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Why is the only place I get my domain names, site forwarding and stuff

Since way back when I first used to buy the domain name “,” and used their Web Site Forwarding option to link it to that old Blogspot site, is the only company I’ve used for that stuff.

I bought “” (plus its various iterations), “” and other domain names. Plus I set up a basic Do-It-Yourself site/domain name/dedicated email addy for my latest book, The Tyranny of Nice, because I didn’t like the publisher’s official one.

I did all that through Why? I forget why I first started using them, but I stick with them because their customer service is great.

Not that I’ve had to contact them too often. But I still remember one fellow I dealt with years ago. I had an embarrassing newbie question and he was friendly, knowledgeable and helpful. I never forgot it.

Yesterday, I had to call again. If you tried to get to yesterday afternoon, you might have been startled to see a placeholder where my page should be.

That’s because I did something really stupid under my Site Forwarding options and took my own site off-line.

I called and got a terrific young woman on the line who didn’t make me feel like a moron.

She walked me through a fix, but when that didn’t work, she worked some magic on her end and assured me that FiveFeetOfFury would be back up within 12 to 24 hours.

And it was back up in more like 12 minutes.

But before that, she’d sent me her email address and told me to keep in touch if I needed anything else.


George Jonas: repeal Canada’s hate speech laws

George Jonas writes:

A law that takes an “expansive” view of discriminatory conduct based on the subjective feelings of groups selected to be immunized against existential trauma, then bases censure or sanctions against conduct that falls short of this standard, not on what the “actors” had actually done or intended to do, but on the effect their actions may have had on the most hostile or sensitive or vulnerable member of an immunized group, and finally adds insult to injury by describing this arbitrary, coercive and iniquitous process as “a non-adjudicative resolution of a ‘dispute,’” turns society into a mixture between Orwell’s 1984 and a Monty Python skit. (…)

When Canada’s human rights industry, emboldened by its success with netting small fry — a teacher here, a preacher there — set its sights on the big fish swimming in the mainstream media, it opened itself to the risk of running into Moby Dick. As it happened, it ran into a whole school, from Ken Whyte’s harpoon-resistant Maclean’s magazine to a mix between a whale and a mongoose named Ezra Levant, and of course the world’s only cetacean with a sense of humor, Mark Steyn.

The biggest whale turned out to be the Internet itself, looming immense, committed solidly to the freedom of the seas. The good ship CHRC was no match against such fish.


Dear Muslims: this is why people hate you

From our “Go Back Where You Came From” file: another day, another (attempted) honor killing in America.

PLUS: Christie Blatchford asks — hey, how come we never see those leprechauns unicorns moderate Muslims we’re always hearing about:

Imam my arse: The late Luqman Ameen Abdullah was a convicted criminal (felonious assault and carrying a concealed weapon), born and raised in Detroit, who is better known as Christopher Thomas.

Mosque my arse: The Masjid Al-Haqq belonged to a group that called itself “Ummah” which was founded and headed by Jamil Abdullah Al-Amin, also known as H. Rapp Brown, the former Black Panther who is currently serving a life sentence for shooting two police officers.

And no one on the poor, black, west side of Detroit, where the Al-Haqq was based, or anyone at the Muslim Alliance in North America (MANA), a newish national network of masjids, where Imam Luqman sat on the organization’s governing shura, had the faintest idea what was going on. Of course. No one ever does. 


German people are different than Chinese people

Says Chinese woman who lives in Germany.

She must be a racist!!


See, that’s my trouble right there…

From the Brazen Careerist:

Countless studies show people would rather have pleasant and personable co-workers than a co-worker who is always right.

Eighty percent of adults with Asperger Syndrome do not have full-time work. This not because they can’t do the work. It’s that they can’t manage to be socially acceptable while they get the work done.


People with Asperger Syndrome are dying to please everyone around them. People with Asperger Syndrome don’t want to stand out or be the center of attention. They just want to get along with people and have things run smoothly.

Never mind then…

When I first got sober, it was in the days when the big self-help phrase in “the rooms” was “Now, now: would you rather be happy, or would you rather be right.”

