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Remember the good old days, when we used to just kill people?

I contemplate giving that title to about half the posts on this blog, then chicken out.

This time, however, it’s perfect.

Ezra Levant writes:

Why isn’t Julian Assange dead yet? (…)

His obsession is to embarrass the world’s freest countries — the U.S. and U.K. And as to repressive regimes, well, put it this way, Assange says U.S. forces must remember “shooting the Taliban is shooting the Afghan people.”

He’s not anti-war. He’s on the other side.

Assange published the names of Afghan human rights activists and others who have co-operated with the U.S. — giving out names of villages and GPS coordinates.

That’s not journalism. That’s not whistleblowing. That’s setting up “deadly revenge attacks,” says Reporters Without Borders.


Nick DiPaolo cracks up Dennis Miller with miscarriage routine

Tasteless — but I laughed hysterically. (FREE Audio)


Christie Blatchford’s tormenter-in-chief, Dan Kellar, not really a student?

Dan Kellar (heard here threatening Ezra Levant and Blatchford on his podcast) isn’t officially registered as a student at the university where he leads protests against “racists.”

You can ask Dan Kellar to explain himself at:

[email protected]

PS: there’s a name for a guy who “chains himself by the neck to two women.” And it isn’t “grad student”.


In an email response to an inquiry by a concerned citizen, Dr. Daniel Scott (who is also a source for the National Post article, above) added:

Furthermore, [Dan Kellar] has fundamentally misrepresented himself to the media by saying he has taught anything on climate change or environmental assessment as he has never taught a course of any kind. I hope this clarifies his (non)status in our program.


40 acres and a mule, adjusted for inflation


Pigford, once exposed, will be Obama’s Watergate and the end of the Democrat Party as we know it. (…)

All a black person has to do is say he or she wanted to be a black farmer in the 80s and 90s but the USDA refused to give them an application for a farm loan.

The USDA deliberately did not keep any records of who asked for these applications.

If you are black, the Obama administration and Democrats will just accept your word that you would have become a black farmer if only you had the chance.

So, a tax free $57,000 reparations payment is yours.


From our ‘Warren Kinsella has a Sun column and I don’t’ file

Part of an ongoing series:

* Take three paragraphs to get to creaky “military intelligence” joke that was never that funny, well phrased or accurate. Then tell it wrong. Check!

* Squeeze in less hoary but still cringeworthy “makes X look like a documentary” trope? Check!

* Mention Austin Powers and Maxwell Smart (!) in a 2010 column? Check!

* Attempts at humor that resemble a hemmerroid victim’s bowel movements?

Us, whose prime minister rolls over to get his belly scratched by the White House so regularly he should be kennelled alongside Bo, the presidential pooch?


* Awkwardly phrased rhetorical questions that make you go “huh”?

Hey, um, Mr. President? If we object to our American allies cataloguing our critically important “frequent flyer account numbers,” does that mean we’re now with the terrorists?


* Write the words “fold like a cheap suit,” “when you ponder what America’s top spies are pondering,” and “ass” (to sound extra super tough)? Check!

Gratuitiously mention the fact that the US Embassy in Ottawa is “fortified” — as if it wouldn’t or shouldn’t be? Check!

* Keep checking Word Count til you hit 700. Collect cheque?



Smithsonian holds children’s activity day themed to gay exhibit

“Hands on arts activities,” indeed.

The exhibit includes a nude portrait of Frank O’Hara which “alludes to O’Hara’s poetical and personal celebration of cruising for sex in the city,” and an leatherman-themed “family portrait” by Mapplethorpe.

Not to mention:

The catalog description (p. 256) for “Charles Devouring Himself” says the artist Jerome Caja “mixed his friend Charles’s ashes with nail polish to create this image of Charles ingesting his own body. (Charles committed suicide once his life with AIDS became unbearable and recovery was beyond hope.) One can hardly imagine a more gruesome inversion of Goya’s famous painting of Saturn devouring his son. This searing condemnation of America’s willingness to devour its sons during the AIDS crisis is immediately undercut by Jerome’s campy frivolity and cartoonish vulgarity.”

Actually, it was your fellow obstinate homosexuals refusal to curtail their dangerous, narcissistic sex-and-drug deathstyle, and take any personal responsibility for their behaviour, that killed them off.

But blaming the Pope and Ronald Reagan is so much cooler!


Muslims angry. Must be Tuesday.

Today’s outrages: Hobbits and yodelling.

Hobbits particularly offensive:

They all look kind of homogenised beige and all derived from the Caucasian gene pool.

