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Delivery of statue of socialist delayed by socialism

A lesson, should “conservatives” wish to learn it:

Even a few years ago, proof that Martin Luther King, Jr. was a serial plagiarist (including his “I Have A Dream” speech) were mostly posted in the kinds of online discussion groups that The Guy Who Is Suing Us devotes his energies to shutting down as “racist.”

Today these indisputable facts are reported in award-winning, pretty mainstream, even “hip”, magazines.

You can’t time the “fringe” market.

Is something factually accurate, or isn’t it? That’s the only true north.


‘Piranha’ (1978)

Actually? I’ve never seen this.


‘It’s a full-time job being a celebrity racist’

Tell me about it!


The Political War Up North

Grab a coffee and checkk out my lenghty new post at David Horowitz’s NewsReal blog, about the latest left vs right skirmishes up here in Canada.


‘How Australia’s socialist government handles Tamil boat people’

Ezra Levant writes:

News reports from British Columbia put the cost, so far, of handling Canada’s 492 Tamil gatecrashers at $22 million — covering everything from free telephone calls back to Sri Lanka to free lawyers to free dental care.

Taxpaying, law-abiding Canadian citizens don’t even get free dental care, in case you’d forgotten.


Who among us wouldn’t rather give a country like India or Thailand $20,000 a head to resettle genuine Tamil refugees there? And as to the fake refugees, even a $1,000 plane ticket to ship them straight home is a bargain. Right now they’re each costing us more than $1,000 a day in Canada.


Journalists! Your moral and intellectual superiors! (photo)

Next time someone on CNN calls Sarah Palin or Glenn Beck “stupid,” please email them this screenshot, which displays three mistakes in one tiny space:


Your donations to Pakistan keep scumbags alive

Seriously? How stupid are you?


Glenn Beck’s Restoring Honor rally in Washington, DC (complete video)

Thanks to the RightScoop for posting this.

I watched it on my computer. Estimates are half a million people! An extremely… Protestant event.

I actually enjoyed something that happened just before the rally started:

I watched it on Facebook, and under the screen people across North America were chatting on a constantly updated feed.

Before the rally proper, the camera focused on the podium as staffers milled around the stage.

However, at one point we could all hear the unseen Beck and his staff “behind the scenes,” making last minute preparations.

Needless to say, everyone using Facebook immediately recognized Beck’s voice, and (perhaps dreading a Face in the Crowd moment) started typing:

“Glenn, your mike is open!”

“Somebody tell Glenn his mic is on!!”

Sure enough about 30 seconds in we heard Beck say, “Guys, I hear my mic is on, can you fix it?”

So… 21st century!

PLUS: “You go to war with the tv personalities you have”…

And what I wrote a few months ago on the same topic.

UPDATE: J.E. Dyer writes…

The left will do what it’s going to do, but what I’d like to do here is reiterate a point I made  about Palin last year to my fellows on the right.  The point is this:  people like Beck, Palin, and Limbaugh are as much a test of our character as anything else. 

Are we so dedicated to a set idea of decorum and credentials that we will close our ears to people who are telling us the truth, because of their social attributes, communication style, and demeanor?


Talk Radio Watch column: August 23 – 27

My all new Talk Radio Watch column is now up!

Check out FREE audio and webcam highlights from the week in conservative talk radio, including:

  • Rush Limbaugh’s eulogy to a brave young man
  • What will happen at Glenn Beck’s “Restoring Honor” rally this Saturday?
  • Michael Savage says Mayor Bloomberg will lead us “onto boxcars”

and a lot more.

(PS: if you’ve ever wondered if you could record Rush Limbaugh and other talk radio shows off your computer, the answer is yes.)


My blogger husband: doing the job the mainstream media won’t do until two weeks later

A short time ago, BlazingCatFur (and friends) started writing about a guy connected with that new “sharia MasterCard.”

They thought it was weird that someone at the foundation that is partnered with the card had previously expressed 9/11 Trootherisms and other offbeat notions:

Shujaat Wasty runs the RS Foundation and works for the federal government, how nice for us.

