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Aw, come on: this is pretty cute. Shut up. (video)

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“At exactly 10am, the very start of the Restoring Honor Rally…”

Meanwhile: Stay classy, libs!

Beck: “Yes, I wore a bullet proof vest at the rally, at my wife’s request” (video)

He should give it to these guys. And that’s it. Nothing else.


New York Times leaves something out of story about racist violence in New Orleans


The highest-profile case involving the police is the Danziger Bridge shooting in eastern New Orleans, where six days after Katrina, a group of police officers wielding assault rifles and automatic weapons fired on a group of unarmed civilians, wounding a family of four and killing two, including a teenager and a mentally disabled man. The man, Ronald Madison, 40, was shot in the back with a shotgun and then stomped and kicked as he lay dying, according to court papers. 

Oooops (with video footage):

One cannot help but wonder if the usual antagonists failed to get behind the push for justice in this case because of the difficulty in painting it as a racial killing. Exactly fifty percent of the gun men are black.

Note that the NYT finds the following outrageous rather than a rational reaction by real men devoted to protecting their families and property rather than robbing their neighbors and shooting at rescue helicopters:

Broken levees  left 80 percent of New Orleans submerged, but in unflooded Algiers Point, for instance, a mostly white enclave in a predominantly black neighborhood on the west bank of the Mississippi River, armed white militias cordoned off many of the streets.

They posted signs that boasted, “We shoot looters.



Those men live there. The New York Times reporter does not. Presumably actual long-time residents know better than him that:

It also should have been expected that a large fraction of New Orleans’s lower class blacks would not evacuate before a disaster. Many are too poor to own a car, or too untrustworthy to get a ride with neighbors, or too  shortsighted to worry.


Shorter Christopher Hitchens: who cares about white flight? I’ll be dead soon.

Hitchens can afford to be smug and sarcastic about rapid demographic changes that will destroy the culture that made him who he is:

Until recently, the tendency has been to think of this rather than to speak of it—or to speak of it very delicately, lest the hard-won ideal of diversity be imperiled.

But nobody with any feeling for the zeitgeist can avoid noticing the symptoms of white unease and the additionally uneasy forms that its expression is beginning to take.

Concerns of this kind are not confined to the Tea Party belt. Late professors Arthur Schlesinger and Samuel Huntington both published books expressing misgivings about, respectively, multiculturalism and rapid demographic change.

But these were phrased so carefully as almost to avoid starting the argument they flirted with.

More recently, almost every European country has seen the emergence of populist parties that call upon nativism and give vent to the idea that the majority population now feels itself unwelcome in its own country. The ugliness of Islamic fundamentalism in particular has given energy and direction to such movements.

It will be astonishing if the United States is not faced, in the very near future, with a similar phenomenon. Quite a lot will depend on what kind of politicians emerge to put themselves at the head of it.

Saturday’s rally was quite largely confined to expressions of pathos and insecurity, voiced in a sickly and pious tone. The emotions that underlay it, however, may not be uttered that way indefinitely.


Glenn Beck launches new website:

Here’s one of the top stories:

Free Republic reports that the Huffington Post has pulled an article by Beau Friedlander offering a $100,000 bounty for proof of a Glenn Beck sex tape.

The original piece, titled $100,000 for Glenn Beck’s Sex Tapes has been removed and replaced with the following description: Editor’s Note: This piece was published directly to the Huffington Post by its author. It didn’t meet our editorial standards and has been removed from the site. 


Excellent pix of Glenn Beck’s Restoring Honor rally

Via HillBuzz.

Note the last photo:

Unlike the millions of self-congratulatory slobs who attended the Obama inauguration and left the place filthy, those who went to Beck’s rally left the Mall cleaner than they found it.

As you had guessed.

PS: Rival talk radio host Michael Savage is no fan of Glenn Beck, but he had high praise for the event (without deigning to mention Beck by name).

Last night, he spoke to one of the Rabbis who was on the dais.

Savage was very moved by the Rabbi’s story of his encounters with people in the crowd:


Canadian Muslims embrace victimhood yet again

Tarek Fatah writes:

Unfortunately, the Muslim victimhood agenda was helped by the leader of the Liberal Party, Michael Ignatieff, who stepped into the fray by claiming that the terror suspects need to be treated as innocent. He then made this outrageous remark: “It’s important for Canadians to realize in the Toronto case, the courts acquitted many people.”

Not true, Mr. Ignatieff. While charges were dropped in some cases, not a single member of the Toronto terror plot tried by the courts was acquitted. Everyone who was tried before the court was either convicted or confessed. As card-carrying Liberals, we were shocked to read how our leader was buying in to the Islamist agenda.

As you read this column, young Islamists in campuses across Canada are distributing free booklets titled Towards Understanding Islam, written by Maudoodi. In the booklet, Maudoodi exhorts ordinary Muslims to launch jihad, as in armed struggle, against non-Muslims.


Islamolepsy: The New Pathology

David Solway writes:

The continent is suffering from what we might call Islamolepsy, the kind of rigidity found in schizophrenia and hypnotic trances, now transposed upon a collective cultural sensibility and reducing it to a condition of social and political helplessness.

It does not know how to fight back; indeed, apart from a few pitiful twitches like banning articles of clothing, it is increasingly incapable of doing so.


Canadian Muslim ‘doctor’ failed Canadian Idol AND his med school exams!


