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Toronto Muslim news blog mourns ‘tragic death’ of Holocaust denier

It’s “featured top news”!

(Hey, give them credit: they finally got their own damn publication instead of trying to hijack someone else’s.)

And yeah: Arnie took screen shots.


If we had one Phylis Schlafly for every hundred Peggy Josephs…

We wouldn’t have as many Peggy Josephs.

Schlafly doesn’t get everything right, but she’s obviously right about this.


[Schlafly] earned her A.B. Phi Beta Kappa from Washington University, in St. Louis, in 1944, at age 19. She received a Master of Arts degree, in Government, from Radcliffe College, in Cambridge, Massachusetts, in 1945.

In one of her books, Strike From Space (1965), Schlafly notes that during WWII she worked briefly as “a ballistics gunner and technician at the largest ammunition plant in the world.”

In 1978, she earned a J.D. from Washington University Law School in St. Louis.

Which she did after having six kids.

And while building a powerful national grassroots conservative organization based at her kitchen table, using postage stamps and index cards and the occasional (extremely expensive) long distance phone call. No computers, no internet, no faxes, no cell phones, no Rush Limbaugh, no foundation funding…

I re-read this book every few months. You should too.


‘Tax dollars from the very governments he’s convicted of plotting to blow up…’

are helping ensure the curtain goes up next week on a “sympathetic portrayal” of one of the members of the so-called Toronto 18 [Muslim] terror plotters.


Ayaan Hirsi Ali 2, CBC 0 (new video!)

My new post at David Horowitz’s NewsReal blog revisits the infamous “Avi Lewis Smackdown” and serves up a new video of Hirsi Ali calmly smacking down another hapless CBC victim host.


All your ‘tactical errors’ are belong to us

BuzzFeed not really sure what “tactical error” means, since these are pretty funny, on message and, according to them, spreading like a giant spreading thing.


Phase 1: “steal” 4Chan/Anonymous thing

Phase 2: ????

Phase 3: PROFIT!

PS: Shorter Geekosystem:

“‘Information wants to be free’ — except when WE say so. Cool memes are only cool when WE GET TO CONTROL THE LITTLE BASTARDS!!!! (Dammit.)”

You guys may want to have your Irony Particle Detection Machine looked at by a licensed service provider.


John Landis, liberal doofus, ruins otherwise entertaining montage

I love Trailers from Hell, but as I once told the (very nice, honestly) folks behind it, their offerings are too often ruined by lameass leftist commentary.

Today, John Landis outdoes them all.

While correctly praising the silent film stars of yesterday for pulling off jawdropping visual gags without CGI (watch Keaton “hitch a ride” with a passing car, for example), he can’t resist playing “turd in the punchbowl” by contributing a truly pointless “joke” at George Bush’s expense.

I appreciate funny Bush jokes, believe me, but Landis’s aside literally makes no sense. None.

It was always 50/50, but when they work (Trading Places is one of THE definitive, time capsule movies about the 1980s) Landis’s movies seem to succeed in spite of him, through the stubborn efforts of the cast. I always knew the guy’s comic instincts weren’t exactly as sharp as a helicopter blade, but wow. Thud.


Police pretty much useless, or worse, agrees… Father de Souza (?!)

And people wonder why I own a gun.

He writes in the National Post:

My colleague Lorne Gunter argued in these pages this week that the police do not investigate minor break-ins anymore, but just provide bureaucratic assistance for insurance claims.

In the past five years, I have dealt with several break-ins, thefts and acts of vandalism. He is right: In no case did the police provide anything other than record-keeping over the phone.


There is another case before the courts that merits a remembrance, as Friday is the second anniversary of the horrific murder of Tim McLean.

He was the young man killed on an overnight Greyhound bus in Manitoba on July 30, 2008, stabbed repeatedly to death by Vincent Li, his psychotic seat-mate. When the RCMP arrived, Mr. Li was alone on the bus with Mr. McLean, whom he had decapitated. The RCMP secured the bus — which had already been immobilized by the driver — and left Mr. McLean’s killer undisturbed for five hours. The killer then proceeded to cannibalize his victim. The police did not stop the defiling of the body, even though they had lethal force at their disposal and the killer was alone. They simply waited until Li left the bus voluntarily. Last Friday, two passengers on that bus filed suit against the RCMP, arguing that witnessing what the RCMP permitted to take place caused them irreparable harm.


I smell another apology!


The Obama administration said Wednesday it is sending its ambassador in Tokyo to a ceremony next week marking the atomic bombing of Hiroshima, the first time a US ambassador has attended the event.

Japan is the only nation to have been attacked with atomic bombs.

And you’ll have noticed, perhaps reluctantly, that they don’t seem all that busted up about it.

They lost about 200,000 people.

