Ezra Levant: ‘The McCarthyism of the Canadian Left’

More on the ongoing corrosion of the social fabric, made possible by Marci McDonald’s “Protocols of the Elders of Kanada” and other “harmless” books, like The DaVinci Code.

Ezra Levant writes a must-read:

Pat Martin is the NDP MP for Winnipeg Centre. Last week he told reporters that members of the Catholic lay order, Opus Dei, “give me the creeps”.

I’m sure that’s true. Martin doesn’t like Christians in general, even when they’re doing social services in his own decrepit downtown, a downtown that has got more decrepit under his watch as MP.

Martin would rather have urban decay than development, if the developers are Christian. (…)

Look, we know that Martin and Duceppe don’t like Christians. No surprise there. But there is a new aggression to their comments. They don’t just disagree with Christians. They don’t just shun Christians themselves. They believe that Christians should be kept out of the public square altogether. That is, they are aggrieved that anyone would truck with them. And to effect a Christian-free government, these new McCarthyists of the left believe that Christians in public life have to be named, outed and denounced.

This isn’t a question about the government. It’s not an attempt to hold the government to account. It’s an attempt to embarrass and harass a couple of party volunteers. Two members of Opus Dei have been found in a party of 100,000 members and as many donors. Scandal!

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