We need an alternative to YouTube

As I keep saying…

On January 24, 2011, the Freedom Party of Ontario (FPO) issued a media release which included video ads announcing their latest election plank to “permanently eliminate race-based public schools and change the law so that no school board will have the authority to open one ever again”. The video ads that accompanied this announcement were also posted on FPO’s Youtube Channel. (…)

Within hours of the radio show which provided Paul McKeever with the opportunity to explain their policy plank, FPO received notification from Youtube that the ads had been removed due to a copyright claim by CTV Globemedia Inc.

When one considers the number of videos on Youtube that include footage from various news reports many of which contain “CTV” in the title of the videos (the FPO ads did not), a good portion of them used by political parties for partisan purposes, it does seem odd that these particular videos would be singled out for special scrutiny.

I support copyright and property rights, but is that the real reason these videos were pulled?

I also don’t care if Toronto blacks want a blacks-only school, as long as they pay for it themselves.

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