Probably because they were, in the sense that the guy who wrote the book fits that description (as even fascists noted, to Tolkien’s irritation.)

Write your own damn books and make your own damn movies instead of bitching all the time.



And they called ‘Hogan’s Heroes’ unrealistic

It’s a mad, mad, mad, mad concentration camp!


Note that all the kids have Latino surnames and live in California


826 National, a nonprofit that runs writing programs for kids in eight cities nationwide, recently published an anthology of letters from children to Michelle Obama…

    I just want to have $200.
     — SANTOS LOPEZ, age 8, Los Angeles

    Please put a statue of me in Echo Park.
No,  really. I want a tuxedo on the statue.
— ANDRES ORTEGA, age 11, Los Angeles

Only two gringo kids want to help other people.

In a fascist kind of way.

Using robots.


‘But I’m starting to believe the detractors are wrong…’

Hey, I can top that:

I’ve believed that Professional Journalists(tm) like Howard Kurtz have been wrong for years now!

He writes:

David Frum, the conservative commentator and a harsh Palin critic, tips his hat. “The language of politics is very formal, very stilted, and to most people very artificial and remote,” he says. “Palin speaks in a completely different way. Palin’s said 100 things that would have ruined someone else, and she’s still popular and thriving. These media ventures enable her to connect with people while allowing her to avoid answering questions that might embarrass her with more traditional gatekeepers.”   

The rest explains (again) why I don’t give a shit that That Poofty Old Closet Case I Thought Was Dead Already over at the Globe & Mail wanted to write a smear piece about me. Watch and learn:

  • “The reality show shows a very nice person—what’s not to like? It’s great TV. With her Facebook page and tweets, to the great upset of the media, she communicates around them and they don’t like it. There’s no filter.”  

  • Palin is, if nothing else, a master controversialist.

  • There is a method to this madness, as her conservative base loathes the media and cheers every punch she throws.

  • Palin almost never talks to the establishment press

But let’s give the last words to David Frum, who obviously forgot to recharge his Irony Machine last night:

“Her message is that all the people who think they’re so smart aren’t really so smart. That’s a message that resonates.”


It’s like ‘The Usual Suspects’ with midgets’ scores again.


The Invisible Man, Redux

As the emailer notes, to his credit, the club owner wasn’t “racist”, whatever that means anymore.

The club owner responded logically and rationally to a lifetime supply of sensory evidence and personal experience, thinking he was protecting his investment.

Note, too, that the party organizer himself acknowledges the real (if only hinted at) problem:

…the reason we did the party on a pre-sold basis with strict admittance based solely on the guest list was to guarantee that the only attendees were Harvard and Yale alumni, grad students and their close friends and to ensure that no “bad seeds” could contaminate our party.

No “bad seeds” showed up. That didn’t matter.

Decades of witnessing bad behaviour by young black men overwhelmed the club owner, upon what had to be an already profoundly stressful occasion: the opening night of the business he’d worked so hard to get off the ground.

He reacted pre-emptively out of fear.

Sadly well-founded fear.

So the headline should really read:

“Mere thought of young black hoodlums ruins party for everyone”


Is reincarnation possible if the person’s still alive?

Exhibit A.

Exhibit B.

(PS: “To me…” — as opposed to, say, Vladimir Horowitz? The Beast from 10,000 Fathoms, perhaps?

(“Must… get… to… 750… words… Use… “very” a lot… Stick in… tons of… cliches… Get… paid…”)


‘You know how bitchy fags can be’

Does being gay make you stupid or something?

Seriously: does drug fuelled public buttsecks destroy the brain terrain necessary for reading comphrension, rudimentary research and retrospection?

“Lynn Crosbie is a homophobe”?

This is right up there with “Christie Blatchford is a racist,” except worse.

Off the top of my head, Lynn Crosbie collaborated on a book with Sky Gilbert, and also co-wrote an enormous tome dedicated to the painstaking deconstruction of All About Eve.

I can’t even begin to go into how retarded these comments are. Your tiny minds aren’t worth my time. Touchy twits like you are the cause of “homophobia,” get it?


The difference between Jews and Muslims

Phyllis Chesler on the “settlements”:

Kedumim was founded in 1975 by a group of determined pioneers. Now, 5,000 people call Kedumim home. There are twelve neighborhoods in Kedumim spread across many hilltops and valleys. These 5,000 pioneers have built and now run nurseries, elementary schools, religious schools, high schools, schools for immigrant and special-needs children, a music school, a municipal library, a museum, and an institute for Holocaust studies. 

(Do only Jews do these things? As they did in the European ghettos under Hitler and even in certain concentration camps?)