This never had the mindblowing effect on me it must have had on thousands of morons. My answer was:

“Being right makes me happy.”

I never met anyone with a good comback.

And that made me happy.


Best line of the week

One of my Facebook friends muses:

Maybe the coyote just needed some ‘Canadian content’…”

This is second to the black transvestite on Jerry Spring on Friday. After getting dissed by a Middle Eastern guy in the audience, she yelled back, “So who’s minding the 7/11 right now…?”


But I look like Hillary Clinton, so that leaves me where?

This article about “right wing women” by a (very brave) Canadian columnist is getting a bit of traction.

While I like the overall sentiment, I also bemoan the fact that the Official Right seems to have laid down a Sarah Palin/Ann Coulter aesthetic standard for conservative women.

It is just as conformist to wear miniskirts well into middle age because Coulter has inadvertently made it THE uniform, as it is to let yourself go a la Andrea Dworkin because you think you’re making a political statement by not shaving your armpits.

Three inch heels have turned into the “bowties” of conservtive women. Look, it’s fun once in a while, but seriously? I’m just as likely to wear my leaky Chucks (yes… well into middle age…)

Women are under 24/7 pressure about their appearance from age 4 on. We “watch ourselves being watched” every waking hour.

Is it really necessary to impose a new “thing” we have to cope with?

Aren’t we supposed to be into individuality…?


Obama’s Halloween: new Steven Crowder video


How (we) bloggers fought state censorship in Canada

Rebekah Hebbert pens a must-read:

It looked like another tedious social conservative-type stand-off where a few “radicals” stormed around talking a lot and achieving nothing while the status quo slipped blithely along without registering more than an occasional little ripple.

But this time it was different. This time they got publicity. This time they got the attention of their opponents and had them squealing. This time they gained momentum. This time, although it is far to early to be sure, victory is starting to look rather likely, if not very likely. This time they aren’t withering in obscurity, they are not on the defensive, they are on the offensive and the enemy is retreating and deserting rapidly.

How could this happen and what can we learn from it? 


Victoria’s Secret: The Hate Crime!


PLUS: teenage gang-raping Mexicans; this tidbit:

Back in the 1960s, the Air Force officer qualifying exam had a 100 item Officer Biographical Inventory. The latter was a personality test that asked about “past experiences, preferences, and certain personality characteristics related to measures of officer effectiveness.” It inquired into enthusiasm for sports and hunting, and was only vaguely correlated with IQ.

(A retired Air Force test psychologist told me that this section was later dropped because women did very poorly on it, and urban and suburban youths didn’t do as well as country boys. “It was politically incorrect, but”—he recalled wistfully—“It was a predictor of success as an officer.”)

And finally:

Dispatching more troops to Afghanistan would be a monumental bet and probably a bad one, most likely a waste of lives and resources that might simply empower the Taliban.

In particular, one of the most compelling arguments against more troops rests on this stunning trade-off: For the cost of a single additional soldier stationed in Afghanistan for one year, we could build roughly 20 schools there.


No Talk Radio Watch column this week, but…

There are some good newsbites about conservative talk radio at week’s end, via Talkers Magazine, including a concerning new hire at the FCC, and reports of “shots fired” at Lou Dobb’s house (?!)

Mark Steyn, Jonah Goldberg and Jay Nordlinger will be on the James Allen Show this Saturday, 8PM (MST) (There’s a free podcast you can subscribe to.)


Yesterday, Glenn Beck focused on the threats to free speech under the Obama administration, beginning as early as the Obama campaign. (You may remember Obama supporters’ attempts to make criticism of the candidate illegal…)

Here’s part one. The rest of the clips are up at YouTube as well, labeled “B”, “C” etc.

Yes, Glenn Beck is a carnival barker.

BUT: would you sit still for a straight “60 Minutes” type expose about this stuff, which requires keeping track of dozens of previously unknown Democratic insiders and obscure acronyms?

Have you ever thought that those boring straight “investigative reports” exist only for the sake of self-satisfied “hero” journalists on the liberal side?

