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Apartheid: was it all bad?

A white South African man has been granted refugee status in Canada, after an immigration board panel ruled he would be persecuted if he returned home to South Africa, the Ottawa Sun reports.

This is the first time a white South African has been granted refugee status in Canada claiming persecution from black South Africans…


‘I really like Glenn Beck,’ writes Binky

over at FreeCanuckistan:

And given the U.S. Constitution and First Amendment, even if Beck and his audience of ’sick twisted freaks’ are 100% wrong and he is ‘Satan’s Mentally Challenged Younger Brother’– so what? In America, you’re allowed freedom of speech not on the basis of political or even factual correctness, but just because. That’s the important point.

I had no idea Glenn Beck sold such funny shirts about himself.


Another day, another fake ‘hate crime’

One reason I left the Left was my growing awareness that most of our motivational myths were exaggerations, if not outright lies:

“Roe” of Roe v. Wade hadn’t been raped after all; no one died at Three Mile Island; “progressive” Cuba was a racist, homophobic hell hole; the Kennedys were assassinated by leftists, not “right wingers”; Alger Hiss was guilty, and so were the Rosenbergs and Sacco & Vanzetti…

If our cause is so righteous, I mused, why do we have to invent martyrs and fudge our facts? I never got more than a smirk for an answer.

I guess the truth is: as long as a complicit mainstream media refuses to expose these fake “hate crimes” for what they really are, the tactic of lying continues to “work” for the Left.

In other words, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it — or better yet: break it yourself…

(Keep reading my latest post at David Horowitz’s NewsReal blog…)


Thanks (again) for your generous donations

Especially in this lousy economy — I really appreciate it, everyone!


Online talk radio stations: ‘the only guide you’ll ever need’

I’m a lifetime member of the Ultimate Internet Talk Radio Directory. As I’ve said before: I use mine every day.

Now there’s a NEW, very short video showing you how the Ultimate Internet Talk Radio Directory works.

I’ve posted the video, along with praise from another lifetime member, at a new web page…


Ed Anger says: ‘Don’t pull Grandma Obama’s plug!’

America’s angriest columnist writes:

Anyway, the libs wanna name the new health care laws about Ted Kennedy, and that’s pretty smart, when you think about it: after all, under the new plan, we’ll all be left to die a slow and painful death too, just like Ted’s girlfriend!

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Best article I’ve read yet about Ted Kennedy’s life & career

Kyle Smith writes:

The [anti-busing] protesters were not just Kennedy’s constituency; they were the dead center of it, working-class Irish Catholics who “helped build the Kennedy dynasty . . . Many continued to hang Jack’s picture in their living rooms,” (…)

The crowd jeered Kennedy for about five minutes, then many turned their backs and began singing, “God Bless America.” That was too much for Ted. Without speaking, he walked away.

His decision to flee infuriated the crowd further. He was pelted with tomatoes as “he took refuge in the federal building named after his brother,” (…)

The symbolism was perfect. Here was a man who said he spoke for the people proving himself literally unable to speak to the people. Here was a man who argued that government was the citizens’ shelter, using a government building as a fortress against the hoi polloi. That he literally took cover under his brother’s name was the topper.



‘…nothing can prepare you for the yawning chasm of time that passes in Canada before the healthcare system actually does any healthcare…’

Jeremy Clarkson makes the mistake of visiting Quebec:

Seven hours after the accident, in a country widely touted to be the safest and best in the world, he applied 16 stitches that couldn’t have been less neat if he’d done them on a battlefield, with twigs. And then the anaesthetist arrived to wake the boy up. In French.


‘Here in Rome, Ted Kennedy is nobody…’

He’s a legend with his own constituency.

If he had influence in the past, it was only with the Archdiocese of Boston, and that eventually disappeared too.”


It marks the passing of a generation that thought that being Catholic, Democratic, and pro–New Deal were synonymous. We now live in an age where many Catholic Americans are very happy to be described as pro-market and are suspicious of New Deal–like solutions — as, of course, they are entitled to be in a way that they are not on, for example, life issues. Senator Kennedy had it exactly the wrong way around. (…)

This also marks the passing of a certain type of cultural Catholicism — Northeast, Irish and increasingly Italian, concerned with obtaining political power while maintaining an identification with the Church, yet happy to relinquish the substance of the faith if it gets in the way.


Rich white liberals + poor black liberals = mortgage meltdown, says… liberal

All funded by extorted white middle class conservatives’ tax dollars.

