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The only shocking thing about this story is that Portland still has a Christmas tree lighting (UPDATED)

Halt Muslim immigration to the West, starting with Somalis.

Somalis are singularly unfit for life in North America, even if they remain (more or less) non-violent.

Now we’ve got this guy:

Mohamud used a cell phone to detonate what he thought was van full of explosives. The target was the annual Christmas Tree lighting in the capitol of Portland, during the evening of the busiest shopping day of the year. Mohamud was not aiming for a couple dozen victims, but hundreds and perhaps thousands and his motivation was “violent jihad”.

We shouldn’t fret, though. The authorities already know, scant hours after the arrest, that this was an isolated incident...


I’m sorry to say that all references to the tree lighting in Portland, Oregon, say it’s a “Holiday Tree.”

But you know, even if the City Fathers of Portland don’t know it’s Christmas, I think the Muslim who wanted to blow them up did.


There’s never an avalanche around when you need one

Ezra Levant:

The moment [Justin Trudeau] declares for the Liberal leadership, I’m chipping in. 


Julie Burchill prefers American billionaires to the UK rich

She writes:

And now Bono, champion of the poor, has moved a good deal of the business of the ‘ethical’ fashion house run by him and his wife, and set up to “encourage trade with Africa and celebrate the possibilities and people of the continent” from said Africa to China.

No doubt to celebrate the possibilities of the sweatshops, long hours and low pay that’s such a good look right now. (…)

Think of that stat that over here, the poorest people give the greatest proportion to charity, dwindling as one moves up the tax brackets; in the US, far more laudably and logically, the reverse is true.


Conservative Talk Radio weekly recap: week of November 22

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Tura Satana documentary coming soon (video trailer)

Fangirltastic reports:

Siouxzan Perry’s documentary Tura!, about the life of legendary action/sex symbol Tura Satana is in production, and we’re so fucking excited our panties just fell off.


TrailersFromHell’s tribute to Hammer’s ‘The Mummy’ much better than the movie itself

Hammer horror films bore me.

Yes, they have nice bright colors. I don’t care.

The “great performances” by Christopher Lee and Peter Cushing are surely just externalizations of their ingrown angst:

“I can’t believe this is my career. I can’t believe this is my career…”

Still, this narrated trailer has lots of historical trivia that any film buff will find amusing:


David Frum, said to be a lawyer

Frum just keeps bringing the stupid. (At least Oliver Willis has an excuse…)

Let’s start calling him “David Dumb.”


Nice review of my book ‘Acoustic Ladyland’ by… a ‘greenie socialist’

Jeff Cliff writes:

Now Shaidle is a hard-line Conservative hellraiser. But regardless; she is a poet of high calibre, and [Acoustic Ladyland: Kathy Shaidle Unplugged] shows the canadian experience just as much as (and her storytelling reminds me somewhat of) anything by Mordecai Richler, Margaret Lawrence, Margaret Atwood (although I have a feeling at least one of those three she will cringe at being compared to) does.

What attracted me to this book is her depiction of actual, live real anarcho-socialist-ish people (having been one herself she should know). From what I can tell, she has that much spot on, even down to the faults that sometimes we are afraid to admit to ourselves(“we” *are* a little over-represented in the neurotic issues characteristic, the non-responsible and the brought-up-from-working-class-parents-with-heat ones as well).


No Gelt, No Glory: a rabbi’s dreidel spinning secrets

Rabbi Simcha, Dreidel Blackbelt!


Stash your cash: there’s another climate summit coming

Brian Lilley reports:

Earlier this month, Ottmar Edenhofer, a German economist and co-chair of the UN Intergovernmental Panel oN Climate Change, was clear in saying, “climate policy is redistributing the world’s wealth.” (…)

Over the next few weeks you will hear plenty in the media about the process of this conference and worries that Canada will not sign on to a deal, or that Canada will not do enough.

Ask yourself this, though. What is Canada being asked to sign on to?


Flashers not on board with whole ‘social construct’ thing


“No white women over the age of 25 unless you have a wicked getaway plan. Flash Asian women or Black women, Asian’s are too embarrased to call the cops and black women think it’s funny.”

That last bit gives it away:

Yep. Written by a white dude.

UPDATE — more “social construct” adventures:

Whites wrinkle faster than blacks

Now, every normal person who has ever left the house/watched Oprah (no excuses, people — it’s been on TV for 25 years) has heard the expression “black don’t crack.” 

But the people who call me “racist” for merely making such shopworn, common knowledge observations about various cultures aren’t normal people.


Is Maclean’s getting dumber?

It doesn’t help that Mark Steyn’s column hasn’t appeared in months.

And I’m not just talking about the latest (Dec 6) issue’s “Why is polygamy a crime?” piece by none other than Andrew Coyne — who ascribes the quotation “A foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds” to Mencken, when it should be Emerson.

No, I mean that I flipped through the magazine today and within one minute, tripped over not only Coyne’s misquotation, but the following:

Andrew Potter writes:

“In Kandahar, NATO forces have been destoying homes ‘to make them safe.’ Sound familiar?” adding “… the insane talk of destroying a village in order to save it — it sounds like the Vietman-ification of a war that…”

Potter is referring to a famous Vietnam era quote, which — liberals are always so saddened to learn — nobody ever really said.

And actually, I can imagine any number of circumstances in which destroying a village (which is a fancy name for a bunch of old houses) would save the people who once lived there and the men from other countries called to fight in the area. If, as Potter writes, there are/were “thousands of homes and farm buildings that have been booby-trapped,” what other solution is there but to destroy them? They were marked for destruction one way or another anyhow. The people are the village, not the buildings.

And then we come to Brian Bethune, who informs us (in the manner of far too many journalists this month) that the release of The Kennedy Detail sees “the surviving agents — speaking openly for the first time…”

Now, I know that’s what it says on the dust jacket and probably in the press kit, but no.


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The most terrifying thing in this photo…

is the “ALL NEW CAKE BOSS” chyron in the lower right.


David Suzuki: Greatest Canadian Cult Leader/Ass****

David Suzuki is a pig:

Only minutes before he had been espousing the value of slowing down and making time for each other (…)

Instead here I was, an educator and great promoter of his books, looking for help with the generation he claimed was most important, but because I was not spending money (other than the $45 I spent to hear him lecture), I was waved off.

I used to be proud to call Dr. Suzuki one of my heroes, and now I can see that he is a hypocrite.

Nothing new, of course.

I had my own unpleasant encounter with David Suzuki back in the 1980s, when he went out of his way to turn around and cross the street to where a bunch of us peaceniks were holding a “stop dropping dummy bombs on the Innu” rally outside the Eaton Center. He crisply told us we were wasting our time, that the world was doomed, and we should all go home. Then he turned on his heel and hurried off.

(UPDATE: look, here’s another David Suzuki horror story! All the cool kids have ‘em.)

If he ever had the nerve to show up in my basement, I’d blow his head off.

Only in Canada could a man that butt ugly have his own TV show.

That David Suzuki is a poser and a hypocrite is common knowledge. He’s fathered five children and lives in a giant house while lecturing peons about the danger of overpopulation and “carbon footprints.”

And his followers dutifully buy it — and keep sending him money.