New leftist meme: Glenn Beck just like dead, forgotten trash TV host (who was a Democrat)

My NEW post at David Horowitz’s NewsReal blog looks at the forthcoming documentary on Morton Downey, Jr:

The other overarching theme of the film Evocateur, judging by the trailer alone, is Downey’s phoniness.

He was that most unfortunate of creatures: a born performer with no talent.

That Downey is (unconvincingly) pretending to be a right-wing loudmouth is obvious in even the shortest clips.

Even his publicity photos show a man desperately uncomfortable in his own skin, and with the persona he’s adopted to become a star.

That conservative pundits “don’t really believe what they’re saying” is a familiar progressive meme. Somehow we’re expected to believe that three hours a day, five days a week, live on the airwaves for 25 years, Rush Limbaugh has been pretending to be someone he’s not and 20 million listeners a day believe the scam. Yes, Rush makes $50-million a year, but while that’s an unbeatable incentive, surely that would also be a physically and mentally impossible task, whatever the monetary compensation. To pull it off, Rush would’ve had to have made a pact with the very Devil that leftists don’t believe in.

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