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Beautifully put: the last word on Obama’s appearance with Jon Stewart

George Neumayr writes:

Once upon a time jesters courted kings. Now enfeebled kings court jesters.


New Ann Coulter column: ‘You don’t have to be crazy to be a Democrat, but it helps’



Now: add another 40 minutes, then multiply by five nights a week

Coming in March 2011 from SunTV News: The Ezra Levant Show


PS: note that Khadr’s female relatives insist that Muslim children should be taught to use guns “before they learn to read and write.”

Yet they and their supporters play the “child soldier” card.

But you just approved of “child soldiers,” bitches.

Oh, get the **** out of my country, you foreigner welfare hags.


‘Blacula’ (1972)


Congratulations to Andrew Lawton!

One of my favorite people, Andrew Lawton, will now be on the “Start the Week” panel every Monday on the Michael Coren Show.


Ann Coulter’s favorite magazine reports on ‘Tea Party, Toronto Style’



Discovered: Journalists who don’t take themselves seriously. (Film at 11)

My new post at David Horowitz’s NewsReal blog offers up a black-humored video spoof, made by a local Dallas FOX affiliate, mocking the news media’s awkward embrace of “the interwebs.”


Communism: The Early Years

Via IconicPhotos:

The party atmosphere accompanied the ‘sealed train’. Lenin had to issue quiet his crew, order lights outs and rearrange sleeping arrangements to separate merrymakers. They were an unruly company; a conflict arose immediately between the smokers and non-smokers.

Lenin, who despised cigarette smoke, ruled that smoking was to be allowed only in the toilet.

This was immediately followed by a second argument between the smokers and those who needed to use the toilet.


‘The Texas Chain Saw Massacre can be seen as a horror film version of the Hard Hat Riots’

Er, nope.

If that were true, I’d watch it all the time instead of hating it as a murky, unfunny, unscary mess.

“Hick’s Revenge” horror isn’t an early 1970s invention. See (the vastly superior and criminally underrated 1964 film) The Sadist, and the really terrible Two Thousand Maniacs (1963 — which is basically Brigadoon with hillbillies.)

The tropes mainstreamed by TTCSM and The Hills Have Eyes (note: link has brief audio) in the 1970s are in abundant evidence in both earlier flicks: southern hicks preying on lost urban outsiders with car trouble in a the dusty, rusty, rustic landscape, cut off from help.

Clearly the film makers saw those movies 10 years before they made their own.


Does Tarek Fatah have an evil twin?

Because sometimes he’s ok.

And other times…

Tarek Fatah owes the entire nation of Canada an apology.

The founder of the Muslim Canadian Congress, advocate for gay rights and Toronto talk radio host spent the first hour of his evening show Friendly Fire (with co-host Ryan Doyle) taking issue with the flying of a Canadian flag at Mayor-Elect Rob Ford’s victory celebration Monday night.

Fatah claims flying the flag was inappropriate for that setting as it offends the sensibilities of immigrants. (…)

Never mind, of course, that Ford’s victory as largely fueled by the votes of immigrants from the various enclaves both in the city proper and the inner burbs.

Look, I didn’t hear this exchange.

If it’s being inaccurately reported, let me know.


I have no good reason for posting this

It just cracked me up.


Don’t tell me: they’re gonna start baptizing dead Jewish tweeters?

“Utah facility for Twitter data center up and going”


Canadian authorities continue pandering to belligerent Muslims and 9/11 ‘troothers’ — on your dime

UPDATE: RCMP told not to participate in event.

Of course, my husband has been blogging about the RCMP’s dubious “ethnic outreach” efforts for a while.

Now the mainstream media is picking up the thread.

Brian Lilley reports:

A Muslim imam deemed too controversial to speak at National Defence headquarters in Ottawa will speak on Thursday at another event promoted by the RCMP. (…)

The main speakers, however, come from Iran’s Tehran University. Sayeh Hassan, a Toronto criminal lawyer and activist for the Iranian democratic movement, told QMI Agency these professors are not dissidents in the regime of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

“These are all professors that are closely linked to the regime, they are not dissidents,” Hassan said.

People like myself that have escaped the regime and the propaganda are concerned that now they’re bringing these professors promoting the regime to Ottawa.”

Another one of the speakers is Dr. Davood Ameri of the Islamic World Peace Forum. The website for that organization features graphic anti-Semitic cartoons

Maclean’s reports:

An RCMP “ethnic liaison officer” is urging his colleagues to attend a conference on a “Just and Sustainable Peace” that was organized in part by a Green Party of Canada candidate who believes the 9/11 attacks were an “inside job,” and whose participants include the director general of an NGO that endorses hate-filled stereotypes about Jews. (…)

Manoussi’s Green Party online profile for the 2007 provincial election in Ontario says he is “secretary general” of the “Iranian Scholars Association of Canada” — which appears to exist only in Manoussi’s imagination. (…)

Manoussi is also member of the RCMP’s “cultural diversity committee” in the National Capital Region.


‘I’m a staunch believer in freedom and liberty’

Tammy Kahn Fennell writes something that really rings true for me:

I just say “Look, you may not agree with me but that doesn’t make my logic any less sound or my point any less valid. And you disagreeing certainly doesn’t shake my opinion.”  And like magic, people start to look at me differently…

Here’s a girl that knows what she thinks.

Here’s a girl who isn’t going to be bullied by ’safety in numbers.’

Here’s a girl that, crazy or not, is someone who I want to talk to more.

I recently wrote a blog post on our MarketMeTweet Blog “The Argument For A Paid App.” 

One of our staunchest critics for having a free version actually went out and bought it after reading that article.


Unforgettable ‘eye weekly’ autopsy of the Toronto mayoral election leaves out one thing

A beautifully observed and written lesson — should they decide to listen, and they won’t — for sneering progressives who still don’t “get” the Tea Party and its still “groping around in the dark” Canadian iteration.

(And they literally won’t listen, because eye weekly seems to think that “being a snob” is a choice and not the default temperament of the smug urban sophisticates he’s addressing.

(What he’s advising is, “hey, next time, at least ACT like you care about suburbanites, m’kay?”

(And the latte sippers simply can’t. Because they don’t. Period. As we witnessed for the last six months — or ______ (insert how long you’ve been living in Toronto) — downtown hipsters HATE anyone who isn’t like them. Period. The End)

(And any candidate who CAN convincingly pretend to like people he hates is a sociopath…)

However, eye weekly leaves out one important thing, and I did too, yesterday:

What is Rob Ford most famous for?

No, not that he looks exactly like everybody’s drunk, abusive stepfather. No, not the “gravy train” line.

Rob Ford is “the guy who returns every call.”

That was always Ford’s claim to fame: that even if you didn’t living in his ward, he returned your call. If you were wrapped up in red tape and called Rob Ford, an hour or maybe a day later, the tape got snipped. The Wheeltrans showed up at your elderly mother’s door. That stupid problem you’d been screaming at bureaucrats about got taken care of.

Everyone in Toronto knows a Rob Ford story like that.