And that they criticize Beck’s “outrageous” “unprofessional” presentations because they are the first things to threaten their stranglehold on the public mind to come along in a long time?–ZDY


‘If comedians can’t be offensive, who can?’

Via Spiked:

So when Carr said, ‘Say what you like about these servicemen amputees from Iraq and Afghanistan, but we’re going to have a fucking good Paralympic team in 2012’, guess how those present responded? Did their jaws drop, aghast at a comedian’s insensitivity towards the British Army? Did others simply wheel themselves out in disgust? No. They laughed. And they laughed because they were at a comedy gig listening to jokes.

All it took though was for one person to decide that it was offensive, and from then on the gusts of proxy outrage keep the thing moving.  (…)

Even Olympic swimmer Rebecca Adlington ought not to be beyond the purview of comedians, despite the BBC Trust recently criticising news satire programme Mock the Week for precisely that: making fun of Adlington. Frankie Boyle described her as resembling ‘someone who’s looking at themselves in the back of a spoon’. Cruel, yes, given her long, droopy nose and small, recessive forehead, but funny too, given her long, droopy nose and small, recessive forehead.


An atheist explains why his fellows hate Mother Teresa — and scolds them for their fixation on her. A must-read.


‘Islamophobia Machine’!

UPDATE: I’ll try to get the official video/audio of Lord Pearson’s speech, which was extremely impressive and inspiring. For now, here is Vlad Tepes’ interview with Lord Pearson in the hallway:

UPDATE: I sat beside Scaramouche both days. Here’s a report.


I’m back from DC. Only caught a glimpse of the monuments, lit up as we drove in very late Monday night.

We being Bjorn Larsen and James Cohen of the International Free Press Society, Fred Litwin of Gay and Right, and Mary Lou Ambrogio from London’s Forest City Institute.

It was all business from that morning on. One day I’ll go back to DC and visit everything I missed, but our Free Speech Conference was held in the Congressional Auditorium, so that sated any “white marble” fix I might have had.

The Baron was there too, and has a fine summary of who was there and what happened.

Soon James will be sending me his interviews with some of the luminaries. As well, the IFPS will be making official videos of the event available shortly.

But I couldn’t wait to share the reaction of unindicted terrorism co-conspirators CAIR, who sent a spy on day two. He was quickly turfed, because there is no unauthorized filming allowed in the Congressional Auditorium, and he was trying to film things. (He leaves that out of his story.)

And let’s just say that the CAIR spy’s memory of what he saw and heard is a little different than mine… Especially when he does a little projecting about what one participant allegedly said to him. See dude: YOU’RE the ones who do the beheading.


Me three.

UPDATE: contest for “Worst Breast Cancer Awareness Product”

I blogged about this last week, and it turns out Ann Althouse and Andrea Harris agree, so…

Shut up about breast cancer awareness. We are so frickin aware I’m gonna vomit. People are always “raising awareness” about things everybody knows about. It is the activism of cowards. Especially women, who are so desperate for safety and approval.

When I got lupus there was this big pull to “get involved” with what I call the “bourgeois disease complex”: the annual “months” and ribbons and in the case of lupus, really corny mascots like butterflies. I think I willed myself into remission just to avoid it. It was all so… female. Ugh.

Look: we all have to die of something eventually. This means you. Life is about pain and suffering, and compared to the last hundred generations, we’ve got it really good. Why can’t people just face that and spend their time doing something useful like reading a book or something?

And if you lost a family member to some disease… honestly? Nobody really cares. They pretend to because they think they’re supposed to but they only care about their family and friends (if they’re normal).

PS: Andrea? Norman Lear pretty much invented the “women with breast cancer need to stop feeling like they have a shameful secret” thing when Edith found a lump on her breast on All In The Family. Liberals get 90% of their ideas from TV shows and movies. This is an actual fact; if you push them long enough, they will admit that they know about the Vietnam War from Oliver Stone movies, for instance.

Basically, what passes for “political philosophy” among leftwing men under 50 is:


Come and get me, you fairies


Apparently it’s a “slap in the face of First Nations people” to list off some of the many things the Europeans brought to Canada.

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