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Toronto: cries of ‘Allahu Akbar’ ring out at Tarek Fatah’s no-show

Arnie was at the debate, but left when Tarek Fatah’s no-show was announced. One of his readers stayed and claims in the comments:

I stayed for the whole debate. Two things I observed.

The first 15 minutes of the speech by Shaikh were spent running down Tarek’s books, how this was related to the debate and allowed by the half dead moderator is beyond me.

Secondly a large part of the speech was spend wisrtfully [SIC] speaking of how wonderful it would be if sharia law came to Canada, how it would be imposed on non muslims if the majority desired it, etc.

So was Dr. Roy:

The room filled and Mr Ali told some stories of how Mohammed was open and welcoming to everyone. Then Mr Farooq Khan went to the podium and said there was good news and bad news.  The bad news was that Tarek Fatah  was not coming. This elicited cries of Allah Akbhar from some of the audience. Mr Khan did tell them to calm down. He then proceeded to call Tarek a coward and tell of how much effort he had expended to organize the event. He then said that the “debate” (now a monologue) would continue. There was some applause and some in the audience again chanted Allah Akhbar. He then introduced the moderator Pastor Neil Bulloch. I left.


Breaking: CPAC renames itself ‘A Weekend with Newt Gingrich and His Latest Wife’

Man with more baggage than the Lost and Found at O’Hare takes over NerdProm.

A helpful flashback, including the classic “younger and shorter then” story.


‘Why does Obama have to give speeches behind bullet proof glass?’

Mitchieville asks:

Just because he’s black, doesn’t mean he’s going to shoot anyone.


Children’s production of ‘The Mikado’ calls for beheading of Sarah Palin

This doesn’t surprise you, does it?

I was at a house part last year, where a spindly “male” academic in trendy eyewear opined, apropos of nothing,  that Sarah Palin should be “buried.” You know, like they do with women in Afghanistan before they stone them?

“I guess you want to bury me, too, then,” I called across the room. “I think she’s wonderful.”

All he could do, being one of those fake “males” we’re riddled with her in Toronto, was sputter, then snicker something to his fat female companion about having “struck a nerve.”

They’re used to being at the front of the class, or on stage. And they never expect one of us to be amongst them.


Those Sarah Palin brass knuckles: we’re getting closer

Having heard my plea, Sondra K and her readers are emptying out their mental pockets to help.


Ruins of Detroit: When ‘white supremacist’ memes go mainstream

The Guy Who is Suing Us (and his supporters among the Official Jews) has made quite a career out of “investigating” “white supremacist” websites, and shutting them down.

(Then the Canadian government celebrates this abuse of your tax dollars by… reposting all the “offensive” material on a Government of Canada website!)

These websites are usually just a handful of “basement Nazis,” talking about immigrants the same way my ancestors once did around the card table, not thirty years ago, without fear of fine or detention.

Occasionally, time moves in the other direction, as it were. That is, when those “white supremacist” websites that don’t get shut down (because they’re American) write about things denounced as shocking, dangerous lies… that years later, get posted matter of factly at mainstream websites.

So, as I’ve written before, throughout the 1990s, one only encountered conversations about Martin Luther King’s plagiarism and adultery on these “racist” websites.

Today, these facts are considered common knowledge.

The same thing seems to have occurred with “the ruins of Detroit.”

Last year it became trendy to post photos of all the decrepit buildings in Detroit.

Hipster liberals called it “urban archaeology,” and posted the photos because they are attracted to misanthropic decay. Oh, and the buildings symbolize “capitalism” or something.

Conservatives posted these pictures as an object lesson in the logical conclusion of Democratic rule.

That latter argument was made most recently by Thomas Lifson at American Thinker.

I’m bored with these photos now and was kind of surprised that they were news to Lifson.

Then Nicholas Stix, and some of Lifson’s readers who were former Detroit residents, called out Lifson for neglecting to mention another thing that makes Detroit (like, say, New Orleans) distinctive: a large African American population + regular riots + high crime = white flight.


Toronto Egyptian ‘democracy’ rally just the usual Marxists and Jew-haters


Among the attendees today, James Clark, Ali Mallah, Jenny Peto, Khaled Mouammar, David McNally, Palestine House and Zafar Bangash.

