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‘Rather than organizing Islamic Apartheid Week…’

writes IsraPundit:

1. Hitler believe in the Aryan race. Islam believes in the supremacy of the Ummah and Dimmitude,
2. Hitler made Europe Yudenrein and the Arabs made their countries, Yudenrein,
3. The Grand Mufti had a close working relationship with Hitler, organized Muslim troops in Bosnia for him and tried to organize the Arabs to “kill the Jews”,
4. Hitler’s Nuremberg Laws which removed Jewish rights were predated by the Koran which removes rights from Jews and others,
5. Both Hitler and the Koran advocated killing Jews,
6. Both Hitler and the Koran justified lying and breaking of agreements to achieve goals…


The unexpected downside to mass home ownership

Scragged on “America the Immobile”:

Is this a sudden and profound change in the mindset of Americans?  It’s possible that people would rather stay unemployed at home in Mom’s basement than move across the country to find a paying job.   (…)

We seem to find a lot of Americans way too attached to the houses they “own” even if, in reality, they owe so much on their mortgage that they don’t own anything at all.  For decades, Michigan was the archetype of stable middle-class homeowning America; now, thanks to the collapse of Detroit auto manufacturing, houses there can be had for a song.  Yet there is 50% unemployment in Detroit, and levels not much lower in the surrounding area.

How is this even possible?  Surely at least some of those people have enough residual ambition to up-stakes for elsewhere, considering that anywhere else has more jobs than Michigan?  Nope: many Michiganders can’t bear to abandon the home they paid so much for, even though it’s now worthless.  


Hockey stick turns out to be harpoon

Thank God for computer skrimshaw modelling!


An armed (Anglo-Saxon) society is a polite society

From the must-read Gun Rights Examiner. He should be on your daily list to visit if he isn’t already:

A teacher has been shot and killed in a school parking lot. It’s not necessary to go into specific details of the incident, which are easy enough to find, but I will provide some observations that are generally applicable.

Schools are, for the most part, legally-designated “gun free zones” as far as “ordinary citizens” are concerned.

That did not stop the killer.

The killer had a restraining order placed against him.

That did not stop him.

The killer had been arrested for violating the restraining order.

That did not stop him.

ROs and violations typically result in orders to surrender firearms.

That did not stop him.

It is illegal to stalk someone.

That did not stop him.

It is illegal to murder someone.

That did not stop him.

The only thing that stopped the killer was another person with a gun.


Dawn in America: Part Two

Brian Brady (who needs a book contract, pronto) writes:

The economic decline of the 1930s was some 25 years after the implementation of the assembly line at Ford Motor Company.  It took that long for the economy to absorb the shift from a mostly agrarian society to a manufacturing society.  It was no easy shift, either.


Is it any surprise that the current economic decline happened some 25 years after IBM’s introduction of the PC?  Is this really a “failure of capitalism”, as Van Jones might have you believe, or an unexpected response to the Fed trying to prop up a an economy that was shifting away from mature industries and towards growth industries?   I don’t think we’re recessing, I think we’re progressing to a more abundant society and I think the internet is one of the technologies that will help us get there.


I still am unclear about how to really profit from this information revolution but I see entrepreneurship alive and well in that sector.  Make no mistake about it, the Government will try to find a way to control this growth.  Soon, you may hear that the internet is so essential to our nation’s commerce that we can’t afford leave its maintenance and operation solely to “for-profit” enterprises.  When that won’t work, they’ll just jail the innovators for being too successful.  Reject that tyranny lest I have to say “I told you so”.


The key to understanding me, should you care…

This girl’s is the face I see when I look in the mirror.

It’s taken me many years and various chemical experiments, but I’ve reached the point where I (mostly) don’t mind.

I can’t wait to read this book. She was my hero:


More talk radio stuff

I’ve posted my usual follow up to Talk Radio Watch at RWN.

It gives me a chance to post stuff that happened after I file my column (which is Friday morning.)

It includes a transcript of Mark Steyn’s chat with Hugh Hewitt about those “secondhand dentures,” and more.

Speaking of which: the new Richocet podcast is up (and still FREE)! Sounds like Steyn’s power went out, but they “persevere as guest Andrew Breitbart creates his own storm with Media Matters and liberals in general. We talk about the health care summit, play ‘Who’s Your Favorite Lefty’ and Andrew and Rob reveal their secret admiration for filmmaker John Waters…”

PS: if you’ve ever wondered why people listen to Glenn Beck’s radio show (which is a bit different than his TV program), listen to the bit below.

If you need a laugh, I promise this will do the trick:



Talk Radio Watch: Feb 22-26

My NEW Talk Radio Watch column is now up at WND!

Check out all the FREE audio and webcam highlights from the week in conservative talk radio: Rush Limbaugh, Mark Levin, Glenn Beck and many more.


Does America ever wished it’d picked its own lettuce?

Another day, another Mexican.


