My blogger husband is being sued for… linking to Mark Steyn’s website

UPDATE: Arnie’s thank-you message

As many of you know, I — along with Ezra Levant and others — are already being sued by former Canadian “Human Rights” Commission employee Richard Warman.

Now my husband Arnie — a.k.a. the blogger BlazingCatFur — is also being sued by Warman, also for criticizing his activities at the CHRC.

Warman is suing for $500,000.

Arnie has already spent $10,000 in legal fees. We’ve put off asking for help for more than a year, but we now are coming to you for assistance.

I’m lucky: my readers have so far paid all my legal fees through their generous donations, which were made when the economy was much healthier.

We know that times are worse than hard for most of us. But all we can do is ask you to read the details of this SLAPP suit and consider helping us out in some tiny way.

These suits are designed to shut down conservative bloggers, and prevent public discussion of the censorship, bullying and bureaucratic abuses being carried out in your name, with your tax dollars.

Thanks in advance for your support!

UPDATE (6:30 AM)

We’re so humbled by all your support.

Thanks to Glenn Reynolds of Instapundit, John Hawkins and of course Mark Steyn.

Scaramouche has penned a song for the “occasion.”

A special shout-out to the tireless “Binks” at

Other thank-you’s and links to follow once I’ve had a coffee.

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