is that the moment it becomes clear you’ve got some bored inspector who wants to jerk you around I call for the supervisor and raise hell. In free societies, the citizenry do not cower before minor functionaries of the state.