‘CPAC didn’t get it’

Lee Duigon writes:

But there was no humility at CPAC, no communal prayer, no repentance.  Aside from a brilliant and passionate speech by Glenn Beck at the end of the festivities, there was nothing to CPAC but Republican business as usual–same old names, same old faces, same old spineless, heartless quest for power for its own sake.  And they wouldn’t know what to do with that power if they got it.


With all due respect to Ronald Reagan, he was in the White House for eight years and couldn’t stop the rot.  During his presidency, the size and cost and profligacy of government continued to expand unchecked, the culture continued to coarsen and deteriorate.  He pledged to abolish the Department of Education and couldn’t do it. He even appointed conservative icon William Bennett Secretary of Education; but Bennett couldn’t stop the schools from becoming more radical, more anti-family, more anti-Christian, more  dysfunctional.


Not just ‘racist bigots,’ but ‘stupid’ and ‘crazy’

Melanie Philips writes:

Now we further discover, from what was removed from seemingly another early draft, that the aim was not just to implement this policy of mass immigration without the knowledge or consent of the British people.

It was done in the full knowledge that the people actually wanted immigration reduced.

And we also discover that those who expressed such concerns were dismissed with utter contempt as racists – and it was further suggested that ministers should manipulate public opinion in an attempt to change people’s attitudes.

They did this mainly because they hated what Britain was, a largely homogeneous society rooted in 1,000 years of history. They therefore set out to replace it by a totally new kind of multicultural society – and one in which the vast majority of newcomers could be expected to vote Labour.

And now we know that in their hearts, Labour politicians hold the great mass of the public, many of them their own voters, in total contempt as racist bigots – all for wanting to live in a country whose identity they share.

There could hardly be a more worthy issue for the Conservative Party to leap upon. Yet their response is muted through their own visceral terror of appearing racist.

Ezra Levant was the one who finally put into words something I’d been struggling to articulate for what seems like forever.

Almost as a throwaway line in Shakedown, he mused about all the “crazy” “right wing Nazis” who seemed to be the only ones brave or nutty enough to challenge Canada’s self-appointed censors — making it so hard for timid/right thinking people to want to side with them against the bureaucracy.


Yes, but…

You might have decided your fellow men are rotten to the core, and you’re weary of their company. Listen to the music of Mozart, or look upon the work of Michelangelo, and consider the argument of those who profoundly disagree. Maybe part of your problem is that you’ve been listening to the wrong music, or looking at the wrong pictures. Dark waters are easy to drown in. The judgment of the human race will not lack witnesses for the defense, and they will make their case to you, if you give them a chance.

Beautiful prose can only take you so far. The real takeaway:

Outstanding essay. Depth, nuance, compassion, inspiration.

For you who are prone to suicidal depression, the time to absorb the wisdom of these words is when you are not ill. Inscribe them on your heart for a time when you will need them. It is too late when the vortex is pulling you under. You are delusional. You are beyond rational thought. You cannot read, you cannot think, you cannot see. You can only feel: excruciating, unimaginable, unendurable, and unending pain. When you are in that place, you know these precious words will only mock you. So learn them now.


Ed Anger says: ‘Health care makes me sick!’

America’s angriest columnist is angry:

Boy, that Communist in Chief sure is touchy. A few times, I’m pretty sure I saw the computer parts in his head blowing a fuse!

The CIA must be kicking themselves for not buying better parts to build their Obama robot – where did they get them from? Toyota?

Yeah, I told you for years those Japs would get their revenge on us for nuking them, and it is finally happening. Those clever Japs have been putting crappy parts in those dinky cars they send us, so we’ll all die and they can take over America!

Toyota is working with Obama to kill us all! It’s all over the TV, people! How much more proof do you want?


Huge victory for free speech in Canada today

Another win for the Canadian Constitution Foundation:

In a decision released February 25, the 3-member court ruled that William Whatcott did not violate section 14(1)(b) of the Saskatchewan Human Rights Code by distributing flyers to oppose the teaching of homosexuality in Saskatoon’s public schools.

The Court set aside a Human Rights Tribunal Order that Mr. Whatcott pay $17,500 to four gay complainants who were offended by his flyers.


“This court decision is good news for free speech,” stated lawyer John Carpay, Executive Director of the CCF (…)

“Unfortunately, the court did not strike down the restrictions on free speech. But nothing prevents our federal and provincial politicians from repealing these laws,” continued Carpay.


Liberals teach each other how to use phone, listen to radio, stuff.

You think I’m kidding.

But as I reveal in my latest post at David Horowitz’s NewsReal blog, the DNC has a new website devoted to raising up a new generation of “seminar callers” to conservative talk radio.

Yep. That should work as well as the current generation of “seminar callers”…

(Hint: the fact that the people you are trying to fool already have a special name just for you should have been your first clue…)

But hey, these are the same people who apparently can’t even feed their own children properly, so.