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Joe Sobran, controversialist conservative writer, has died

Just read this on Ann Coulter’s Twitter feed. Jack Fowler at National Review Online has more. Sobran’s Wikipedia entry has yet to be updated.

If you’ve read the essential primer, The Conservative Intellectual Movement in America Since 1945joe sobran (and you should. I reread it about once a year), Sobran’s name will be familiar.

By all accounts a brilliant man and correct about many things, sadly, he apparently embraced “Holocaust denial”/anti-Zionism in his last years, although disputes about the exact nature and import of his “crimes” divided colleagues on the right.

Sobran was also one of those “Shakespeare didn’t write his plays/Abe Lincoln was a dictator” types you hope never to get stuck with on a long flight. And I do wish he’d been a Presbyterian…

His passing should prompt a reassessment (along with a reopening of old wounds, and provide young conservative and libertarians a precious glimpse into the passionate struggles that shaped American political thought.

Pay attention this week, kids.


Lonely drunken Indian (and Obama fan) who hates Mexicans calls Rush Limbaugh (video)

We gave ‘em booze, they gave us smokes. I call it even.

One for the 25th anniversary show.


See? Told ya.

The NEW “new world order”:

Across the world a resurgence of tribal ties is creating more complex global alliances. Where once diplomacy defined borders, now history, race, ethnicity, religion, and culture are dividing humanity into dynamic new groupings.

Broad concepts—green, socialist, or market-capitalist ideology—may animate cosmopolitan elites, but they generally do not motivate most people. Instead, the “tribe” is valued far more than any universal ideology.

As the great Arab historian Ibn Khaldun observed: “Only Tribes held together by a group feeling can survive in a desert.”


Shouldn’t ‘security risks’ be granted security, not denied it?

Half of Mohammed cartoonist Lars Vilk’s appearances in North America have been cancelled.

However, he is STILL scheduled to speak in Toronto this Sunday. I’ll see you there. Please plan to arrive in good time as I presume bags will be checked at the door.


Racism! Racism!! Captured on tape!!!


Canada’s Defence Dept celebrates ‘Islamic Heritage Month’ — with group that attacked Mark Steyn

To spell it out, Dr. Zijad Delic is the Executive Director of the Canadian Islamic Congress, the people who took Mark Steyn to court for, er, “sarcasm.”

A few questions:

Does DND also celebrate “Christian History Month”?

Do those “cultural dances” enact exaggerated “rape camp” stories?

And are JAGs invited?

Here’s an excerpt from my forthcoming article for Islamist Watch:

David Harris notes the mixed messages being sent out by [Prime Minister] Harper’s actions.

On the one hand, as Ezra Levant noted, they have declared that they are distancing themselves from groups like the Canadian Islamic Congress (CIC).

Yet at the same time, Harris points out, “the Executive Director of the CIC was a featured speaker at a Department of Foreign Affairs put together by the Muslim Communities Working Group. The Working Group is a clearing house for all things Muslim, has no equivalent relating to any other religion or ideology, and came into existence early in the Harper government’s existence.”

Harris points to the main webpage of Canada’s Security and Intelligence Review Committee (SIRC) as example of the establishment’s privileging of Muslims.

“Canadian government websites are available in Canada’s two official languages,” Harris explains,  “but the site for the independent watchdog organization offers a third: Arabic.

“This is extraordinary in itself.  It is the more remarkable given the propensity of some Canadian communities struggling with terrorism and espionage in their midst — say, ethnic Tamils, Sikhs, Indians, Iranians, Chinese — to speak non-Official Languages other than Arabic.”

UPDATE: Mark Steyn reacts to this post…


‘Rutgers is a community that is extraordinarily proud of its diversity’

Two students, Dharun Ravi and Molly Wei, have been charged with two counts each of invasion of privacy after allegedly placing a camera in Clementi’s room and livestreaming the recording online on Sept. 19…

I’d bet $100 that both those kids supported Obama.


Greg Giraldo: 1965-2010 (NSFW)

Wow, the only Hispanic who ever finished Harvard ****ing Law School just died.

I always kinda liked him on these Roasts, which I watch because for one hour, I can pretend I’m back in the 70s again — something I never thought I’d aspire to — when you could still say whatever you wanted.

WARNING: DO NOT play this video at work or basically, anywhere other people are around.



UPDATE: fellow comics mourn Giraldo on Twitter, and more at Mediaite.

UPDATE: man, if only this was funnier…


BREAKING: Irshad Manji to replace dessicated old leftoid Rick Salutin at the Globe & Mail

She’s not perfect, but anything is an improvement over that boring old fart.


Who does Ann Coulter call ‘the stupidest person in America’?

Read her new column and find out.


‘Obama, journalism history and ‘folks like Hearst’

The invaluable W. Joseph Campbell — media history mythbuster extraordinaire — has a fine new post about Obama’s use of another debunked myth to make a point, in this case, the notion of “yellow journalism,” and the “you supply the pictures, I’ll supply the war” fable that was popularized in Citizen Kane.


Destroying the ‘not ALL Muslims are terrorists’ comeback in a few easy steps

Imagine sitting in a lecture hall every day for a whole semester. The topic is Moby Dick.

Throughout the book, sailors refer to the whale as a “fish.” That’s how people talked back then.

Every time the lecturer reads aloud an excerpt where the characters call the whale a “fish,” the same student yells out:

“Whales aren’t fish. They’re mammals.”

He’s right.

And he deserves to get his head bashed in…

Look, it takes a while, but you simply have to point out to your latest idiot that, during World War 2, it was commonplace to refer to “the Germans” or “the Japanese.”

No one thought this was “racist” or in any other ways odd.

People on the left and the right and in the middle talked like this, in every country. Why?

Because in those days — before leftists started making up imaginary “rules” of the rhetorical road designed to make communication and cognition more difficult, not less so — normal, sane, responsible people by the millions realized that there was, in fact, nothing wrong with “making generalizations” — today considered a sin on par with “hypocrisy.”

95% of the people talking about “the Germans” or “the Japanese” understood that “not all Germans were Nazis.” They presumed that almost everyone in Germany between the ages of, say one and 16 was too young to be considered “a bad guy.”

Same for really old people, the mentally ill and disabled, anti-Nazi German expats like Marlene Dietrich — they numbered in the millions.

No one found it necessary to point this out time after ****ing time, because SANE, NORMAL PEOPLE understood this, and assumed that other people understood this too.


Actually, I’d say we’re finally going SANE

but then, I would.

On the topic of “insane white people,” allow me to present…


I told you so: James O’Keefe is a flake and Breitbart’s judgement is suspect for embracing him

And every time I point this out, I get nasty fanboy feedback.

Will you finally agree with me now?

More here.


‘Top 10 Rockers Who Are Better Than Elvis’

After watching Walk the Line walk the line dvdand (God help me) Great Balls of Fire!great balls of fire dvd (jeezuz…) a while back, I got a taste for rockabilly/SUN Records/Million Dollar Quartet stuff.

Alas, the new rockabilly is too thin, tinny and self–conscious to suit me, with rare exceptions.

This ListVerse list is a nice primer on the old stuff.

(His voice still isn’t deep enough, but whose is?):