Major Canadian newspapers My husband (with help from an anonymous physician) writes:

Since Khurram Syed Sher is not listed in the Directory of Fellows of the Royal College of Physians and Surgeons, he is definitely not a certified pathologist, which must mean he either did not take his exam (maybe he was out Jihading that week…) or more likely, he failed them.


R-E-S-P-E-C-T: Glenn Beck and Martin Luther King

From my new post at David Horowitz’s NewsReal blog:

I listen to a great deal of conservative talk radio. And one popular talking point with callers lately has been that Glenn Beck was “disrespecting Martin Luther King” for holding his rally on the 47th anniversary of Dr. King’s historic “I Have A Dream” speech at the same location.

Now, I’d be willing to bet cash money that few of those outraged callers remembered that King’s speech was delivered on August 28 all on their own, but had only learned and memorized the date this year, thanks to Beck.

I also somehow doubt any of them had spent the previous forty-seven August 28ths deep in solemn prayer and remembrance.

According to a recent poll, one quarter of Americans don’t even know the significance of the 4th of July. For a growing number of citizens, the date “November 22″ no longer carries with it the echo of somber drums.

Yet we’re supposed to believe that “August 28″ has long been seared in the nation’s collective memory. ..


Is the Tea Party Canada-bound?

Brian Lilley writes:

[Andrew] Lawton, a conservative-leaning activist from London, Ont., is one of the organizers behind an online attempt to start a Tea Party movement in Canada.

Starting with a Facebook group, Lawton says there are plans for rallies this fall in Ottawa and Quebec City. Other cities may be added.

There are differences between the two countries Lawton acknowledges but adds the basis of the movement is the same.


Camille Paglia: workingclass Italian

From our “college is a waste of time and money” files…

Camille Paglia writes:

Having taught in art schools for most of my four decades in the classroom, I am used to having students who work with their hands—ceramicists, weavers, woodworkers, metal smiths, jazz drummers. There is a calm, centered, Zen-like engagement with the physical world in their lives. In contrast, I see glib, cynical, neurotic elite-school graduates roiling everywhere in journalism and the media. They have been ill-served by their trendy, word-centered educations.

Jobs, jobs, jobs: We need a sweeping revalorization of the trades. The pressuring of middle-class young people into officebound, paper-pushing jobs is cruelly shortsighted. Concrete manual skills, once gained through the master-apprentice alliance in guilds, build a secure identity.

Our present educational system defers credentialing and maturity for too long. When middle-class graduates in their mid-20s are just stepping on the bottom rung of the professional career ladder, many of their working-class peers are already self-supporting and married with young children.


Mark Steyn sits in for Rush Limbaugh this Wed, Thurs

Info here!


‘Gun owners have to. Why not Muslims?’

70% of KFMB 760 AM listeners want Muslims registered in a national database.

KFMB 760 AM broadcasts out of San Diego, California.


Putting the ‘I’ in ‘Islam’: Montreal Muslims send out ‘don’t snitch’ email

BCF posts an email forwarded to him by a reader:

Salam Alaikum,

Ater speaking to representatives of 2 of the accused in the case they have given this instruction.

1.Do not speak to the media. Refer them to the lawyers of the defendants
2.Do not talk about the case or the defendants in detail even in private. It is more than likely that some people are under surveillance and anything could be used against the defendants. This is of CRITICAL importance. Do not send emails, post on facebook, twitter etc… about the defendants.
3.If at any point our support is needed we will be informed but for now we must sit tight.
4.Make Du’a
5.There will be some letters circulated asking to ensure the case is fair and transparent – you can act up on these letters.

This is of the utmost importance please try to respect these rules.


No one at thought to add, “Report any suspicious behavior to the proper authorities” or “Remember: the safety and security of all Canadians must be our top priority.”

Nope. It’s all about group think and conformity and keeping your mouth shut.

It’s like something out of The Sopranos.

Who the hell gets emails from people telling them how to think and act?


Stupid kids drag down the smart kids

That’s why, when I went to Catholic school, we split up the smart kids and the stupid kids, as a form of triage.

The “stupid” stream had a nice name like “general” but we all knew it really meant “stupid,” including the kids who were in it. (Even they weren’t that stupid.)

I guess they don’t do that anymore…

Making tests super-easy automatically narrows the racial gap as measured by the simpleminded method of subtracting the percent of blacks passing from the percent of whites passing. (…)

If Mayor Bloomberg, who has made himself $17,500,000,000 delivering statistics to traders, doesn’t know about standard deviations, well, Bloomberg L.P. employs hundreds of people who could have explained it to him. (…)

 The Fire Department of New York tried the same tactic to avoid a    disparate impact suit over the notoriously innumerate Equal Employment Opportunity Commission’s rule that blacks must score at least four fifths as well as whites in percentage terms. They pushed the white passing rate on the fireman’s hiring test to 97 percent so that the black rate hit 85 percent. (…)

The racial gaps are usually portrayed in terms of black children, whom white Americans find highly sympathetic. But most of the mounting frenzy in elite circles over the gaps is currently driven by the vast numbers of Hispanics our ruling class has let into the country. Weissberg subversively notes:

“Imagine that current students from Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, and other Third World nations suddenly all voluntarily returned home. Professional educators would be congratulating themselves on the dramatic turnaround, and nearly all of today’s reform agenda would quickly vanish. Yet, this possibility can only be uttered in the most hushed conversations since it hints that human beings are not interchangeable in terms of cognitive ability. Better to pour billions into futile reforms than to broach taboo topics.”