Now, oddly enough:

Seem’s a Dr. Fasahat Wasty rented a house to Canadian Idol terrorist Khurram Sher. 

But don’t worry: the mainstream media is finally pulling on the thread my hubby first noticed:

In Quebec’s official business registry, Sher is listed as director of the foundation, which has offices on Hymus Boulevard in Dorval. Sher has been actively involved in fundraising for a group called the RS Foundation, which raises money for aid to Pakistan.

You’re welcome, dying newspapers!!


Probably the best thing ever written about Glenn Beck

A stick-it-on-your-fridge, from Tim Kavanaugh at Reason:

…rejecting Beck has now become shorthand for “I’m a libertarian but not that kind.”

I smell a rat.

My right honorable colleague Michael Moynihan has amusingly limned Beck’s freedom from accuracy, but the real reason I and my fellow coastal elites are wary of Glenn Beck is a lot more basic: He’s the fat kid you don’t want to be seen with at the lunch table. I’ll admit it!

I find Beck a little bit creepy and gross and needy, and he gives me this sense that things are not going to end well.

Yes, he’s trying, as Moynihan memorably put it, to learn history and teach it at the same time. But so what? Like the dumpy woman with low self-esteem we all dream of, Beck makes up in enthusiasm what he lacks in natural gifts.

I like the sense that he’s bringing you his findings as fast as they come in. You get the impression that two weeks ago Beck had never heard of Woodrow Wilson, yet now he has figured out that Woodrow Wilson was one of the most evil people of the 20th century, and he wants to tell everybody. There’s something fun about that (…)

And he’s right about Woodrow Wilson.

It’s understandable that you don’t want to lose all your invitations, and the dismissive pose toward Beck stems from a well founded fear my fellow rootless cosmopolitans have — that if we seem too close to the cars-on-cinderblocks, chicken-coops-in-yards, shotguns-and-rockingchairs variety of libertarianism, we will lose the respect of liberaloids in New York and D.C.


I’ve been in remission so long I forget what it’s like

Triona Holden writes:

Because it involves the immune system, [lupus] can attack any part of the body. Like the majority of sufferers, my joints became swollen and inflamed. I also suffered from a crippling tiredness.

With the right treatment, though, it is possible to control these symptoms and you can expect to live a relatively normal life in between flare-ups.

The key is to get the diagnosis, which can help sufferers to enjoy a normal lifespan. The worst case scenario is if it starts to attack your major organs.


For me, each day is a lottery. As I go to bed at night, I never know how I will be in the morning. After writing this piece, I will have to rest for a couple of days.


Confronting my own mortality has given me a new confidence. Once you’ve almost died, there’s nothing left to lose.


No! Anyone but frickin’ Ray frickin’ Milland!

Sorry. I just hate Ray Milland. Especially in “end of the world” movies. He makes you wish they were documentaries…

Vincent Price, and this movie, are perfectly ok, even though the zombies are all Italians, which, after all, makes it hard to know they’re zombies.

PS — Jezuz, ya think?

Apparently even during Price’s life there were rumors about him being gay or bisexual.

Yes: two people are having this actual conversation.


More news about Canadian Muslim terror ‘suspect’s’ interesting connections

BlazingCatFur has a pun-filled update!

PS: here’s reason #167,443 why normal people aren’t giving money to Pakistan:

‘In 2006, Sher was in Pakistan during the relief efforts after an earthquake in Kashmir’.


‘Male writers have groupies, female writers have stalkers’

It’s always flattering when people steal my lines.

However, I’m actually linking to this story because it is proof that Canada’s gun control laws are too strict.

If this man had reason to believe that his female target might be armed, his behavior might have stopped 30 years ago.

And had he approached her while under a peace bond, she could have shot him and lied about him physically threatening her, even if he actually didn’t.

The world would have been one waste of human life lighter, the taxpayers would have been spared thousands of dollars, and she’d have enjoyed a normal life.

A no-lose situation.