Told ya:

Our Lot: How Real Estate Came to Own Us by Alyssa Katz, a liberal journalist and NYU journalism professor who writes for Mother Jones, is the best book yet on how the sacred cause of “diversity” merged with pedal-to-the-metal capitalism to bring us the Great Mortgage Meltdown.

The book hasn’t garnered the attention it deserves—probably because it makes clear the bipartisan responsibility of both her opponents on the Right and her friends on the Left.

Katz is remarkably frank about how government programs and political pressure to boost minority homeownership helped blow up the economy. She’s particularly good at explicating how leftist housing activists, such as ACORN and  Gale Cincotta, the godmother of the Community Reinvestment Act, worked with  Democratic politicians such as Bill Clinton, HUD Secretary  Henry Cisneros, and Jim Johnson, CEO of Fannie Mae, to lay the groundwork for the Bubble and Bust.

Katz doesn’t devote quite as much depth to the Bush Administration’s culpability (which, to my mind, is even greater). Perhaps she lacked Republican contacts to give her the kind of inside story she got on her own party’s mistakes.

Still, Our Lot makes clear that on housing policy, the Clinton-Bush years form a single continuum with one overarching plan: boost the minority homeownership rate by lowering credit standards. I call it the Era of Multi-Culti Capitalism.

And there’s little reason to think that its lessons have been learned yet. 


Fortuitously for me, Our Lot fills in the political backstory of my own in-laws’ lives. My wife grew up in Austin, which had been a peaceful, densely populated working class where small children could play safely on the crowded sidewalks. Suddenly, in the late 1960s, middle class blacks began buying into the neighborhood.


All negative outcomes are only ‘unimaginable’ to the unimaginative

Alas, the ‘unimaginative’ also happen to be the ones who run the world:

Having seen the impact of the Great Depression, it must have been unimaginable to Beveridge that anyone would choose to live on benefit in preference to being in work. Given the ethos of the age, it was not just wishful thinking to assert that the state should not stifle incentive or responsibility.

Society today is very different. Stigma has been abolished. To live on benefits has become a lifestyle choice. In many families there is no memory of anyone working. Ours is a culture of entitlement, a word coined to minimise shame and maximise claiming. As a result, taxpayers have spent £346 billion on payments to those out of work since Tony Blair entered No 10.


At least in America the destructive advance of welfare has been questioned and slowed because most Americans still have an antipathy for government intervention in people’s lives.

Also, for many poor Americans religious faith has sustained their sense of purpose and self-esteem.

In Britain — maybe throughout western Europe — belief in work, vocation, community, family and God have declined together. Being workless and feeling worthless often go together. For a large group of people today, life has no goals. At best, the unrealisable hope of winning the lottery or appearing on Big Brother has supplanted the traditional appetite for qualifications and careers. 


How many villages does it take to change a lightbulb?

obama granmother lights

“Mama Sarah Obama, the US President’s grandmother flicks on the lights after Greenpeace installed a Solar power system at her home in Kogelo Village, Kenya.”

PS: you know his brother still lives in a hut, right?

And don’t forget about the deportation dodging auntie in public housing.

But don’t worry:

Obama’s all about helping and giving and caring and sharing!

Look at what he says, not what he does — just like you did with Ted Kennedy.


I was nowhere near British Columbia

The BC Human Rights Tribunal premises were flooded during the night of August 24, 2009…


Ontario taxpayers fund annual festival celebrating Adolph Hilter

Ooops, I mean: George Bernard Shaw…

In 1910, the eugenic extremist George Bernard Shaw lectured at London’s Eugenics Education Society about mass murder in lethal chambers. Shaw proclaimed, “A part of eugenic politics would finally land us in an extensive use of the lethal chamber. A great many people would have to be put out of existence, simply because it wastes other people’s time to look after them.”


This campaign to exterminate all those deemed socially or medically unworthy was not conducted by the worst segments of our society but by the elite of the American establishment. They saw themselves as liberals, progressive, do-gooders—and even utopians— trying to create a more perfect society.


‘My parents have moved onto our land as they didn’t want to live under ObamaCare in the last years of their lives…’

The elderly among us have all made the decision to live free or die…

Oh! Did I mention that our kids are here as well? Brian, I brought them up to be independent as possible and when the Education Czar didn’t like either of their mandatory 3rd year Change I Can Believe In essays describing how they would make the world a better place for all, the Compliance Czar got a copy.

Blacklisted as ideologically undesirable, which you are familiar with, unable to work since many corporations actually belong to the government, so they live with us and are as happy as… Well no. I can’t lie. They are unhappy. They had such dreams and hopes for their future. They don’t mind the farm, but they both wanted to be able to choose their own way through life.