We’ve had to put up with Godzilla movies and Hello Kitty waffle irons.

Best bargain since the Louisiana Purchase.


Insipid TV news and current affairs programming explained accidentally

In this piece about rampant sexism in the UK broadcast media, this woman accidentally explains why, for most of our lives, TV news and current affairs programming has focused on pushing effeminate risk-aversion panics, fake math-is-hard “studies” and stats, cat-up-a-tree sagas and “danger in your medicine chest” exposes.

The explanation is hidden in the piece, but if you’re like me, it jumps out at you, before the writer goes on to describe another instance of her boss hitting on her:

My first job in TV was at the then London Weekend television in 1993 – as a researcher in the current affairs department. (…)

We women researchers (and there were plenty of us in the lower roles) often wondered why — because our male producers would turn up late, slope off early and plonk most of the work on our desks. Even an esteemed names such as Trevor Phillips, (…) would, on occasion, nod off in important programming meetings. This left more work for us (mostly female, of course) researchers.

So there you have it: “powerless” females nevertheless formed and filtered the stories that eventually showed up on your television:

Missing blondes and little kids (who probably weren’t wearing helmets, dammit!), toxic shock, Love Canal, “should women who work feel guilty???”, eat your vegetables, satanic cults are taking over the world, rape isn’t about sex, domestic abuse is epidemic, some new disease is lurking around the corner…

Sound familiar?


I still plan to write more about “the consolations of ugliness,” perhaps in that new blog I’m getting for free.

I have never experienced what these women experience because I was never attractive enough to warrant such attention.


‘Inception’ and Kabbalah

Rabbi Simcha writes:

The movie Inception “works” on many levels, as a philosophical puzzle and as sheer glossy entertainment.

As a rabbi, I couldn’t help thinking of the Kabbalist teaching that while we sleep, our souls leave our bodies and ascend to their heavenly source in order to replenish energy.

The Kabbalistic commentary called The Zohar explains that when we sleep 59 out of 60 parts of our soul have now left the body, leaving only that 1/60 to sustain us physically.

In this disembodied state, the soul encounters visions usually off limits to within our everyday world...


Fake Islamic inventions + my tax dollars = crazy delicious!

My new post at David Horowitz’s NewsReal blog looks at tonight’s “Muslims Invented Everything Including the TV You’re Watching This On, Infidel!” show on TVO.


NEW: smaller WiFi Kindle only $139 — pre-order now

“After cutting controversial deals and fighting eReader price wars all month,

“Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos talked with Charlie Rose on PBS last night–

“announcing a new set of Kindle eReaders…”


‘Inception’ actor another guy who says he outgrew being gay

Weird, huh?


‘I very seriously doubt I would have gotten my current job if I apply for it today…’

Welcome to my world!

IconicPhotos guy writes:

Three-quarters of companies now do facebook checks on applicants. Once, life was not solely about accomplishments but also about potentials. Today, it is about indiscretions and what you do outside of 9-to-5. In a world where globalization has opened up new markets, careers and opportunities, we have ironically become a society that never let our pasts go.

Sorry if this post comes off as a rant, but I worry that, if this virtual scarlet letter trend continues, the next generation’s leaders will be today’s blandest, most boring people.

Related — a former blogger writes:

It’s not about being thin-skinned or scared or wimpy, it’s about a future employer or my mother-in-law Googling me and finding things that are completely untrue, but having no way of knowing so without asking me, by which time the bad impression is already made.

Fuck that. 


Post – July 28, 2010 17:28:54

New York Times:

Bemused by the culture of confession and self-help fostered by the likes of Oprah Winfrey and Geraldo Rivera, he was uninclined in his work to be outwardly sympathetic to the afflicted or to respect the boundaries of racial and ethnic stereotyping, and his cartoons were often polarizing: some people found them outrageously funny, others outrageously offensive.

There was the drawing of a blind black man begging in the street, wearing a sign that read: “Please help me. I am blind and black, but not musical.” 

Washington Post:

I think Callahan, who never achieved any significant degree of commercial success, was the first and best to apply such darkness to the comics; this sort of edge is now almost mainstream. If you watch “Family Guy” or “South Park” or “American Dad,” you will see that they are Callahan’s children. (…)

He grew up in Oregon as a teenage alcoholic. He was 21 and drunk — a passenger in a car driven by another drunk who fell asleep at the wheel — when the car hit a wall at 90 miles an hour, and Callahan’s spine was crushed. Even that didn’t stop his drinking.

He stopped one day six years later when he was in his wheelchair, trying to gnaw the cork out of a bottle of wine with teeth chipped from battle with so many corks. The bottle slipped out of his clawlike hands and rolled away on the floor to where he could not reach it. He burst out crying. In that moment, he saw the ruin of his life as a pathetic parable. He never took another drink.