And the 9/11 truthers.

Photos here. Video to follow.

At least Ali Mallah didn’t attack my husband today, even though they were eye to eye, so there’s that.

I had to control myself when a friend interviewed a semi-street kid with cocker spaniel hair, carrying a sign against “all dictators,” but with Imadinnerjacket’s face torn out because his new Muslim “friends” had explained to him that the leader of Iran wasn’t a dictator. This kid very calmly and politely told my friend that for thousands of years, the world had been run by the “MO-ssad” and the “Zi-ON-ists (oh, and the Masons.)

Remember: “democracy” is the new code word for “revolution.” Don’t be fooled by this b.s.

PS: what kinds of savages destroy their own national treasures? Oh, right: Muslims! They don’t approve of them thar pagan idols, see?

(Wow, can you imagine if they’d had lots of Muslims in New Orleans? That would’ve been awesome.)

UPDATE: I love that Jenny Peto is standing under a billboard that reads “HAVE CHRONIC PROBLEM”

I missed this:

This strange armoured-type vehicle was parked next to the rally. There were no people in the front seat. A police officer spoke to someone in the back of the vehicle through a circular opening and said they couldn’t stay there.

Very strange.


‘Entourage’ so bad it ruined Adam Carolla

I hate Entourage. I like “guy” stuff, but those are idiot guys. It’s like Jackass with rich people.

Two of the cast (or something — I don’t care) were Adam Carolla’s guests today. I thought it was just my “actors are stupid boring pretentious liberal stoner douchbags” prejudice kicking in, but then I read the comments. They were the only thing that redeemed the show.

Palette cleanser required — Here’s Carolla complaining about the lack of black criminals in home security commercials:


College is a waste of time and money that makes women dumber and more miserable

“I’m A Feminist, But I Think I Want To Date A More Traditional Dude”

And it does all come down to sex, doesn’t it? How we feel outside the bedroom directly impacts how we feel inside the bedroom. It is no secret that I have a spanking fetish and prefer to be with sexually dominant men, that I get off on not being the aggressor and not being in charge. I was a gender studies student.

“I am well aware that ‘masculine’ and ‘feminine’ are constructions, but for the sake of conversation, let’s assume they do exist. (…)

The older I get, the more I feel as though I don’t just want that dynamic entwined in the bedsheets—I want it in day-to-day life.

As you can imagine, I feel a lot of guilt for wanting this. Is it OK for me to be a feminist who believes women are strong and powerful, but to also want to feel protected by a guy? Is it wrong for me to want to feel taken care of? Do I just think there’s still an equal balance of power but really I’m deluding myself? Aren’t I being a hypocrite?

When I parse this out intellectually—and I have spent a lot of time doing so over the years—I know that it’s not. I believe it can work. But I also think I’ll have to be really judicious about finding a guy whose on the same page as me. I don’t suspect it will be easy to find.

But surprisingly, it is easy to articulate.

Oddly enough!!


Best post-hysterectomy present ever!

Thanks to the loyal 5FF reader who sent this in with the message, “This seems so YOU!”


So does this mean Obama’s related to Denzel Washington?

The funniest thing about this video is, the guy giving the talk is whiter than I am.


Talk Radio Watch: January 24-28 (bumped to top)

My NEW Talk Radio Watch column is now up!

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  • Rush Limbaugh works on his swing
  • “Michael Savage: National Treasure?”
  • Mark Levin accuses Obama of plagiarising SOTU

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BONUS after-deadline tidbits:

PLUS: find out how to RECORD these conservative talk radio shows while you’re at work, on the road or at school…


Canadian ‘culture’: Incest in a black hole

“I Am Canadian” guy now hosts CBC’s “As It Happens.”


Hell, that’s longer than life expectancy in Africa today…

Archaeologists have unearthed a 1,700-year-old skeleton of an African immigrant at a Roman cemetery in Warwickshire in Britain. (…)

A report by experts in excavated remains established that the man was of African descent and was probably in his 40s or 50s when he died.

(Thanks to the loyal 5FF reader who sent in the subject line.)


Holy crap: CRTC pulls Ry-Hi radio station CKLN’s license

I knew progressives were inept at radio, but wow.

Follow the story/reaction at Mondoville’s Twitter.