Canada: ‘Human Rights’ Tribunal orders woman’s house seized after she said Muslim employee’s lunch smelled bad

Halt Muslim immigration to Canada:

That October 2009 decision ordered Telfer to pay $36,000 to a woman who had been her employee for six weeks. Lawyers wanted the sheriff to seize and sell Telfer’s home to collect the money.

The woman who lodged the complaint, Seema Saadi, told the tribunal she felt pressured to wear skirts and heels instead of her hijab. Saadi also said Telfer complained about the smell of food that she warmed in the microwave. (…)

“I feel vindicated,” said Telfer, who owns Audmax Inc., a company that gets federal government money to provide job training to immigrant women.


Will leftists now reconsider their belief that “blacks can’t be racist”…?

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