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‘How much would it cost to bribe new mothers not to name their daughters Qua-neshia?’

An unusual and much-heralded program that gave poor families cash to encourage good behavior and self-sufficiency has so far had only modest effects on their lives…


Forget politicians: unelected permanent bureaucrats are THE problem

Isn’t it funny that union thugs still look like union thugs, even if they’re with the teachers’ union?


CNN loses ‘dozens’ of viewers (continued)

My latest post at David Horowitz’s NewsReal blog looks at those godawful CNN ratings, and includes Mark Steyn’s “explanation” on the Rush Limbaugh show yesterday:

Mark Steyn quipped that CNN’s problem’s might well be attributable to its inescapable ubiquity on airport TV screens. “This is why people hate CNN,” said Steyn. “They associate it with canceled flights…”


‘Shock Corridor’ (1963)

The greatest of the “guy pretends to be insane so he can get into the nuthouse for some reason” flicks, Sam Fuller’s B+ Shock Corridor (1963) is most notorious for featuring a black inmate who believes he’s a white supremacist.

Take that, Bubba Ho-tep!

(Many thanks to Trailers from Hell for bringing back their embed code.)


‘The whole project was bootlegged…’

This is how smart people get things done.


Ezra Levant: ‘Free speech on the march’

Levant returns to his blog after one of the busiest weeks of his life.


Canadian Senate holds inquiry on freedom of speech (UPDATED)

Yesterday, Senators Duffy, Finley and others delivered stirring speeches condeming Canada’s “hate speech” laws and our out of control “Human Rights” Commissions.

Whether or not it is a coincidence that this inquiry took place right after Ann Coulter’s visit to Canada, I don’t know. I imagine it takes more than a few days to put something like this together. However, Coulter’s visit is mentioned in the speeches, and the U of O provost’s stupid letter to her was condemned, along with the behaviour of the student mobs.

BlazingCatFur has posted the speeches.

UPDATE: Mark Steyn comments at length.

And Romeo Dallaire can shut up about his own uselessness anytime now, thanks. Canada isn’t Rwanda; that is, we aren’t populated entirely by backward, low IQ tribal savages.




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That’s how many of your extorted tax dollars that University of Ottawa provost and known Frenchman Francoise Houle (his real name — artist’s rendering, left) gets paid every year, to write nasty, embarrassing letters to Ann Coulter and — well, nobody else actually.


Andrew Breitbart: ‘Walk towards the fire’

I run hot and cold on the subject of Breitbart. This is a “hot”:


I’m on RoadKill Radio tonight around 11:15 PM ET (UPDATE w/audio)

BC’s voice for freedom, RoadKill Radio, invited me on to talk about Ann Coulter, Guy Earle and all things free and speechy.

Other guests include Jennifer Marshall from the Heritage Foundation, and global warming skeptic, Dr. Ron Robinson.

You can listen LIVE starting 7:30PM PT or listen to the archived show later.


Apparently we had a bad phone line, so my apologies for any blips. I think it went well other than that! Listen FREE here.


Polls show that most polls are stupid

My new post at David Horowitz’s NewsReal blog looks at that “Americans think Obama is the anti-Christ” poll — and the CJR/ABC News debunking of same.

More on the smackdown here.


‘Inside McLuhan’s Head’: an excerpt

Generation X author Douglas Coupland has a new book I guess I’m gonna have to read now…

Marshall McLuhan’s brain was fuelled by fresh blood from the heart through not one but two arteries at the base of his skull, a trait in the mammalian world found mostly in cats and rarely in human beings.  (…)

Why mention this medical information? To establish that Marshall was not merely different but very different, and it wasn’t simply in the way he thought; rather, it was because of the biological mechanisms that made and allowed him to think what he thought.

Marshall exhibited throughout his life a certain sense of obliviousness about the physical world—he was the epitome of the absent-minded professor. He couldn’t drive a car. (…) Marshall had created a rich inner life. Why leave it if he didn’t have to?

Perhaps this disassociation, along with others of Marshall’s traits, should be placed on an autistic spectrum. For example, there was Marshall’s hypersensitivity to noise and sounds—loud and/or sudden and/or unwanted. The man disliked disruption of daily patterns. He disliked being touched or jostled. He loved ritual. He punned (punning is a form of disinhibition related to neural wiring in the brain’s limbic system). Marshall was also obsessed with words and memorization, and he was, it has been said, oblivious—not cripplingly so, but it did alter his ability to communicate in person in a way that, if nothing else, probably didn’t help him. Older people interpreted his obliviousness as arrogance; young people interpreted it as cool.


CNN loses ‘dozens’ of viewers


Wait, look! I found them!


Ten bucks says she gets the NAACP Image Award next year

Booker Rising posts a “video of Erykah Badu walking and stripping at former President John F. Kennedy’s assassination site in Dallas. With children nearby.”

More here.


Europe trades 6 million Jews for 20 million Muslims

How’s that working out?