Ruins of Detroit: When ‘white supremacist’ memes go mainstream

The Guy Who is Suing Us (and his supporters among the Official Jews) has made quite a career out of “investigating” “white supremacist” websites, and shutting them down.

(Then the Canadian government celebrates this abuse of your tax dollars by… reposting all the “offensive” material on a Government of Canada website!)

These websites are usually just a handful of “basement Nazis,” talking about immigrants the same way my ancestors once did around the card table, not thirty years ago, without fear of fine or detention.

Occasionally, time moves in the other direction, as it were. That is, when those “white supremacist” websites that don’t get shut down (because they’re American) write about things denounced as shocking, dangerous lies… that years later, get posted matter of factly at mainstream websites.

So, as I’ve written before, throughout the 1990s, one only encountered conversations about Martin Luther King’s plagiarism and adultery on these “racist” websites.

Today, these facts are considered common knowledge.

The same thing seems to have occurred with “the ruins of Detroit.”

Last year it became trendy to post photos of all the decrepit buildings in Detroit.

Hipster liberals called it “urban archaeology,” and posted the photos because they are attracted to misanthropic decay. Oh, and the buildings symbolize “capitalism” or something.

Conservatives posted these pictures as an object lesson in the logical conclusion of Democratic rule.

That latter argument was made most recently by Thomas Lifson at American Thinker.

I’m bored with these photos now and was kind of surprised that they were news to Lifson.

Then Nicholas Stix, and some of Lifson’s readers who were former Detroit residents, called out Lifson for neglecting to mention another thing that makes Detroit (like, say, New Orleans) distinctive: a large African American population + regular riots + high crime = white flight.

Stix, via a reader of his own, pointed out that those now hip “ruins of Detroit” photos were posted much earlier — in 1999 — at… a “white supremacist” website.

So here’s the question:

Were those “Ruins of Detroit” “white supremacists” really just forward thinking proto-hipster urban archaeologists?

Or — when Buzzfeed and Boing Boing and Time magazine posted the same photos ten years later, were they being “white supremacists”?

Do both groups simply have misanthropy in common? (The most popular “ruins of Detroit” photos are those without people.)

Here’s another example:

Exhibit A: the anarcho-environmentalist concept of “rewilding.” (Leftist, hip, cool, it will, within ten years, acquire the status of “endangered species” and “recycling” as a matter of fact “good” embraced by all right-thinking people.)

Exhibit B: this. (Rightwing, evil, cruel, mean spirited and racist — even though many of the sentiments expressed therein [such as "environmental sustainability] sound positively… leftist.)

The lesson is: Your Right/Left Decoder Ring is broken beyond repair.

You see: It doesn’t matter what you think or what you do.

To the Establishment, it only matters WHO is doing it.

The Wrong Type of People (that is, us) can never be correct or prescient.

We can only ever be wrong, and must be punished accordingly.

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