Lars Hedegaard on trial for ‘racism’ for discussing Muslim immigration

He faces two years in jail…

You have to remember that nine out of ten journalists in the country come out of the same school, have the same ideology. Journalists in my county are also very well paid – probably better paid than for example the university professors. It’s a very lucrative job,” he says. “Being a journalist in this country is not really a profession – it is more a political persuasion and an ideology. We have very few journalists and very few mainstream media who would really take on the fight for free speech.”

For 30 to 40 years we have been told by our leaders and practically all politicians and political parties that unlimited immigration is really a good thing for the country, that it is a good thing for Denmark to have for example a sizeable minority of Muslims in the country,” he says. “But most of these Muslim immigrants have refused to integrate into our society and become part of us.”

We have constantly been told that this is an enrichment of the country. [They think] problems do not really exist. Problems only exist to the extent that people say there is a problem. So in other words, they want to silence critics because they think – or claim at least – that if they could shut up people like me, the problems would go away,” he says.

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