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More about Nielson Ratings (from an industry insider)

My new post at David Horowitz’s NewsReal blog offers some firsthand information from an (anonymous) dude who used to work in TV and stuff.

UPDATE: story now includes priceless “I just happen to have Marshall Macluhan right here…” moment in the comments!

PLUS: ABC News slashes 400 jobs as broadcast evening news shows keep tanking.


Canada’s chief censor: Canada’s anti-free speech law will stay on the books

Brian Lilley reports:

Last fall there were hearings by the House of Commons Justice Committee to review the section with a mind to revise or repeal. This week Chief Commissioner Jennifer Lynch told me that the committee is no longer reviewing that matter and no other body in the federal government is taking it up.

There is “an inquiry” in the Senate but one Senator tells me that amounts to nothing more than speeches and no matter how good the speeches are, nothing will come of it.


Asking Ms. Lynch this week about changing well documented problem behaviours in the CHRC, she tried to tell me that they are rated as one of the best places to work by civil servants and that they are continually improving.

“We are proud of how we accomplish our work,” says Lynch. I just wish the rest of us could.


CNN hires dumb guy who thinks other people are dumb

But when he talks like an idiot, it’s just “animated vernacular”. Behold, affirmative action in action! Thank God nobody’s watching CNN anyhow.


Illegal Mexicans: raping and hacking to death black kids that Americans won’t?

Somehow not “racist” or a “hate crime” however:

“They cut my niece’s face off,” said John McClain, who is Hightower’s great-uncle, and the chaplain of the Newark Police Department. “They cut her from cheek to cheek. They left her head hanging.”



Werewolves on Wheels (1971):

One of the great titles.

One of the great posters.

One of the worst biker movies.



You know that ‘Glenn Beck’s ratings are tanking’ meme?

Yeah, this one?

Well, never mind.


Another day, another Muslim ‘charity’ with ties to terrorism?


“Though IRFAN-Canada denies it, and though it launched a defamation lawsuit to clear its name, there have been allegations that the organization is a fundraising front for Hamas, including a 2004 report by the Israeli Intelligence and Terrorism Information Centre (IITIC).

And better yet: they’re headquartered right here in Toronto!



Young fogey/careerist hack Conor Friedersdorf calls Mark Levin a liar.

How can that go wrong?!?

Tune in tonight to find out. (Starts 6PM ET in most markets.)


Adventures in Canada’s $2-billion gun registry, part XVII

But just think of all the great restaurants!

Two teens under court orders not to have firearms are charged in a string of violent gunpoint heists of TTC subway collectors. (…)

Charged are: Gordie McDonald Guled Ismail, 19, of Toronto, and a 19-year-old man who was 17 when some of robberies occurred and can’t be identified.


As a matter of fact, Rick Ungar…

When it comes to “employees being terrified to speak up for fear of losing their jobs,” I can think of few things more “progressive.”


Thank God for the police!

Meet “the man who put an end to our long national nightmare of … flag-related violence?”

Clearly dude had this on the brain. Note: in spite of appearances, the 1970s are actually over now.

Related: Obama sends SWAT team to… an oil rig.

PS: not fascism, but an incredible simulation! (Except for the giggling.)


Chris Selley works for the National Post and I don’t

See, Chris: “decades after its inception” is one of the best times to “rail against” and “dismiss” any policy. That’s when you’re perfectly positioned to document its disasterous real world results, not just question the (empty) promises made at its inception.


David Solway’s fair assessment of ‘ranting hobo’ ‘spokesdouche’ Glenn Beck

Solway writes:

Ron Radosh points to a polemical earnestness in Beck that can render him prone to misreadings of events and embarrassing assumptions. Some of Beck’s statements obviously do tend to soar over the top, but such fulminations are also a function of talk radio or TV advocacy and are common to media hosts on both sides of the political spectrum. Keith Olbermann, when he is “on,” can reduce Beck to the status of a Trappist monk.

Consider the hatchet job that Olbermann did on new Massachusetts Senator Scott Brown who, according to the MSNBC pundit, is an “irresponsible, homophobic, racist, reactionary, ex-nude model, teabagging supporter of violence against woman and against politicians with whom he disagrees.” I can’t think of anything Glenn Beck has said to rival this upchuck of vulgar bombast, yet Olbermann has largely gotten away with his logorrheic obscenity. Nor does Beck traffic in the trademark snideness of, say, Jon Stewart. And we must remember, too, that political commentary in this day and age has left the requisites of decorum far behind.

David Frum’s serial pummeling of Sarah Palin, for example, looks more like the airing of a private vendetta or some lurid obsession than the development of a reasoned analysis.

PLUS“Has Glenn Beck peaked?”


Ezra Levant mocks David ‘Manson’ Suzuki

Remember this?

Ezra Levant reacts:

I wonder what “level of maggot” he would classify himself as now — an enormously wealthy man with several homes and a jet-set lifestyle…


Mark Steyn tells off cartoonist Molly ‘My bulletproof peace sign t-shirt will protect me!’ Norris

More proof that women shouldn’t be allowed to vote…

That’s why we’re all down on you. You took a bad situation and made it worse. You announced that at last there was a liberal progressive who was going to stand up to Islamic intimidation – and then you caved, in nothing flat. And even then I could have forgiven you, if it weren’t for the final self-humiliating coup de grace of your crappy peace-sign T-shirt. I’d love to have glimpsed the stage of the creative process at which you thought that would be just the ticket. Good luck betting your future on that crapped out obsolescent talisman. 

Flea has complete video of Steyn’s 2007 “Nimitz” lecture